Australia Subclass 887 Visa Requirements – Migration Agent Adelaide

Australia Subclass 887 Visa Requirements – Migration Agent Adelaide

Australia Subclass 887 Visa Requirements – Migration Agent Adelaide

Posted by admin on September 25, 2023

An individual possessing a permanent visa under Subclass 887 can live in Australia permanently. Candidates who resided and worked in the designated regional Australian locations can apply under this visa category. It does not have any point-based requirements. A permanent visa processing system for subclass 489, 496, 475, 487, and 495 provisional visa holders is the subclass 887 skilled regional visa.

For people who have served in specific designated regional areas of Australia, subclass 887 visas are available. The candidate must meet all skilled regional 887 visa requirements for the applicable immigration category.

Advantages of Visa Subclass 887

You are eligible for many perks as long as the 887 Visa is still in effect. Those who possess a skilled regional visa may:

  • Permanent residence, study, and employment in Australia
  • Take advantage of Medicare, Australia’s healthcare policy, to cover medical costs.
  • Once you’ve satisfied the conditions, apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Encourage eligible family members to submit a permanent residency application
  • You may frequently travel to Australia for five years once you get the visa’s approval.

Visa Conditions for Subclass 887

There are specific requirements that the applicant must carefully meet to receive potential approval for their 887 Visa Australia application. Any inaccuracy in providing the precise documents or failure to follow the scope and the bounds of those rules may result in the withdrawal of the Visa Subclass 887. The subclass 887 visa requirements that the applicant must judiciously adhere to include the following;

  • The candidate must fulfil the visa 887 age limit of eighteen.
  • The candidate can’t have a rejected or barred visa application.
  • According to the nomination, the candidate must dwell in a specific area.
  • During the processing of the visa application, any dependent may travel with the applicant.
  • Any debts due to the Australian government must be settled.
  • The applicant must meet the moral and physical fitness requirements set forth by the Australian government.
  • The applicant must be present within Australia’s external borders at the time of application.
  • The nominee must prove they have lived there for at least two years.
  • The applicant must have a minimum of one year of full-time job experience.
  • The applicant must adhere to Australia’s standards for morality and physical fitness.
  • The candidate and his family must sign the Australian values declaration.

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Regional Visa 887

The 489 to 887 visa requirements are similar to the eligibility requirements listed for the other regional visas. However, there are some distinctions between them. Before submitting a visa application, the conditions listed in the 887 visa requirements checklist must be carefully considered. The list of requirements for Australian 887 visa eligibility is as follows:

Preceding Visa

A valid substantive visa that qualifies the applicant for a 2-year subclass 887 must be shown. Some qualifying Visa subclasses are 489, 495, 496, 475, or 487, and applications for a Bridging visa A or B.

Accommodation Requirement

According to the nomination of a state or territory government, the applicant must have resided for at least two years as a holder of the qualifying visas in a regional or low-population-growth metropolitan area or a designated area of Australia if nominated by a relative or other family member.

887 Visa Work Requirements Hours

The candidate must have completed at least 12 months of continuous employment in the nominated location under the given qualifying visa. Full-time workweeks are 35 hours long. You can meet it by combining concurrent part-time jobs.

Respecting the Visa Requirements

The applicant and any family member must have complied with the applicable visa 887 partner requirements.

Character and Fitness Requirements

The applicant must adhere to the character and health standards established by Australia’s Ministry of Immigration. Additionally, the applicant needs insurance that has Ministry of Australia approval.


The applicant must be physically present on Australian soil at the time of application.

Remaining Balances

The candidate must be debt-free with the Australian government.

887 Visa English Requirement

When the department decides whether to accept or reject your application, you must:

  • Have a working command of English, or
  • Pay for your qualified visa’s second instalment of the visa application fee or
  • Upon prompt, pay the second instalment of the visa application fee.

Australian 887 Visa Checklist

The Subclass 887 Visa application should be accompanied by necessary supporting paperwork to bolster the claims made and the application. Making an 887 Visa Document Checklist and locating the required documents is the best approach to ensure that the application for an 887 Visa in Australia is error-free, stringent, and adequately supported. The following is the primary evidence required;

  • You and your family members are not liable for any unpaid debts owed to the Australian government.
  • Any visa application you submit shouldn’t be rejected or cancelled.
  • The Australian Values Statement requires your signature.
  • Your qualifying visa or bridging visa was once valid or is currently so.
  • You have at least two years of Australian residence.
  • You hold a full-time job.
  • You have a nomination by an Australian territorial or state government or a qualified relative.
  • You must possess the necessary verification for the 887 visa age requirements.
  • It is necessary to pay off any debts owed to the Australian government.
  • You must be able to show that your visa has never been cancelled or denied in the past.


The Visa Subclass 887 is intended for the application if they desire to work and study together in Australia.  With this visa, the candidate can live and work continuously in Australia. They can even pursue further education there. The person can apply for Australian citizenship after five years of travel to and from Australia. You will get all the necessary information on the 887 visa checklist pdf file you must in lodging the visa application.

Contact a visa immigration agent for a simple immigration process and a favourable application result if you want to convert your temporary migration to a permanent 887 visa in Australia. The permanent skilled regional visa 887 processing is challenging to undertake; as a result, the support of an 887 visa specialist is essential for a successful Skilled Regional Visa decision.

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