Application Process Of 189 Visa Australia – A Detailed Guide

Application Process Of 189 Visa Australia – A Detailed Guide

Application Process Of 189 Visa Australia – A Detailed Guide

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on December 7, 2020

A visa subclass 189 is a permanent skilled migration visa, and it does not require any sponsorship for you to stay in Australia. Once you obtain this visa, you can travel to and from the country for five years, work, and study in Australia. Skilled independent visa 189 also allows you to enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme and sponsor your relatives to come and stay over with them. As it’s a permanent visa, so you will be allowed to stay permanently in the country. 

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Look For A 189 Visa Application Form

First of all, you need to find out the 189 Visa Australia form and lodge an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. After that, you need to be invited by the Department of Immigration. After getting an invitation, you need to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189 within two months. If you do not apply for a visa application form within the specified time, the invitation gets lapsed. Thus, apply for an application is necessary after receiving the invitation. 

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Criteria

For qualifying for a Subclass 189, you need to fulfil the requirements, and they are:

• First, check if you meet the age factor as you need to be below 45 years and above 18 years. 

• Pass the skill assessment test and have competent English, at least. If you are attending IELTS, you must score at least six for every four components. If you go for PTE Academic, scoring a minimum mark of 50 for every four sections. Similarly, many other tests are there, which you can qualify based on the requirements. 

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• Most important, do not neglect the character and health requirements as many of them fail to perform that. As a result, the visa application form gets rejected. 

• Attain a score of at least 65 points; otherwise, you are not eligible for the visa. 

• In case you have any debt under the Australian government, ensure that you clear the amount at the earliest. If you cannot clear off the entire amount, at least make some provisions for that. 

• You must not have experienced a visa cancellation or refusal in the past. If you have faced rejection, you will not be eligible for the visa.

However, the Australian visa process is tedious, and you might take some time to understand it. Thus, it would be better if you can get in touch with a Migration Agent Adelaide who is well aware of the process. He will guide you throughout it so that you can get the visa. 

Include Family Members 

If you are interested in taking your family members with you, go ahead. For that, you need to fulfil the requirements just like you did for yourself. It can be any of your family members, including spouses, dependent children, or anyone. You have to sponsor them till the time they are staying in Australia with you. 

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How To Apply For Visa Subclass 189?

Once all the details are ready, and you have qualified the eligibility criteria, follow the process explained here. 

• After filling the application form and meeting the eligibility requirements, submit the Expression of Interest along with all the information. 

• Once you complete the process, you need to keep checking the website if the authorities require any other requirements. In case they require, you need to submit it so that they can proceed. 

• After that, you need to wait for the decision, and if it gets accepted, you will receive your visa. Also, when you are applying for a visa, you can be in any part of the world. 

With that, you can get your visa printed and start planning for the journey. 

Hopefully, the detailed guide will help you in getting a visa 189, and to do that, the Immigration Agent Adelaide can guide you. The experts are highly trained, and they are well-aware of everything related to an Australian visa process. Thus, it would not be difficult for you to get a visa if you get in touch with them. They will be there with you at every step till you get your visa. So, get your appointment booked with them at the earliest and avail of the service. It’s time to go ahead and start a new life in Australia. 

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