Migrants at Risk of Deportation – Australia Plans to Tighten Character Test

Migrants at Risk of Deportation – Australia Plans to Tighten Character Test

Migrants at Risk of Deportation – Australia Plans to Tighten Character Test

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on August 18, 2019

The plan of character test change may be a big step towards the deportation of five-fold migrants from Australia than ever. This change of character test may also include the New Zealanders who have been living in Australia since long terms.

This character test change will automatically fail the individuals who have committed a crime with a maximum sentence having at least two years which may be a common assault even if the individual was not sentenced imprisonment.

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The Immigration Minister David Coleman introduced a legislation last month where strengthening of the test can be noticed which deports non-citizens who have been sentenced to jail for at least 12 months due to a change made in 2014.

the change made in 2014 made more than 1000 kiwis to migrate back to New Zealand within the period of 2016 to 2018.

According to Henry Sherrell, who was a former labor policy advisor and a current Migration researcher says that this change would put a lot of migrants to the risk of deportation even when the nation and society has no harm from them.

The proposed changes will affect the character test failures at a very high rate as told by Henry Sherrell.

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In 2005 the NSW local court sentences given were analyzed by Mr Sherrell in a Senate inquiry legislation examination submission.

It has been noticed that most of the criminal offenses like the common assault is also a non-jail sentence where the assaults occasions to be actual body harm.

Australian Government is being Accused of cleaning Australia:

the major effect of this character test change will be seen on the migrants of New Zealand who are the non-citizens of Australia being the largest migrant group and having the entitlement to work and live in Australia indefinitely with temporary visas.

Many New Zealand citizens are now concerned if they will have to leave Australia and return back to their home country with the application of this policy change of character test. There are people from New Zealand who are living in Australia since decades and are now concerned about their future.

Ms Morunga, who is a dual Australian-New Zealand citizen accuses the Australian government of cleansing Australia.

Mr Sherrell says, if the changes will be implemented, a special provision might be considered for the risk mitigation towards the New Zealanders concerns for future.

Considerations will be given to the people having long term ties with the Australian community being a New Zealand citizen. The visa refusal and cancellation were appropriately considered for the serious convictions made by people in the bill passed last month as reported by Mr. Coleman.

The bill presented in the last month states a very clear message where it signifies that the non-citizens who have committed serious crimes will not be tolerated at any cost in Australia says Mr. Coleman.

According to the statement given by him, entering and staying in Australia is not a right rather a privilege.

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The Australian policy does not allow any individual to break their laws and take their behavioral standards down. Hence, if anyone tries to break Australian policy and bring down the standards of the nation, should not be provided the privilege to stay in Australia.

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