We are providing reliable services for the parent visa application approval. Our visa application will allow the applicant and their dependent family the members to work, study and can also become permanent members in the outer country. All the interested parents can apply to migrate to the outer country. One must have an Australian permanent resident and must live in the outer country for at least two years and then only apply for parent immigration

Requirements needed to apply for parent visa:

To apply for a parent visa Australia, an applicant needs the following requirements:

  • An applicant must be the parent of a child either natural, adopted or stepchild.
  • Its important half of the children must reside in the outer country.
  • Two or more children must permanently live in an outer country.
  • A candidate must able to pay for the contributory amounts.

Benefits of applying for the parent visa applications

  • A parent will get a right to work and study in the outer country.
  • A parent will also live as a permanent resident in the outer country.
  • One can apply for citizenship of the outer country.
  • Can enjoy benefits of health care through Medicare.
  • One can travel to and from an outer country for five years when the visa gets granted.

Immigration Agent Adelaide is an accurate platform to gain all the benefits.They provide best resolution for parent visa applications.

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Types of Parent Visa You can apply for:

  • Benefits of our Temporary Parent visa
    Immigration agent Adelaide also helps you in getting the temporary parent visa for you. By having this visa, one can get the right to work, live, study as a temporary resident.
  • Benefits of our Permanent Parent Visa
    By having our permanent visa services, an applicant get a benefit to live as a permanent resident, study and work in an outer country. If once the residency eligibility criteria will be met, an applicant apply for the citizenship of the outer country.

If you want a suitable Parent Visa Australia cost, our team of experts will help and assist you with better visa applications for your parent.

To achieve all these benefits, one can rely on Immigration Agent Adelaide. They will assist you with cost-effective solutions.

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