How to Apply for Visa Subclass 500

How to Apply for Visa Subclass 500

How to Apply for Visa Subclass 500

Posted by admin on January 18, 2023

International students who want to pursue their education or any academic course in Australia for a term that is less than five years must apply for a student visa subclass 500. Depending on the student’s background and the programme in which the student has enrolled, there may be requirements to meet to obtain a student visa.

A student visa of 500 allows students to study and stay in Australia for five years. During the academic year, a student can work 20 hours per week with a student visa for full-time degree-level study. The student visa is 500 working hours with a weekly cap of 20 hours for any work—paid or unpaid—done for one or more organisations.

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Step-by-Step Process to Apply for A Student Visa 500

To apply for a visa subclass 500, an international student must follow the steps mentioned below for Adelaide immigration after complying with the eligibility requirements. The method of application is as follows-

1. Choose The Course and Apply for The Selected Course 

A student from outside the boundaries of Australia must choose an educational programme in which he wants to study in Australia and apply to some Australian universities by submitting the required documents. 

2. Receive the Letter of Offer

The educational institutions will send you an offer letter If the universities accept applications. The student must be careful while considering the terms and conditions before he receives the offer letter.

3. Confirmation of Letter (CoE)

The students must submit a Confirmation Letter of Enrollment (CoE) for each course they want to enrol in as part of their study programme when they apply for a student visa in Australia. He must submit CoE Before obtaining a visa 500.

4. Register and Apply for The Visa Application

After receiving the confirmation of enrolment, the applicant will open an Iimmiaccount with the Australian immigration authorities. He can apply by login into the account and filling in the online application form. 

5. Attach the Required Documents 

The candidate applying for student visa 500 must attach the required documents and any other additional information called for by the department to the visa 500 application. 

He must recheck all the documents and their validity before applying to the online portal.

6. Make a Payment of Visa Fees and Get a TRN Number.

When the applicant has finished the application, it’s time to pay the visa charges as prescribed by the immigration department. Various modes of payment are available such as credit cards and debit cards.

The applicant will be given a TRN following the successful completion of the payment (Transaction Reference Number). He can use the number to follow the progress of your application and serve as payment verification.

7. Go Through the Health Checkup and Interview.

As part of the visa application procedure, he must go through a health examination or a visa interview and take the appropriate action to proceed.

8. Wait for the Application to be Processed.

Depending on the sector the students are applying in, the processing period for student visa subclass 500 may change. However, the typical processing time for the subclass 500 of student visas is 75% of applications in 29 days, 90% of applications in 42 days for the higher education sector, And vocational education and training, 75% of applications in 43 days and 90% in 77 days.

A migration agent in Australia will guide the students to apply for a student visa 500 properly so that they can start their studies without any stress.

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Documents Required for Student Visa 500 Application

The international student must provide these documents to apply for an Australian student visa (subclass 500):

  • Valid passport issued by home country
  • Recent photographs
  • Confirmation of enrolment for each selected course the applicant is pursuing.
  • Evidence of financial stability
  • Certificate of English language competency
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Character certificate 
  • Australian values statement
  • Civil documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or other relationship proofs

To lessen the chance that the student visa application may take longer than expected, all the supporting material that students will submit with their application for a student visa must be updated. The migration consultant can guide them with the information and documents to be submitted with the visa application. 


The validity of a student visa 500 is five years, during which the students can pursue an academic course in Australia. However, they can apply for a student visa extension if the system still has time to complete it and visa 500 has expired. 

It takes extra care and effort to have the application for an Australian student visa granted. A single error made when submitting the visa application may result in rejection. Therefore, grasping a trustworthy hand to go to a destination is always a wise choice rather than travelling blindly.

The migration agents in Adelaide can be a helping hand for the candidates to solve and understand the complexities of the student visa process and requirements.

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