How To Confirm Your Visa Status With VEVO

How To Confirm Your Visa Status With VEVO

How To Confirm Your Visa Status With VEVO

Posted by admin on July 24, 2023

You can verify your visa status through the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO). It enables visa holders, employers, educational institutions, and other organisations to know visa requirements.

You may receive different visa types depending on your intended purpose for travelling to Australia or how long you wish to stay. You can use Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) to examine the terms and conditions of your visa online.

Employers, landlords, or the government of a nation you want to visit can all receive proof of your visa requirements via VEVO.

Once inside the Vevo check system, you can examine all of your visa-related data, including:

  • How many hours you can work
  • How many times you can enter and exit Australia
  • Regardless of whether you have a temporary or permanent visa
  • If your visa has any constraints or limitations
  • The day the visa expires.

There may be no record for you if you arrived in Australia before 1990 and did not depart subsequently. So, you must apply for an electronic visa record in such a situation.

VEVO is accessible on the immigration department’s official website. Another straightforward option is the free smartphone app called MyVEVO for Vevo visa checks online. The app provides a quick and simple way to verify your Australian visa’s expiration date, travel restrictions, employment and educational rights.

When using MyVevo check for the first time, you will require your:

  • Birthdate 
  • Passport information
  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN) or Grant Number

Employers, landlords, or the government of a nation you want to visit can all receive proof of your visa requirements via Vevo Australia. You can get help from migration agent Adelaide to figure out your visa situation. Let us know more about Vevo Check, its requirements, procedures, and more.

Vevo Check

A Vevo check in Australia (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) reveals whether a worker or employee has the legal authority to work in Australia. In addition, it is a check that prevents businesses, companies, and sectors from hiring persons whose right to work in Australia is revoked. In general, you can use it to check your visa status in Australia.

Australian law forbids discrimination in the workplace for all businesses and institutions. However, the employer must attest that they have met all legal obligations, including getting a Vevo Check, before beginning employment.

A VEVO examination yields pertinent data that might influence employment and duration. These consist of:

  • Visa type and expiration date for the applicant
  • “Must not arrive after”  the date specified by the Visa holder.
  • The duration of the stay and the visa’s legal requirements
  • Restrictions on a Visa
  • Hours that the applicant may work based on the type of visa

The Prerequisites for Submitting a VEVO Application

You must give details if you wish to request your Vevo visa check, such as:

  • Visa Grant Number: 

The visa grant number check on the notice informing you that your visa application was approved

  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN): 

If you submitted an ImmiAccount application or a visa application online

  • Visa Evidence Number. 

Where you could get a physical copy of your visa as opposed to an electronic one

  • Vevo Username: 

You will have a Vevo password if you have contacted Vevo since landing in Australia.

Advantages of Requesting a VEVO Check

The following benefits you will get by Vevo visa check Australia:

  • Your passports are no longer required to have a visa label.
  • If you have access to the internet, you may always check your visa information.
  • Online application tracking for a visa or citizenship has become more convenient.
  • It helps accelerate recruitment by sharing your Vevo Check Australia information with potential employers.

Industries Needed VEVO Check

You must undergo a VEVO check if you decide to work in Australia, irrespective of your operating sector. These include:

  • Solicitors and advocates
  • Health professionals
  • Public Transit Operators
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Artisans
  • Technicians
  • Therapists
  • Childcare
  • Chefs and waiters

This list is inclusive. It may contain other industries also.

Consequences for Hiring Illegal Workers in Australia

A VEVO check of every person in your company, even prospective employees, can protect your brand against legal action and severe fines from the law. The safety and reputation of your business are also at risk when you hire an illegal immigrant.

Any business discovered to have hired people to work illegally will be subject to fines and other penalties totalling $315,000. People working illegally in Australia may also be subject to fines of up to $63,000, five years in prison, or both.

In Australia, the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for collecting fines from defaulting parties (organisations or individuals).

Australia National Character Check

Any business or institution hiring new employees must do further background checks above the minimum requirements. At Australian National Character Check, we assist organisations, corporations, and people in obtaining a certified copy of a nationally coordinated criminal history check.

Police checks are performed at specific points in time. It provides a record of each person’s disclosable court judgements. Within 24 hours of submitting your application, we assist you in getting your police checks.

You will require the following to adhere to all Australian Immigration and Employment Laws:

  • A police investigation in Australia. Criminal background checks are required in fields like aged care.
  • A VEVO Check for non-citizens of Australia or a right-to-work check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I Still Eligible for a Vevo Australia If My Visa Has Expired?

It will not be possible for someone with a visa not “in effect” to access information on their VEVO. A Bridging visa that is still valid after the substantive visa’s expiration date will not result in any VEVO data. Additionally, an expired visa will not yield any VEVO information. Secure a subclass 050 (Bridging Visa E) or renew your substantial visa before it expires.

Q. How Do I Obtain a VEVO Check?

All legal information and documentation about work, employment, and other matters within Australia are handled by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia.

They currently reply to and handle all VEVO Checks-related services. You can also apply for a VEVO Check on their website.

You can access the Department of Home Affairs website for a Vevo Check.

Q. How to Check My Visa Status with Vevo Online?

If you submitted your visa application through your Immi portal, you can use that same portal to monitor the progress of your application for an Australian visa. Be careful that your application will only appear on the company’s immigration portal (not yours) if you utilise a migration agent to submit your visa. As a result, you can use the Vevo Australia visa check for your visa status.

You can call immigration on the phone if you can’t access your Immi portal or VEVO to track visa applications in Australia. Please be aware that since you can anticipate a lengthy hold time, this would be a last resort. 


Usually, a Vevo visa will allow you to track your visa. You can check the Australian visa tracking most thoroughly by doing this. Typically, all you need to check is the information from your passport.

Your employment rights and Australian visa status are accessible to employers and other parties. You must give the other person the necessary information to accomplish this.

Some visas, like the student visa 500, may take longer than anticipated. It may or may not be a bad thing for your application. Immigration may frequently predict more applications than the case officer can handle. If you contact immigration to find out the situation, your only communication will be a brief notification that your application is being processed and that immigration will contact you shortly. A migration agent in Adelaide will help you through the Vevo check procedure for tracking your Australian visa.

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