485 Visa Australia Requirements and Checklist

485 Visa Australia Requirements and Checklist

485 Visa Australia Requirements and Checklist

Posted by admin on October 25, 2023

For students who have had a student visa within the last six months, there is a temporary permit known as the Australia Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa. Since most applicants for the Graduate Work Visa have previously spent a significant amount of time in Australia, the application procedure is simple and completed more rapidly than for other migration visas to Australia. Visit the department’s official website for the 485 visa checklist pdf.

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The 485 Visa Requirements for Eligibility 

To qualify for a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa, you need to: 

  • Be younger than 50 years old
  • Have, within the last six months, had a Student (subclass 500) visa 
  • When you apply, you have requested an AFP check, and  
  • Possess the necessary proficiency in English as specified by the application. 

Students who have just finished a degree from an Australian education provider are eligible for a Temporary Graduate visa in the Post-Study Work stream.  

Students who have just graduated from an Australian institution and possess credentials and abilities pertinent to particular professions are eligible for the Graduate Work stream Temporary Graduate visa 485. You must select a field from the list of skilled occupations to use this stream. 

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485 Visa Document Checklist

The following 485 visa required documents; however, specific requirements may apply depending on your situation:

Proofs of Identity

Documents needed for a 485 visa in both the post-study and graduate work streams:

  • Page of passport biodata
  • birth certificates bearing the parents’ names
  • A passport-size photo (45 mm by 35 mm)

Your Connections With Family

  • Certificates of marriage, divorce, or statutory declarations of separation (where appropriate)
  • Independent proof that you have been together for at least a year is required if you are in a de facto relationship (such as joint bank account statements, billing accounts in one name, or joint ownership of significant assets).
  • Certified copies of the adoption documents are required if any dependent children listed on the application are adopted.

Records About Health and Character

  • Evidence that each person in the application has sufficient health insurance in Australia with the visa application. Give any one of the following:
  • A health insurance company’s signed letter (138 KB RTF) ‏
  • Should you come from a nation where Australia and your home country have a reciprocal health care agreement, you will be qualified for Medicare upon arrival.
  • Check from the Australian Federal Police (less than 12 months old).

The Australian Federal Police website offers an online and paper version of the AFP National Police Check Application Form. Applicants for visas must check Code 33 in Form Section 8. There is no need for fingerprints.

  • You must submit police certificates from every nation where any applicant has resided for 12 months or more during the previous ten years after becoming 16 years old. If these documents are required, you will be notified by the office handling your application.

Study Requirements in Australia

  • Letters of completion from your educational provider declaring:
  • Dates of the course’s start and conclusion
  • Following the completion of the course standards
  • The campus where you completed your studies
  • Whether distant learning was used in the study full or part-time schedule
  • The tongue used when providing instruction
  • Transcripts of classes, certified.
  • In cases where credit has been awarded, it is necessary to specify whether the credit was given for coursework in a course that also satisfied the requirements of the Australian study requirement.

Evidence of Graduate Work Stream

If you apply for the Graduate Work stream, please include these materials.

  • Skills evaluation for the occupation you have chosen: proof of a successful skills evaluation in which the appropriate assessing authority determined that your qualifications are sufficient for the work you select or
  • Proof that you have submitted a visa application for a skills assessment for your designated occupation to the appropriate assessment body.
  • Documents demonstrating proficiency in English

Proof of Competency in English Language Exam.

You do not need to present documentation proving your proficiency in the language if you hold a valid passport from one of the countries listed and have citizenship in the Republic of Ireland, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

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The 485 Visa Extension Requirements.

A two-year extension is only available to applicants who meet the 485 requirements for the position. There will be no more opportunities for extensions, and requests will be rejected. 

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What happens if a 485 visa is rejected?

Depending on the timing of your application submission and the subsequent refusal of your 485 visa, you could face a permanent ban from obtaining any 485 visa. It’s crucial to assess whether you’re eligible to lodge another application while in Australia and, if possible, identify alternative visa options available to you.

What is new rules for 485 visa Australia?

New Age Limit for 485 Visa in 2024

The age limit requirement for the Graduate Visa 2024 has been revised, reducing it from 50 to 35 years. This adjustment aims to position the temporary graduate visa as an opportunity for emerging professionals, encouraging their extended contribution to the Australian economy.

What is new rules for 485 visa Australia?

New Age Limit for 485 Visa in 2024

In 2024, the age limit requirement for the Graduate visa has been revised, reducing it from 50 to 35 years. This adjustment aims to position the temporary graduate visa as a platform for emerging professionals, fostering their long-term contributions to the Australian economy. By lowering the age limit, the government aims to attract a younger demographic of skilled individuals, ensuring their sustained impact on Australia’s workforce and economic landscape.


Students who study in Australia become enthralled with the country’s beautiful surroundings, sophisticated way of life, and career prospects and find themselves unable to leave after their studies. With the Temporary Graduate Visa, those in luck may be able to fulfil their ambition of immigration to Australia.

To apply for a hassle-free visa application, you must meet the eligibility criteria and submit all the required documents on the 485 visa checklist. Take the assistance of best migration agent adelaide to help you with this process.

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