Skilled Immigration Points Calculator in Australia

Skilled Immigration Points Calculator in Australia

Skilled Immigration Points Calculator in Australia

Posted by admin on July 26, 2023

For experienced professionals and tradespeople, immigration to Australia depends on qualifications, work experience, and skills with general skilled migration programmes. Skilled migration in Australia requires you to clear a point test with a minimum of 65 points. You can use the immigration points calculator to calculate your likelihood of being admitted to Australia.

Skilled Immigration Points Calculator In Australia

Entrepreneurs and competent workers can immigrate to Australia depending on their skill sets, academic credentials, and professional experience. The general skilled migration self-assessment test allows one to determine their possibilities of immigrating to Australia.

A person will score well if they are under 50, speak English well, and possess appropriate work experience in their chosen field, which must be included on their country’s SOL (Skilled Occupations List).

Australian Immigration Points Calculator System

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will deem candidates eligible if they receive at least 65 points. Candidates for immigration can obtain the necessary Australian migration points under the Australian immigration point Calculator system if they meet the requirements for the following categories.

1. Age: 

Those who apply between the ages of 18 and 44 may receive points for being younger than 

2. English language:

By presenting the test results of any reputable English language proficiency test, the candidate should demonstrate that he possesses the necessary language proficiency.

3. Points for overseas experience (experience gained outside of Australia):

If the candidate has worked in the designated occupation for three, five, or eight years overseas in the previous ten years, they are eligible for points.

4. Australian Experience

  • The candidate is eligible for points if they have full-time employment in one of the SOL-listed occupations in Australia.
  • If the candidate has worked in the selected occupation for one, three, five, or eight years in Australia in the previous ten years, they are eligible for points.

5. Points for overseas certifications (certifications attained outside of Australia):

The candidate may receive points for recognised credentials comparable to a bachelor’s degree, higher or a PhD.

6. Australian education 

If the applicant completes a course in Australia that lasts at least two academic years, they can receive additional points.

7. Living and studying In the regional area: 

The applicant can obtain extra points under Australian study requirements if he has resided and studied in a “regional low population growth metropolitan area” for at least two years.

8. Partner Abilities 

If the partner meets the minimum requirements of age, English language proficiency, qualifications, and skills assessment result, the applicant may claim points under companion skills.

Points You Must Score for Different Criteria.

Points decide whether you qualify for an Australia PR visa. You need to earn at least 65 points from the Australian government. The table below lists several criteria for giving points:

 S. no.CriteriaRequirementPoints
1Age25 to 32 years30 points
2Competency in English language8 bands20 points
3Work experience in Australia8 to 10 years20 points
4Work experience Outside Australia8 to 10 years15 points
5Qualification outside AustraliaPhD20 points
6Specialisations in AustraliaLike a PhD or master’s degree5 points
7EducationIn regional areas of Australia5 points
8Sponsorship by the state governmentSubclass 190 visa5 points
9Community languageSpecialisation5 points
10Skilled programme in AustraliaFor a continuous professional year5 points

Calculation of Points for Immigration Points Calculator Under Different Categories

The Points on the immigration points calculator are calculated as under:

1. Age: 

If your age is between 25 and 32, you can get up to 30 points. However, the points allocated are tabulated below.

18-24 years25 points
25-32 years30 points
33-39 years25 points
40-44 years15 points
45 and older than that0 point

2. Competency in The English Language

A score of 8 bands on the IELTS exam entitles you to 20 points. The TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS are all permitted to be taken by applicants, according to the Australian immigration authorities.  You can try to get the required score.

CriteriaRequired ScorePoints
Superior8 or 79 per band in IELTS/PTE20 points
Proficient7 or 65 per band in IELTS/PTE10 points
Competent6 or 50 per band in IELTS/PTE0 point

3. Work Experience

Within Australian Boundaries

For skilled work undertaken outside of Australia with 8 to 10 years of experience before the date of your PR application, you will receive 15 points;  fewer years of experience equals fewer points.

Experience in (Number of Years)Points
Less than three years0 point
Three to four years5 points
Five to seven years10 points
More than eight years15 points

Outside Australia

You can earn up to 20 points for skilled employment in Australia with 8 to 10 years of experience as of the application date.

Experience in (Number of Years)Points
Less than one year0 point
More than one year but less than two years5 points
Three to four years10 points
Five to seven years15 points
More than eight years20 points

4. Academic Qualification

The educational qualification determines how many points are awarded for fulfilling the academic requirements. You will get the highest points for a PhD from an Australian university or a university outside of Australia authorised by the Australian government.

A doctorate from a university or institute outside of Australia affiliated with Australia.20 points
A Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree from an Australian college or institution outside Australia15 points
An Australian diploma or trade qualification obtained10 points
Any certification or honour-designated assessing authority for your chosen skilled occupation10 points
Specialised knowledge in Australia, such as a doctorate or master’s degree5 points
Specialist education includes a doctoral or master’s degree with a research emphasis from an Australian university.10 points

Partner/Spouse Application

You will qualify for additional points if your spouse applies for a PR visa.

Partner’s QualificationPoints
spouse is an Australian citizen or holds a PR visa.10 points
Spouse has a positive skill assessment and speaks English well.10 points
Spouse has only competency in the English language5 points

Other Categories

If you satisfy any of the following requirements, you can score points.

Education in the designated regional area5 points
A community language credential5 points
Professional year in an Australian skilled programme5 points
Skilled visa subclass 190 for state sponsorship5 points
(Australian study requirement) A minimum of two years full-time5 points
A specialist education qualification (a doctorate or a master’s by research from an Australian university)10 points
Sponsorship by family or an area (491 visas)15 points

How to Improve Your Australia PR Score

The Australian PR industry is extremely competitive, and those with the greatest marks will advance more quickly than others. Here are some basic tips for increasing your likelihood of being granted residency.

For more points:

  • Rettake the English language test.
  • Include your spouse in your application with a favourable skill assessment and linguistic proficiency.
  • Obtain a state or family member nomination.
  • Take a test in the tongue of the neighbourhood. (NAATI)
  • Obtain more work experience and credit by studying in Australia.
  • Consult an immigration expert for specialised guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If You Meet The Points Requirements, Is It Easy to Get A PR Visa?

If you have the necessary points in the Australia points calculator, you will receive an invitation to apply quickly. You should anticipate receiving your PR in 5-8 months after applying.

The visa system you want to apply for will always determine the best option for permanent status in Australia. There are certain requirements, conditions, and selection criteria for each immigration programme. In addition, the government decides how much planning goes into each migration programme and how many slots are available.

Q. What Elements Affect The Time for An Australian Permanent Resident Visa to Be Processed?

  • Different things can affect how long something takes to process. The time can change from month to month due to variables, including the volume of applications received, seasons with a higher quantity of applications, a larger volume of complex cases, or incomplete applications. Other elements that affect processing times include:
  •  Application errors.
  • Absence of supporting paperwork.
  • Time required to answer any queries from immigration authorities.
  • The applicant’s profession is in necessity in Australia.
  • Lack of points in the online Skill Select system.
  • Delay in finishing the background investigation.
  • The time it takes for other organisations to provide character or health information.
  • Availability of slots in the migration programme

Q. How Can You Get Your PR Visa Processed on Time?

If you want the immigration department to handle your Australian PR visa application promptly, do not submit an incomplete application. Make sure you meet the standards of the visa application process to ensure smooth processing of your application.

Include the following important documents:

  • The Skills Assessment Report from the appropriate Assessing Authority
  • The outcome of your IELTS exam
  • Pick the right category before submitting your visa application: Examine each type of visa and choose the one that best satisfies your requirements.
  • Select the suitable occupation for the Skilled Occupation List (SOL): Choose a career from the SOL that appeals to you.
  • Ensure both your physical and moral well-being.
  • Check the progress of your application.

Q. How are The PTE Bands Determined on The Immigration Points Calculator?

The primary purpose of the Pearson Test of English (PTE), a testing system, is to assess the English language proficiency level of foreign English speakers who want to immigrate to nations like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand for higher education or permanent residence.

The PTE band score aids in a proper evaluation of your English language proficiency abilities. The report gives an overall score divided into two main categories and several contributors.

The PTE bands are most helpful to people who want to immigrate to Australia. You must achieve an average score of 79 to receive 20 immigration points.

Calculation of The PTE Test’s Total Rating

 All enabling skill scores must be combined before dividing the total by six (the number of added scores). The average of the enabling abilities’ additional numbers will be the fifth factor in the PTE score calculation, along with the remaining four communication skills. It implies that your enabling traits will raise your average score indirectly. If your communicative skills are at the limit, your enabling skills will be able to tell what the scores are. The overall scores are calculated when the average surpasses 88 and rounds up to 90.

Q. Why is Applying for A Permanent Residency Visa Through Australia’s Skilled Migration Programme So Straightforward?

It is because of the higher level of education and employment chances that skilled immigrants bring with them. The contribution of the economy may rise as a result of this. Sponsored immigrants are more likely to prosper than unsponsored immigrants.

Your first preference when applying for a PR visa should be the Australia Skilled Migration stream because it has the most opportunities. You will have a better chance in this stream if you meet the qualifying requirements and obtain the necessary score on Australia points calculator. Additionally, the skilled migration stream is the most popular immigration path for getting a permanent residency visa and is a points-based system.


For highly qualified people with a relevant or connected career (degree and job experience in the same field), Australian immigration is unquestionably the best option. Australia is the most sought-after country for immigrant families and individuals because of its excellent quality of life, education, and employment prospects.

Understanding the PR process and determining your eligibility as a candidate is crucial for migrating to Australia with permanent residency. Your profession must be on the Skilled Occupation List to begin the process. To immigrate to Australia, you must have 65 points, but the more points you have, the greater your chance of being requested to submit a skilled visa application (like 189 visa Australia).

Consult a registered migration agent, Adelaide, for information about Australian PR pathways, and check your profile to see improvements that can be made. You can also text him your queries on his can contact us during working hours to hire our best professional to support you in your PR visa application. Our (08)81204115 is provided here.

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