A Guide for Student Visa Subsequent Entrant 500 Processing Time

A Guide for Student Visa Subsequent Entrant 500 Processing Time

A Guide for Student Visa Subsequent Entrant 500 Processing Time

Posted by admin on October 26, 2023

The most frequent sort of visa for young people who want to attend higher education in Australia is the Australian student visa subclass 500, which is valid for five years. However, there are many more visa sub classes available depending on your age group, the length of your stay, and your travel goals.

To submit a 500 visa application for an Australia student visa 500, you must first fulfil a few requirements. Look through the list that follows.

  • The Australian study programme of your choosing must have enrolled you.
  • You must be six years of age or older.
  • You should carry documentation of your welfare agreement with you if you are under eighteen.

Student Visa Subsequent Entrant 500 Processing Time 

The Department of Home Affairs in Australia assesses each application on an individual basis. The applicant can expedite the Department of Home Affairs’ student subsequent entrant visa processing time by ensuring that their application is complete and ready for a decision. Using the checklist that the department or the applicant’s agent provides, the applicant can make sure that all necessary documents are attached to the application.

Student visa subsequent entrant 500 processing time in Australia may vary based on the circumstances. 

  • Whether you submitted your application in its whole. It includes all necessary supporting documentation.
  • How quickly you respond to inquiries for more information. 
  • How much time does it take to finish the required verifications on the supporting data that has been submitted?
  • What is the duration required to obtain information from external sources? It is particularly pertinent to requirements related to national security, character, and health.
  • Variations in the number of applications
  • Alterations to ministerial guidelines and directives

What is New Update About Subsequent Entrant Visa 500 Processing Time?

According to the most current update, the usual student visa subsequent entrant 500 processing time is typically 5-8 months. It is critical to keep in mind that processing times may be longer if the Department of Home Affairs requires additional information or documentation.

How soon an application is processed can vary depending on the number of applications the Department receives, the case’s complexity, and the application’s level of completion. Any additional audits or verifications required for the application may also affect the processing duration.


How much is the subsequent entrant visa 500 fee?

Subsequent Entrant Visa 500 Fees

The application fees for this visa are as follows: A$710 for the first applicant, A$530 for applicants aged 18 and above, and A$175 for applicants under the age of 18.


A student’s subsequent entrant visa 500 is all about the several phases and requirements of the application process. It begins on the day of your enrolment, continues for the duration of your study programme, and grants you resident rights in Australia for a maximum of five years.

Processing time depends on several factors. Australia may take a few days or more to process a student visa application, depending on the course and a few other factors. The student subsequent entrant visa 500 processing time will depend on the legitimacy of the application and the supporting documentation.

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