Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa: Everything You Need to Know

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa: Everything You Need to Know

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by admin on February 14, 2023

Australia is experiencing a rising shortage of skilled workers that impacts many kinds of enterprises. Employers who can’t find an Australian candidate for a post may be allowed to sponsor a highly talented foreign candidate. 

Employers in Australia can sponsor skilled foreign employees for immigration to Adelaide under the Australia Subclass Visa 186 Employer Nomination Scheme. The sponsored candidates are allowed to live and work permanently in Australia. Applicants for Subclass 186 visas must have the essential competencies required for the position. They may also list members of their families in the application.

For applicants from outside the United States who have the necessary training and experience, the ENS 186 Visa is a possibility. To qualify for this PR Visa, they must have a recommendation from an Australian employer. The chosen candidates will be granted permanent residency and the right to work in Australia.

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Visa 186 Streams for Employer Nomination Scheme

You can apply for one of three primary visas in 186 streams:

Direct Entry Stream 

You can apply for this subclass 186 visa if you have the necessary abilities and experience for the designated position. Your sponsor may nominate you for any job on the skilled occupations list.

Labour Agreement Stream

If the labour agreements that your sponsor is undercover, you are qualified to apply for this stream. In cases where there is a shortage of local labour, other visa options are not available, and labour agreements permit Australian employers to sponsor the entry of foreign workers into Australia.

Temporary Residence Transition Stream

If you previously held a temporary work visa subclass 457 or 482 and wish to remain in Australia permanently, this stream is appropriate for you.

Benefits of Possessing  Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa

 A 186 visa is in demand due to the advantages they offer to successful applicants. The following are a few benefits of having an ENS 186 visa:

  • the right to live permanently in Australia
  • the ability to enter Australia and work or study
  • Having access to Australia’s comprehensive health care system, Medicare
  • the capability of securing permanent residence for relatives (if you meet the eligibility requirements)
  • Travel inside and outside the nation without restriction for five years following the day the visa was issued

Eligibility Requirements for Visa Subclass 186 

The requirements of eligibility for an employer-sponsored visa 186 are as follows:

The Company Must:

To qualify for employer-sponsored permanent residency under the direct entry and temporary residence transition streams, the company must, among other things:

  • Be running a business in Australia actively and legally.
  • Possess or pledge to possess the training benchmarks necessary for permanent posts (not required for certain permanent employer-sponsored visas).

The Required Position Must Be:

  • Full-time and accessible for at least two years after receiving your visa subclass 186
  • Equal to those offered to Australians in the same job for the same company (or in the same local area if there are no equivalent positions within the business) to the extent that the terms and conditions of employment (including the wage or salary) 

The Applicant Must:

  • Hold a licence, be registered, or be a member of a professional organisation.
  • Not indicated in the employment contract, it should be younger than 45.
  • Be nominated by an employer with legitimate operations in Australia.
  • Be in good physical condition.
  • Unless exempt, meet the language requirements.
  • Meet the character standards.
  • Meet the criteria for the stream for which applicants are applying.
  • If necessary, submit a qualified assessment.

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Application Process

Subclass 186 visa Australia application involves two steps. In this instance, the Australian government must receive two separate applications. Whether submitted simultaneously or one after the other, these applications must be approved before issuing the visa.

STEP 1: Nomination: An Employer Must Propose The Position 

The employer must demonstrate the following to submit a nomination for an “authorised appointment”:

  • There are no known negatives regarding it, anyone connected to it, or it is appropriate to ignore these negatives.
  • It is conducting business in Australia actively and legally.
  • It needs to fill a skilled position with a compensated person.
  • It can provide a skilled position that is full-time and ongoing for at least two years, and it has complied with Australian immigration and labour rules.
  • Pay the employees at least the annual market compensation rates if they make less than $250,000.
  • On the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, the position is listed.
  • Provide evidence of the company’s original position, financial capacity, and market rates. 

Step 2: Visa Application

The applicant must adhere to the visa’s age, language, skill, moral character, and health standards. After complying with all the relevant eligibility requirements, he must open an ImmiAccount to apply online. He must attach all the required documents. The 186 visa checklist of documents is as under:

  • Passport
  • Identity proof
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Evidence of financial viability
  • Licences and registrations
  • Reference from the previous employer
  • Skill assessment 
  • English language proficiency evidence

The Average Processing Time for 186 Visas Sponsored by Employers

Below is the current average 186 visa processing time:

  • 75% of all visa applications for the subclass 186 visa (Direct Entry Pathway) are processed in around four months, and 90% of all visa applications are processed in about seven months.
  • For the subclass 186 visa (Labour Agreement Pathway), 75% of all visa applications take approximately 87 days to be processed, and 90% of applications in 5 months.
  • For the subclass 186 visa (482 Transition Pathway), 75% of all visa applications take roughly five months, and 90% take about ten months.

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Foreign nationals can be nominated for permanent Migration agent by an employer via the Permanent visa subclass 186. After nomination by their employer, talented individuals can live and work continuously in Australia with the category 186 visa Australia. Since this is a permanent visa, the candidate must obtain their employer’s nomination before submitting their visa application.

You require a job offer and nomination from an Australian employer to submit an Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 visa application. Practical considerations will determine whether you have a willing employer. If you already reside in Australia, you have a greater chance of finding a nominator.

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