The Requirements For Obtaining An Australian Visitor Visa 600 In 2024!

The Requirements For Obtaining An Australian Visitor Visa 600 In 2024!

The Requirements For Obtaining An Australian Visitor Visa 600 In 2024!

Posted by admin on December 27, 2022

Australia has marvellous places to visit for a tourist. If anyone wishes to experience the spectacular beaches, mountains, oceans, and desserts must visit Australia. In Australia, there are several types of visas that allow a visitor to stay there. 

When an Australian citizen sponsors his family member, friends, or relative to visit Australia, they can go there by obtaining a family visit visa. It is a stream of visitor visas where the requirement for application is sponsorship from a resident of Australia. 

The visitor visa in Australia permits the visa holder to stay temporarily or study ( Any course ) for less than three months. The Australian immigration department is the issuing authority of a visitor visa. 

Streams Of Visitor Visa 

An applicant can apply for a visitor visa subclass 600 under the following streams- 

  • Tourist Stream (Onshore/Offshore)

This visa stream allows a person to visit Australia as a tourist. In the onshore tourist stream, the visitor must be in Australia, but to apply for the offshore tourist stream, the visitor must apply from outside Australia.

  • Family Stream

Family stream is for applicants whom a person resident from Australia sponsors to visit him and stay in Australia for 12 months.

  • Business Visitor Stream

It is for candidates who visit Australia temporarily for three months for business reasons. This stream does not allow them to work or sell goods/services.

  • Frequent Traveller Stream

A frequent traveller stream allows citizens of the People’s Republic of China who often travel to Australia for business/personal reasons to stay for three months each time they enter. This department of immigration will grant this visitor visa for ten years.

  • Approved Destination Status Stream

It is for citizens of China from certain areas who are on a trip by an approved travel agent.


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Eligibility For A Tourist Visa 

If an applicant wants to obtain a tourist visa in Australia, he must comply with the eligibility requirements. The factors he must satisfy are –

  • He must have proof of his intention to return to his home country
  • He must show the purpose of his visit
  • He must have proof of his financial stability to support his visit 
  • He must not have any debt outstanding with the Australian government
  • He must have a character certificate showing that he has no criminal records.
  • He must have a sponsorship/invitation letter ( for the family stream )
  • He must have all the travel documents ( for the tourist stream)

If an applicant fails to fulfil the requirements or convince the visa officer, then there are chances of his visa cancellation.

Documents Requirements

An applicant must gather all required documents in one place to make them available at one call. The checklist of documents for a visitor visa subclass 600 is as follows –

  • Valid passport with two passport-size photographs
  • National identity card ( scanned if applying online)
  • Financial/bank statement or proof of the sufficiency of funds for his Australia visit
  • The letter of invitation from a friend/relative
  • Medical certificates ( to prove good health)
  • Personal cover letter
  • Evidence of purpose of visit

The applicant must ensure that all the documents provide correct information and are duly updated.

Steps To Get A Visitor Visa

An applicant has to go through the following steps to obtain a tourist visa in Australia

  1. Open an ImmiAccount to apply for a visitor visa online.
  2. Select the stream for which the applicant wishes to apply.
  3. Fill in the details and attach the documents in a scanned copy.
  4. Pay the fees applicable to the visitor visa.
  5. Lodge the application form after rechecking all the details.
  6. Wait for the processing time till the application is processed.

A visitor visa takes the duration of the processing application – 

  • 25% of the application in 16 days 
  • 50% of the application in 39 days
  • 75% of the applications in 63 days
  • 90% of the applications in 4 months.

The immigration department, based on the applicant’s circumstances, can grant a visitor visa extension for up to 12 months. The department will allow this extension to those who wish to remain in Australia for tourism.

Visa 600 Processing Time

Subclass 651 & 601 Visa Processing Times

Subclass       75 percent of applications are processed 90 percent of applications are processed

Electronic Travel Authority – 601 – Processed in one business day

eVisitor – 651 – One Business Day Processing

Australia Subclass 600 Visa Processing Times

Stream                  The majority of applications were processed, with 75 percent processed and 90 percent processed

Tourist                                          20  days                           Thirty Three days

Business Visitor                            9  days                            Twenty days

Frequent Traveller                       5  days                            Eighteen days

Sponsored Family                       50 days                            Seventy  days

Approved Destination Status       2 days                             Five days   


A tourist visa in Australia is for tourists who wish to explore Australia, its scenic beaches, endless desserts, and wildlife. Visa 600 is a temporary visa with a term of 12 months. It permits one to stay and study for less than three months but does not carry working rights. 

A family visit visa requires sponsorship by an Australian resident, for which the applicant must have an invitation letter. A visitor visa under the business stream permits one to visit Australia for business reasons. 

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