Process for Extending Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Australia

Process for Extending Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Australia

Process for Extending Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Australia

Posted by admin on February 1, 2024

Australia’s stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and vibrant culture make it a popular travel destination for millions of tourists each year with an extension of their tourist visa extension Australia. Though intended to be a brief vacation lasting up to three months, many found themselves so charmed by Australia that they ended up wanting to stay longer. Australia’s beauty is found in its welcoming people, laid-back lifestyle, and the unique experiences it has to offer—beyond its famous landmarks. 

Answering the Most Asked Question, “How can I extend my visitor visa 600 in Australia?”

Step 1: Choose the duration of your stay in Australia.

For extending visitor visa Australia proceeds with caution while counting on this. Think about why you’re staying longer: is it so you can spend more time with your family, or is there an unforeseen circumstance? There is a 3-to 12-month extension period available.

Step 2: Check the remaining duration of your current tourist visa.

Usually, it advises people to stay longer as long as they have more than six weeks left on their visitor visa. If the period on your visitor visa is less than six weeks, so it’s better to get ready now.

Step 3: Examine the best visa choices available to you.

It is highly advised that you do this if your circumstances alter. If, after seeing your spouse, you decide that living with them is more comfortable than being in a distance relationship, then an extended visitor visa Australia is not the best course of action. If there’s a condition that permits you to stay in Australia just for 12 months in an 18-month term, then extending your Visitor Visa is also not a viable alternative.

Step 4: Select the visa that most closely matches your circumstances

You may be able to prolong your stay with more than one type of visa. Whether or not you want to extend your stay will depend on your goals. The easiest and least expensive solution may be to extend your stay by obtaining a new visitor visa, but this comes with a significant risk. Your request for an extension will be denied, and it will have an impact on your future eligibility for all visa applications if you are unable to persuade the Department that your goal is truly to travel around Australia.

Step 5: Verify whether there is a “no further stay” clause on your present guest visa.

This is crucial since it will determine if you are allowed to stay longer or not. There is extremely little probability that you will be able to extend your stay if the 8503 – No Further Stay condition is in place on your existing visa.

Step 6: Assemble the supporting materials.

Depending on the type of visa you want to apply for, different documents are required. In addition to a few updated documents attesting to your decision to remain longer, if you decide to reapply for a guest visa, you will need to submit all of the prior material, which includes proof of your ability to pay and your ties to your home country.

Step 7: Get a health checkup and apply for a new Australian visa

Once you have the required documentation, you can submit your application through the Immi Account interface. Remember that your current Visitor Visa must expire at least six weeks before you submit your new application.

Step 8: Wait for your new visa to be approved.

The processing time varies based on the particulars of each application. You’ll be given a Bridging Visa A, allowing you to stay in Australia legally until your new visa application is accepted.

General Information

  • If your subclass extension of Visitor Visa 600 is going to expire, the Australian Visitor Visa Extension is the best option. It will prolong your stay for a period of three, six, or twelve months, depending on your circumstances.
  • Only individuals who want to stay in Australia as tourists will be eligible for this extension.
  • Three weeks before the expiration of your Australian Visitor Visa, we advise you to apply for this extension.
  • Visa First offers an online application for the Visitor Visa Extension.
  • Bid farewell to lengthy lines at the embassy and hello to Visa First’s incredibly practical and reasonably priced service!

Eligibility Criteria

Applying for an extension of your Australia Visitor Visa is possible if:

  • You possess a current passport from a nation that qualifies.
  • You’re doing well medically.
  • Your visa is still valid.
  • Your visa doesn’t contain any terms that would restrict you from staying longer.
  • During the last 18 months, the total duration of your stay in Australia has not exceeded 12 months.


  • Your blank-paged passport, valid for at least three months after the e-visa expiration date
  • Filled-out application
  • Evidence of having enough money to stay in Australia

Can I extend my parents tourist visa in Australia?

  • Yes, it is possible to extend your parents’ tourist visa in Australia.
  • Submit a new visa application before the current visa expires.
  • Ensure that your parents meet the eligibility criteria for the extension.
  • Provide necessary documentation, including proof of funds to support their extended stay.
  • Initiate the extension process well in advance to allow for smooth processing.
  • Refer to the official Australian immigration website or consult with a migration agent for the latest and personalized information.


So, you’ve been attracted by Australia and find that more than three months is needed? The solution may lie in extending tourist visa 600(Subclass 600). However, it can be challenging to do so. That’s when a reputable best Migration agent Adelaide, such as Adelaide Immigration Agent, becomes useful. Consider them your Australian guide, helping you navigate the paperwork, dates, and jargon related to visas. They will evaluate your case, recommend the best visa choices, and assist you in obtaining the necessary paperwork. 

Remind yourself that extending your visa isn’t a piece of cake, but with the correct advice from an top Adelaide migration agent, things will go a lot more smoothly. So, ditch the visa stress and give the best Adelaide Immigration Agent a call. They’ll help you chase that Aussie sunset with a smile, knowing you’re in good hands.


How can I extend my visitor visa in Australia?

To extend your Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) in Australia, you must reapply for a visa before the expiration of your present one. Make sure you meet the requirements for eligibility, which include having a good cause for a longer stay. For efficient processing, provide the required paperwork such as proof of finances and travel itinerary, and begin the procedure well in advance. 

Can I extend the visitor visa subclass 600?

Yes, you can extend your Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) in Australia. To do so, submit a new visa application before your current one expires, meeting eligibility criteria and providing required documentation. Ensure a smooth process by initiating the extension well in advance. For the latest details, check the official Australian immigration website or consult with a migration agent for personalized guidance.

Can I extend my tourist visa subclass 600?

Yes, you can stay in Australia longer with your Tourist Visa (Subclass 600). Before your current visa expires, submit a new application, make sure you meet the requirements, and provide the required paperwork. For a flawless experience, begin the extension procedure in advance. For up-to-date, individualized information, visit the official Australian immigration website or speak with a migration agent.

How do I extend my 600 tourist visa in Australia?

To extend your Tourist Visa (Subclass 600) in Australia, submit a new visa application before your current one expires. Ensure eligibility, provide required documentation, including proof of funds, and initiate the process well in advance.

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