190 Visa Processing Time: What You Should Know

190 Visa Processing Time: What You Should Know

190 Visa Processing Time: What You Should Know

Posted by admin on July 27, 2023

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

The majority of applicants for Australian PR visas exclusively apply under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) category, making it the most sought-after PR visa programme in Australia. Because of its comprehensive design, well-organized procedure, and objective approach, it is favoured by most applicants and uses a points-based immigration system.

The Australian government has prioritised reducing the number of pending visa applications and 190 visa approval times, according to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), and it has increased the number of people who can make visa decisions to reduce the backlog of skilled visas.

So, the processing time for a 190 Visa depends on the Australian Department of Home Affairs’ priorities, whether you submitted a decision-ready visa application, how long it takes to finish your medical exams, and other factors.

So let us discuss 190 visa processing times in South Australia.

190 Visa Processing Time 2024

The applicant for a visa can make sure they have attached all necessary papers to their application for the 190 visa process by using the document checklist offered by the Department of Home Affairs or by the applicant’s authorised agent. 

How long does it take to get 190 visas for Australia depends on various factors. These are:

  • Whether or not your Form 190 visa application is complete and includes all required auxiliary materials.
  • How long do 190 visas take to process the checks on the supplementary data offered?
  • How quickly you reply to inquiries for additional information.
  • The time it takes for you to pick up from outside agencies about your application for a 190 visa for a skilled worker. It specifically refers to national security, character, and health criteria.
  • Volume fluctuations for applications.
  • Revisions to ministerial policy and aim

Many applications just approved had been pending for a few months due to the 190 visa processing times.

190 Visa Australia Processing Times

Subclass 190 visa processing time for a point-tested stream is as follows:

  • NA for 25% of applications
  • 11 Months for 50% of applications
  • NA for 75% of applications
  • 12 Months for 90% of applications 

In 2023, the Australian Government reduced visa 190 processing time compared to 190 visa processing time in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions 190 Visa Processing Time

How long does 190 visa take to process

A Visa Subclass 190 application should be processed within 4 – 6 months of filing, absent any special circumstances that would delay the process.

Is 189 or 190 faster?

When applying for a visa in Australia, priority processing time is an important consideration to make. The processing time for the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 is quicker than the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189. You could consider to apply for Subclass 190 if you are qualified for both visas.

How much does 190 visa cost?

Fees for Australia 190 Visa for the Principal Applicant

The A$4640 visa application fee must be paid by the primary applicant submitting the Skilled Nominated Visa 190 application.

Can 190 be rejected?

The following factors could result in the rejection of your nomination application: You don’t fit the minimal conditions for qualifying. You don’t have enough proof to support the statements you made in your Registration of Interest about your expected yearly income, partner points, or Victoria residence.

Is 75 points enough for 190?

For the subclass 190 visa, a minimum of 65 points is required to be added to the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool. However, it’s essential to note that the actual points required for invitations in your occupation may be higher. Ensuring you meet or exceed the minimum points threshold increases your chances of receiving an invitation for the subclass 190 visa.


Skilled & Business Migration makes every effort to handle applications as rapidly as possible. 

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 is for persons having sponsorship by an Australian employer and talent to do the designated job. You must have the information and documentation to submit your application to ensure a smooth 190 visa Australia application procedure within the prescribed NSW 190 visa processing time

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has listed four processing times on its website. It depicts the 190 visa Australia processing time for 25, 50, 75, and 95% of the GSM programme applications. How long it takes to get 190 visas relies on various aspects like the information provided, documents attached, competency to lodge a visa application, etc. 

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