Common Reasons For Australian Tourist Visa Rejections

Common Reasons For Australian Tourist Visa Rejections

Common Reasons For Australian Tourist Visa Rejections

Posted by admin on December 27, 2023

Are you planning a trip to Australia soon? Well, you would first need an Australia tourist visa. The type of visa that you would need depends on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. However, the most common type of visitor visa is the subclass 600 visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for up to 12 months. 

This blog will talk in-depth about the visitor visa, subclass 600, the reasons why visitor visa is refused for Australia and what measures you can take if tourist visa is rejected in Australia:

Visitor Visa 600

Well, as the name implies, this visa is for visitors, and one can apply it under the tourist stream, the business visitor stream, and the sponsored Family stream. Certain requirements need to be fulfilled to apply for this visa. The visa is valid for 12 months, depending on the circumstances and purpose of the stay.


Some Common Reasons for Visa Rejection

There are certain reasons why a tourist visa gets rejected in Australia, so learn about these before applying. The common reasons for Visa rejection include:

  • Inconsistent or false information: When applying for visa subclass 600, make sure to present proper evidence of financial resources that prove that you can fund your trip to Australia. If your bank account shows insufficient balance, then your visitor visa will be refused. 

A tourist visa refusal for Australia can be disheartening. So, remember to provide valid evidence that you will return back home. This evidence can look like proof of employment, family in your country, etc. You must provide accurate information in your visa application.

  • Problems with Australian Visas in the Past: If your visa was rejected earlier, then that can create problems in getting your visa approved later on as well. The past record of your visa is considered when approving your current visa. The chances of your visa getting rejected become much higher if it was rejected previously. If it was found that you overstayed your visa or didn’t comply with the conditions of the visa, then you may have to face a ban of three years. 
  • Forged Documents:  If you forge your documents to get an Australian visa, it is a big NO. The penalties may include a three-year ban, with future applications much more likely to get rejected. 
  • Fill Out the Application Carefully: Please make sure that you supply the correct documents, proof of sufficient financial records, a clear record of Australian visas in the past, and fill out the application properly with the right details.

Let us now answer some common queries related to Australian visitor visas:

How to Get Your Visitor Visa 600 Easily?

Are you a tourist looking to get your visitor visa 600 approved quickly? If yes, then you should immediately get in contact with immigration agents Adelaide. These Best migration agents help you easily obtain visas and make the process much easier for you as they will clear your visa-related queries and doubts. They can assist you with visa applications and documentation and thus make your life easier.

What if a tourist visa is refused in Australia?

In a scenario when visitor visa 600 is refused can I apply again? Well, the answer is yes. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Appeal visitor visa refusal Australia with AAT: AAT is the administrative appeals tribunal. You can appeal for the application either online or physically by sending the paper documents. However, it is preferred to apply online as it helps you to review your application easily. By filing a visitor visa refusal appeal in Australia, over fifty per cent of people get their visas, so you must not lose hope. 
  • Pay the appeal fees for AAT: You have to pay the fees within the given time and make sure to pay the fees before the deadline. Also, if your visa gets rejected again, the fees will be returned to you, and if the visa gets accepted, half of the fees will be returned to you. 

What if my visitor visa 600 is refused? Can I apply again? 

Yes, you can apply again if your visitor visa 600 has been refused. 

If my Australian tourist visa was rejected, when can I apply again? 

There is no need for you to wait for any specific time; you can apply for it whenever you wish to, but you should figure out why your visa was rejected in the first place and make sure that the required conditions are met in your new application, including any extra documents. 


It’s not easy to get your hands on a visitor visa in Australia as it requires some very specific conditions, and failing to meet these conditions can lead to harsh consequences. Therefore, you must be very careful while filling out the application form and adding all the required documents. Please make sure that you have sufficient financial records and sound health when visiting Australia. You can also take help from immigration agents in Adelaide as these migration agents can make the process simpler while also reducing the chances of visa rejection.

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