An Ultimate Guide to the 887 Visa Processing Time

An Ultimate Guide to the 887 Visa Processing Time

An Ultimate Guide to the 887 Visa Processing Time

Posted by admin on March 6, 2023

The skilled Adelaide migration programme includes the Skilled Regional Subclass 887 visa. It is for candidates holding a provisional skilled visa subclass 489 for two years or longer. They can reside and work in regional Australia on a permanent visa pathway. The pathway to permanent residency for talented migrants was theoretically made simple by this. In actuality, it is different. Due to the lack of skilled labour in regional Australia, the current Ministerial Guidelines do not give 887 visa priority requests.

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Applicants who have lived and worked in particular regions of regional Australia are eligible for the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887) programme. You can convert a permanent 887 visa to citizenship. You must have lived and worked in the area for three years. The subclass 887 skilled visa is suitable for permanent residence. As a result, the following is what you and your family may-

  • Remain in Australia forever.
  • Work and education.
  • Register for Medicare.
  • If you satisfy the prerequisites, submit a citizenship application.
  • Promote eligible family members for permanent residence.
  • After the visa is issued, you can travel to and from Australia for five years.

It is acceptable for people who live abroad to apply while the concession is in place and abroad when their visa is issued. You also satisfy the residency and employment requirements for a shorter time. You can prove that you worked full-time for nine months (or less, if permitted) in an Australian location. You were a resident of a designated region of Australia for 18 months or fewer.

If You are In Australia and want to apply for an 887 visa Australia within the concession period, you must prove that you have spent nine months working full-time in one part of Australia.

You must spend two years residing in a particular Australian region.

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Standards For Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for the Skilled Regional Permanent 887 Visa include the following:

  1. The applicant must have a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489) or a Bridging Visa A or B Before applying for subclass 489, 495, or 487 visas.
  2. The primary applicant must have owned the provisional visa for two years.
  3. At the time of the application, the principal applicant must have been residing in the designated regional area on a provisional visa for at least two years.
  4. A minimum of one year of work experience in the chosen regional area is required of the primary candidate at the time of application.
  5. The applicants must have complied with any previous and interim visa requirements.
  6. All applicants must fulfil the essential requirements for health, moral character, public interest, and return.
  7. All applicants must be physically present in Australia at the time of applying.

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Documents Required for 887 Visa

Provide the following records with your application for the 887 visa checklist:

  • Passport- You can’t apply for a visa without a valid passport. You must also submit a copy of your passport containing your personal information.
  • Documentation of identity-  If you need to present identification, the department may ask you to bring a copy of your national ID card. Moreover, you must include any documentation showing your name change (if you did change your name).
  • Evidence of work-  You must show that you put in at least 35 hours per week of full-time employment for a year (under a valid visa). You must have worked in a designated region of Australia with a slow population growth rate.
  • Evidence of residency You must provide proof that you resided in an eligible location for at least two years when you owned your prior work visa to be granted visa 887.
  • Proof of your personality-  Please submit form 80 and form 1221 along with your documentation attesting to your good character.
  • Evidence of your command of the English language. You must prove that you can communicate in English at a functional level or higher.
  • For your spouse or companion: Any kind of identification
  • Character Records
  • Marriage licence Documentation of union (if applicable)
  • About your minor kids:
  • Either your family tree or a birth certificate
  • Form 1229 for Parental Permission
  • Legal declaration
  • About your dependent adult children:
  • Identification cards
  • Character Records
  • A record of the connection
  • Proof of the child’s other relationships (if applicable)

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Procedure to Apply for Visa Subclass 887

  1. Comply with all 887 visa requirements and assemble the appropriate documentation.
  2. The applicant may be in or out of Australia at the time of application. The application is frequently only processed for citizens of Australia.
  3. Applying online requires using an ImmiAccount. If you don’t have an ImmiAccount, you may manually submit a paper visa application.
  4. The Department of Home Affairs reviews and processes the application.
  5. After approval of the application, the applicant will receive a notice outlining the visa’s granting, the start date, and any conditions that could be relevant. The department of home affairs will inform you of the decision, the reasons for it, and any opportunity for a review of the visa application if the department rejects your 887 visa application.

The cost of this visa is $425. Any member of your family who applies at the time you will incur an additional charge. In addition, all family members older than 18 must be able to communicate in English at least functionally; otherwise, you must pay a second instalment for each relative who is older than 18. The second payment is AUD 4,890.

Processing Time for Subclass 887 Visas

The Department of Home Affairs or the applicant’s authorised representative’s document checklist can assist the visa applicant in ensuring that they have attached all necessary papers to the 887 visa forum.

Official records show that as of December 31, 2022, there were 52,428 applications, 23,247 primary applicants and 29,181 secondary applicants on file for subclasses 489, 491 and 887.

90% of these regional visa applications require more than two years to get approval.

As per 887 visa news, the processing time for visa applications can take up to 27 months, whilst the processing time for Subclass 491 visa applications can take up to 30 months.

Many applications that were just approved had been pending for a few months due to the following processing times:

Processing Time for Regional (Permanent) Skilled Visa 887

  • 25% of submissions 30 Days
  • In 50% of cases, 26 months
  • 75% of applications within 28 Weeks
  • Seven years for 90% of applications

Processing times for skilled regional (permanent) 887 visas might vary depending on the specifics of each application. Following are the reasons why the 887 visas are taking so long:

  • How effectively did you lodge your 887 visa application? It contains all required proof of purchase.
  • How quickly you answer inquiries for more details.
  • How long does it take to do the necessary checks on the supplementary data provided?
  • How long does it take before you get a response about your 887 visa application for skilled independent workers from outside organisations? It is especially pertinent to a character, health, and national security standard.
  • Volume changes for applications.
  • Modifications to the goals and policies of the minister

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 887 visa taking so long?

The standard processing period for the Subclass 887 skilled regional visa is typically 18 months. Approximately 75% of applications are processed within 12 months, and around 90% are completed within the 18-month time frame. It’s important to note that the Subclass 887 visa in Australia includes provisions for priority processing, offering certain applicants expedited consideration.

What is the current processing time for 887 visa?

Around 12 – 24 months
How long does the 887 visa take to process? Unless there are specific factors causing delays in the processing of the visa 887 application, applicants can expect the processing time to be approximately 12 to 24 months.

Is 887 a PR visa?

The 887 visa offers indefinite stay to individuals who have resided and worked in designated regional areas of Australia. Serving as a pathway to Permanent Residency (PR), this visa is available for holders of subclass 489, 495, 496, 475, or 487, as well as those with a Bridging Visa A. It provides a means for individuals who have met the criteria of their previous visas to transition to permanent residency, allowing them to continue contributing to and settling in regional Australia. The 887 visa is a key step for those seeking long-term residence after fulfilling their obligations in specified regional areas.


The permanent Skilled Regional visa (Subclass 887) programme allows holders of provisional SKILLED REGIONAL VISA SUBCLASS 887 who have resided and worked in a particular Australian regional area to apply for permanent immigration.

The travel element of the visa subclass 887 has a 5-year expiration date, even though the holder of this visa may reside permanently in Australia. The application procedure can be very demanding and calls for caution and the required knowledge. Additional costs include time and some application fees.

In 2024, the processing time for 887 visa applications changed because of an 887 visa protest. If the department rejects your application, there is no chance of a refund of your application money. You must find it annoying to go through this process again. 

The top migration agent in Perth is knowledgeable about each phase of the General Skilled Migration visa application procedure. He can help you reduce the Subclass 887 visa processing time by avoiding mistakes in visa applications.

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