The Benefits and Limitations of a Subclass Visa 482 for Skilled Workers

The Benefits and Limitations of a Subclass Visa 482 for Skilled Workers

The Benefits and Limitations of a Subclass Visa 482 for Skilled Workers

Posted by admin on April 13, 2023

There are several occupations for which Australian employers don’t find qualified workers. Employers can address this issue by bringing talented individuals to Australia with the help of visa subclass 482. The short-term skills occupation list includes these positions.

If your application is approved, the visa entitles you to a 2-year (short-term stream) or 4-year stay in Australia. (medium-term if an International Trade Obligation applies). You may enter and exit Australia as many times as necessary during the duration of the visa. Before moving with a visa 482 filing, be careful to get guidance from a trustworthy migration agent in Adelaide. Simple errors can wind up costing, you a lot of money and time.

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Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482)

An individual with this visa is authorised to travel to Australia and work for their approved sponsor (employer) there for up to four years in the selected field. The business must be a legitimate sponsor before an employee can apply for a Subclass 482 visa. The Department of Home Affairs must have received the nomination for the applicant who sponsors the employee. (DHA).

Once the nomination is approved, the worker must apply for a visa within six months. Employers familiar with the candidate can recommend the employee (a typical business sponsor). 

Benefits of Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

With a temporary skills shortage visa 482 to permanent residency, you will have a lot of benefits. Using this visa will allow you to:

  • Work for more than two years for your sponsor in Australia.
  • If an International Trade Obligation (ITO) is available, work in Australia for four years.
  • You can work in Australia for five years with a Hong Kong Passport.
  • You must pay for your studies in Australia.
  • Till your visa is valid, you may make as many trips to and from Australia as you wish.
  • If you meet the requirements, apply for permanent residency in Australia.

However, with these privileges, a visa subclass 482 is beneficial because: 

  • It is not dependent on points and unrelated to waiting for state nomination, an English test may not be necessary for many passport holders.
  • You may change the working location non-restrictive for non-regional firms, such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.
  • An application process is there if you intend to change employment. Your current employer is prepared to renominate you.
  • It is a Pathways to Permanent Residency via the subclass 186 visa streams or the subclass 482 visa if your profession is listed on the MLTSSL.
  • It supports all professions by a Regional Subclass 494 visa providing routes to permanent residency.
  • For many jobs, you can use experience in place of the 482 requirements.
  • It doesn’t require skills evaluation for many jobs and passports.

Limitations of 482 Visa

There are certain drawbacks of the 482 visa to PR, which are as follows:

  • Pick your state carefully. Coming onshore on a 482 visa could have an impact if you are already on a skilled points-based pathway. For example, many states will only invite you if you live in that state. So you may be limited to your home state for alternatives.
  • If you remain onshore with points-based pathways, you can’t claim points for your onshore experience for licenced trades until you have an Australian licence. 
  • Regarding fees, apart from your current points-based visa process (however, if you continue your points-based process onshore, the fees you have paid the DUC towards this process will be honoured).
  • Short-term skilled list jobs under subclass 482 don’t lead to Permanent Residency.
  • You don’t have freedom of work, such as the prohibition of working for the sponsored employer only.
  • Considering that tuition costs for students on a temporary visa 485 might vary from state to state, do your research.

482 Visa Requirements

To comply with the eligibility criteria for Australia 482 visa to permanent residency, you must:

  • Have two years or more of experience working in the profession you’ve chosen
  • Have a legitimate nomination made by a recognised sponsor
  • Have fulfilled any required qualifications or skill evaluations for the role
  • Possess proof of your English language skills and meet the language requirements
  • Have A subclass 010 (Bridging A), subclass 020 (Bridging B), or subclass 030 (Bridging C) visa is now valid. It is necessary if the applicant is in Australia when the application is submitted. 
  • Meet the requirements for character and health.
  • Meet the unique demands of the individual stream. 
  • Have a genuine temporary entrant for the short-term stream.

482 Visa Conditions for Nominating Employers

When addressing the requirements for a 482 visa, it is necessary to understand the standards for nominating employers. After approval, the sponsorship will remain in effect for five years. Employers can suggest their staff members for a skilled occupation on the 482 visa occupation list. It covers the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (SSOOL) and Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills (MLTSSL) (TSOL). But they have to:

  • Be able to conduct business in Australia
  • Obtain a typical business sponsorship
  • Pay the $420 in sponsorship fees. (AUD)
  • Submit a legitimate work contract.
  • Pay a wage equivalent to or more than the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) for the profession chosen.
  • Include the job’s location and duration in the nomination.
  • Show proof of labour market testing (where required). If an organisation wants to post a specific employment opening online for potential international applicants, it must first analyse the labour market.

482 Visa English Requirement

The 482 visa has additional English language requirements. The applicant must be able to speak English according to Australian government standards.

The degree of English proficiency needed will vary depending on the applicant’s field of work and the stream they are applying for. It is possible to show one’s English language proficiency by taking a recognised English language test like the:

  • International English Language Testing (IELTS)
  • Foreign Language Test (TOEFL iBT)
  • The Academic Pearson Test of English (PTE);
  • Advanced Cambridge English (CAE).

482 Visa Document Requirements

482 visa document checklist is as mentioned:

  • Evidence of English language proficiency, such as a diploma
  • Proper passport information
  • Details of a name change
  • Birth registration
  • Results of a skill evaluation. Candidates must have present qualification credentials, registrations or licenses, past employer references, and their CV if no skills evaluation is necessary.
  • Medical clearance
  • Certification of health insurance for the applicant’s whole stay in Australia
  • Police clearance from any nation the applicant has lived in for a year or more.
  • Documents from each partner, including identification cards, background checks, and current marriage licences or other evidence of a de facto connection
  • Birth certificates, current passport information, and potential character documents for each dependent travelling with the application

You must recheck your papers before submitting them to prevent a lapse in the 482 visa processing time.

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The Australian Employer must fulfil specific requirements, complete significant work related to it, and cooperate closely with the Applicant as part of the TSS 482 visa to permanent residency application process. The employer-sponsored visa application process can need expert advice.  A registered migration agent Adelaide has years of experience in the Australian immigration field. He can manage the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482 procedure efficiently.

A business sponsoring you for the TSS 482 visa must also fulfil the 482 visa requirements for employers:

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