New Rules and Updates for 485 Visa in 2024

New Rules and Updates for 485 Visa in 2024

New Rules and Updates for 485 Visa in 2024

Posted by admin on June 6, 2023

A temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) is available for qualified international students who wish to reside, study, and work in Australia after graduating. International students can obtain exceptional opportunities to earn EOI points for applications for permanent skilled visas through the graduate visa 485.

For international students who graduate from an Australian higher education institution with some qualifications, the Australian government set 485 visa new rules in 2024 and has promised expanded post-study job privileges. The additional two years of worker’s advantages apply to a wide range of professions and qualifications, including those in medicine, education, engineering, and agriculture.

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485 Visa New Rules Graduate Visas  

Visa 485: Recent Updates      

Effective from July 1, 2023, eligible students will an expansion of their post-study work rights:

  • 4 years for certain Bachelor’s degrees, with the option of 1 additional year in regional areas.
  • 5 years for particular Master’s degrees, with the option of 1 additional year in regional areas.
  • 6 years for all Doctoral degrees, with the option of 1 additional year in regional areas.

These changes signify an enhancement in opportunities for international students to gain valuable work experience in Australia after completing their studies, promoting both academic and professional growth.

For eligible students who reside in a regional area and work and study there. If you own a TR 485 visa in Australia on July 1, 2023, you may qualify for a 2-year extension

Most of the qualified professionals come from the following sectors:

  • Field of medicine, health, and nursing
  • Teaching industry
  • Engineering/ICT sector
  • The sector of Agriculture and Environment
  • Biotechnology/Science

Since all PhD studies, regardless of the topic of study, are considered eligible for the measure, they aren’t included separately. All PhD graduates are entitled to a 4- to 6-year extension of their stay.

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Eligibility Requirements

International bachelor’s and master’s students must possess a degree on the list of qualifying degrees to be eligible for an extension. All PhD graduates are entitled to a two-year extension regardless of their qualifications. Holders of Temporary Graduate visas who have earned a credential from the authorised list or who apply for a Temporary Graduate visa after July 1, 2023, will automatically receive extensions.

Transitional provisions have been implemented that allow Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 holders in Australia whose visas expired or will expire before July 1, 2023, to apply for a Subclass 408 COVID-19 Pandemic Event visa. For individuals already employed in Australia or have received a job offer, this will provide them with a two-year stay period.

For current and past Temporary Graduate visa holders affected by COVID-19 international travel restrictions, the Replacement stream of Temporary Graduate visa applications will commence on July 1, 2022. According to the 485 replacement visa latest news, graduates can apply for a new visa if their current ones have expired. Additional adjustments will be made to the Temporary Graduate visa conditions to keep Australia competitive and enticing as a study-abroad destination for overseas students.

Those who have graduated qualify for this extension if:

  • They satisfy all requirements for the Temporary Graduate Visa’s Post-Study Work Stream (subclass 485), and
  • Their credentials are on the list of acceptable qualifications.

One of the additional requirements must also be met:

  • They have either submitted a visa application for a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) by July 1, 2023, or they currently hold a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream). or
  • They submit a Temporary Graduate 485 visa (Post-Study Work stream) application after July 1, 2023.

Visit the Department of Education website to see the indicative list of occupations from the 2023 Skills Priority List that have been identified. Every year, the listings of professions and requirements will be monitored and reviewed.

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Apply for a 485 Visa Extension

If you meet the requirements, have earned a qualification from the approved list, and have a valid Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) on July 1, 2023, or apply for one before or after that date, your 485 visas will automatically be extended by two years. If you want to know if your subclass 485 visa has been automatically extended after July 1, 2023, you can search for it on VEVO. 

If you need assistance with your 485 visa application, contact the best migration Agent in Adelaide at any moment.

You must submit an application to the Department of the Interior for a two-year visa for Australian government-sponsored events (COVID-19 Pandemic Event) (subclass 408) if your temporary graduate work 485 visa in Australia expires before July 1, 2023, or if you qualify for the subclass 408 visa, which is valid for two years.

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How long does a 485 visa last?

The duration of your stay under a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) is contingent upon your studied course and chosen visa stream. For holders of the Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream), the typical stay ranges from two to four years, determined by the level of study and qualification attained. The visa’s flexibility allows individuals to extend their presence in Australia based on their educational background, providing an opportunity for further career development and experience.

Is the I 485 visa extended in July 2023?

Starting from July 1, 2023, Post-Study Work stream candidates with specific degrees in skill-shortage areas could potentially eligible an additional two-year extension on their visa.

What is 485 visa extension update?

How to Submit. According to the Department of Education, if you meet the requirements (new 485 visa applicants), your qualified 485 visa will be automatically extended by two years. If you already have a 485 visa that expires on or before July 1, 2023, you must apply for an extension.

Who are eligible for 485 extension?


  • On July 1, 2023, you have a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream), or.
  • You have applied for a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) by July 1, 2023, or.
  • You apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) after July 1, 2023.

What is the new rules about 485 visa Australia?

Some holders of subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visas will be able to stay in Australia for a long amount of time beginning 1 July 2023. The modification will result in a four-year stay duration for a bachelor’s degree graduate, up from two years previously.

What are the visa changes for Australia in 2024?

Reduced Visa Duration for (Graduate) 485 Visas

The duration of post-study graduate visas in Australia will be revised starting in mid-2024. While still allowing sufficient time for gaining work experience in Australia, the visa duration for graduates with Bachelor’s degrees or Master’s by coursework have been shortened to two years.

What is Key 485 Visa New Rules 2024

Commencing in early 2024, the minimum test score for a Temporary Graduate visa will elevate from IELTS 6 to 6.5. Additionally, for ELICOS, a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 or equivalent is mandatory. Moreover, the validity of the English Language Proficiency test has been curtailed from 3 to 1 year.


The Australian Government has stated in the latest 485 visa news that qualifying international students who earned a degree from an Australian higher education institution would be awarded an additional two years of post-study employment privileges beginning on July 1, 2023, to alleviate the skill shortages in critical industries.

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