A Complete Guide About All The Australian Student Visas

A Complete Guide About All The Australian Student Visas

A Complete Guide About All The Australian Student Visas

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on December 23, 2019

Numerous individuals across the world have dreams to study in the beautiful country of Australia. However, to turn your dreams into reality, there are many rules, methods and submissions that are required to be followed, questions you need to answer and documents you need to sign. The visa procedures for all the international students have to follow strictly as it is directed by the Australian government and provide all the original and correct documents to the Australian authorities.

According to the recent news and activities it has come to light that there are 21% on-campus students under the Australian university sector who are international students. However, across all the Australian universities the international students vary from 2% to 45%, respectively. Therefore, if you are interested to be amongst one of the most prestigious and well-known universities across the country, then you will be requiring a student visa to do so.

The Subclass 485 Visa Australia is one of the most popular among all the other types of visa that is available. This is because it is for students who have completed their students in Australia and are looking forward to studying more and work in Australia. This visa is opted by numerous international students, which makes it be the most popular student visa of all time. There are numerous other types of visas available and some of them will be discussed in this document.

Types of student visas in Australia

According to the experts, there are a total of five different student visas available for all the students around the world. However, the process of applying for the visa can be tough if you do not have a proper and professional immigration agent Adelaide beside you. The agent will take the responsibility to provide with all the necessary information and things you require for the visa proceedings. Given below are some of the student visas about which you need to know.

1. The Student Visa (Subclass 500)

There is no doubt that the Department of Home Affairs in Australia have provided multiple options for the international students, but the student visa that you will be the subclass 500. The subclass 500 student visa allows you to study in Australia under a full-time period in a recognised educational institute. The subclass 500 visa comes with an unnegotiable time limit of 5 years, and this visa also covers the following areas such as:

  • Independent ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students).
  • Schools-both secondary and primary.
  • Secondary school exchange programs.
  • Vocational education and training (VET).
  • Post-graduate research.
  • Higher education.
  • International students sponsored by the Department of Defence.
  • Non-award courses.

Visa eligibility:

You need to know, whether or not you are eligible to get in visa in the process and you need to be:

  • At the age of 6 and the rule is also applied towards the “gifted children”.
  • Must be accepted into the educational institutions under the legal process.
  • Have health insurance.

Once the above-mentioned points are met you will be eligible to proceed with the subclass 500 visa.

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The visa process:

The application process of the subclass 500 visa is considered to be pretty much decent and carries all the standard stuff in the process. The visa processing is:

  • Make sure you are enrolled under a course that approved by the government.
  • Provide evidence that proves you can genuine temporary entrant.
  • Carry adequate health insurance.
  • Have passed the English language requirements
  • Must have the financial capacity to pay for the student exchange.

With the student visa application, you are required to add all the related documents, which are directed to you by the experts from the visa consultant Adelaide, so that you do not fall under any type of issue.

The student visa cost:

Like everything in life, your subclass visa will also come at a cost. Therefore, all students are required to make a payment of AUD$575 application fees.

2. The Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590) 

Under the student guardian visa 590 it allows guardians to reside with the student during their study period in Australia. This is only eligible for students who are below 18 years of age and have opted for a guardian to look after them. You will be a guardian towards the student under the subclass visa 500, which has the same longevity of 5 years. However, once they turn 18 your presence will not be required and you can back to your home country.

Other conditions:

During your stay, you are eligible to work during your pass time and there are some strict limitations that you are required to follow. The subclass 590 visa will not allow you to work more than 20 hours per week, and if you do not follow this rule you and the student under your care will be forced to leave the country. The visa will allow you to polish your English language during your stay in the Australian soil, which means you can study under the ELICOS course for 20 hours a week. 

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Under the 590 visa, you also be allowed to polish some of your general knowledge in the process and apply for another course under a maximum limit of three months. If you wish to go beyond limitation then you need to apply for the student visa as well. To know more information you can receive proper guidance by the experts from the migration services Adelaide and they will help you in the process by directing you towards the correct path.

Visa eligibility:

For the terms related to the eligibility of the 590 visas as follows:

  • You need to be the student’s legal guardian, parent or relative.
  • Carry enough money to support yourself and the student during the stay.
  • Make you sure are worthy to provide support and accommodation.
  • Be sure to be 21 years of age or more.

Visa process:

To make it much simpler and easier, you can combine the student visa application with the student guardian visa application, which will lead to an easy submission. You need to fulfil all the requirements, submitting of documents and filling in applications, normally how you apply for the student visa. Therefore, the subclass 590 visa the procedure has bundles of requirements that you need to attach. Unlike the Australian Visa Subclass 600 and 500, the visa process for the 590 visas is slightly complicated where you will be needing the help of a professional in the process.

Visa fees or cost:

The student guardian visa comes with a cost of AUD$575 and with plenty of hidden-cost during the application process. Fees include on stuff like health examinations, police certificates, health insurance and evidence for the financial capacity. You can always look up towards the professionals if you are stuck somewhere.

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