Subsequent Entrant Visa 500: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students

Subsequent Entrant Visa 500: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students

Subsequent Entrant Visa 500: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students

Posted by admin on May 16, 2023

The success of a study abroad adventure depends on several major decisions in addition to picking a university and course, such as prompt completion of the application procedure, strong performance on competitive tests, receipt of an acceptance letter from the university, etc. One of these steps is securing a study visa. To study in Australia, you must apply for the Australia Student Visa, often called the Subsequent Entrant Visa 500.

Before you begin the application process, you must know the various qualifying requirements for overseas students.

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Australian Student Visa Subclass 500 Eligibility Requirements

There are a few critical application-related factors listed below that you should be aware of. These are:

1. Genuine Temporary Entrants, or GTEs.

Students must demonstrate their GTE status to get an Australian Student Visa 500. It means that you must prove that your intention to travel to Australia is solely educational and that you will return home once the course is finished or you have gained some experience.

2. Health Examination & Insurance

Proof of excellent health is an essential prerequisite for an Australian Study 500 visa. All candidates must meet the minimum health requirements to be eligible for a visa. For most applicants, the interim necessity to undergo medical exams and chest X-rays has been abolished.

3. Language requirements 

If you do not qualify for an exemption, you must pass the recognised English language exam with a passing grade to demonstrate your ability. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAE, and professional English tests (often for the healthcare sector) are among the accepted exams. Additionally, you should have completed these tests within two years before the date of your visa application.

4. Maximum Age

There is no specific maximum age for those applying for student visas in Australia. The candidate may find it challenging to defend their motives for learning, even though the nation welcomes applications from those over 40.

Special conditions might be necessary if the applicant is under 18, and you will need to make suitable welfare arrangements.

5. Budgetary requirements

You must provide proof of your ability to pay for all your expenses throughout the projected stay. It covers your travel expenditures and tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs. Depending on variables like your stay time, tuition costs, your place of origin, etc., the necessary financial capacity may vary for each application.

6. Character Reference

Each student must provide documentation of their moral character. In other words, they shouldn’t have any prior deportations from Australia or have any criminal histories or suspicions of engaging in any unlawful activity. 

7. Other Standards

Additionally, the value of your chosen future course, your home country’s economic situation, possible employment possibilities for you in Australia, your past immigration history, and other pertinent factors are considered while evaluating your visa application.

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Subsequent Entrant Visa 500 Processing Time

After submitting the application and uploading all the required documents, the processing time for a decision on the visa application is typically 5-8 months. Note Processing times may extend if the Department of Home Affairs requests additional information or documentation.

Fee for Student Visa Application:

Applicants have the option to include their family members who wish to accompany them during their study in Australia.

Student Subsequent Entrant application fee (subclass 500) $710
if the applicant is over 18 $530
if the applicant is under 18 $175

According to the Australian government, you can travel to, enter, and remain in Australia without a visa sticker on your passport.

*Additional expenses may include overseas student health cover, biometrics, and health checks. Additionally, in certain cases, you may be required to provide police checks as evidence of good character.

Australian Student Visa Procedure

To apply for an Australian student visa, simply follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Register and submit a visa subclass 500 application to a school in Australia.

  1. Obtain a letter of unconditional acceptance.
  2. Take the letter seriously and pay the tuition.
  3. Obtain a letter from eCOE (electronic Confirmation of Enrollment)

Step 2. Assemble all necessary paperwork and submit a visa application.

  1. Proof of OSHC (Overseas Student Health Coverage) 
  2. Proof of a healthy state of affairs
  3. Additional required documentation such as:

When requesting an Australian student visa, applicants should have the following materials available: 

  • The student’s passport must be current and with at least six months left after the course. 
  • Receipt for the application fee payment. 
  • Visa application for non-immigrants. 
  • The institution you will be studying in will provide you with a COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) form. 
  • A letter of acceptance from the institution with a suggested course of study
  • Receipt for OSHC (overseas health insurance). 
  • Digitised images. 
  • Degrees, certificates, transcripts, and diplomas. 
  • Results of examinations measuring English language ability 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP). 
  • Evidence of Funds.

Make sure the information you submit is accurate and not deceptive.

Step 3. Complete the application. 

  1. Complete the online application for a subclass 500 student visa.
  2. List every of your family members in the application form so they can come with you or join you later.
  3. Verify the currency displayed on your credit card in Australian dollars.

Only applications that have paid the required Australia student visa application fee will be considered for approval.

Step 4. After submission of visa application 

  1. Schedule a visit to the doctor for a checkup.
  2. The examination must be performed by a doctor authorised by the Australian Immigration Panel (hospital/clinic).
  3. Make a biometrics appointment if necessary.

Use your immigration login account to send any additional papers that are requested or required (as and when necessary). 

  1. You must immediately update or alert ImmiAccount of any changes to facts such as your phone number, relationship status, passport, etc.

Step 5. Results of a visa application

  1. You will receive an email from the immigration department notifying you of the approval of your student visa.
  2. Because the Australian student visa subsequent entrant (Subclass 500) is electronic, there won’t be a stamp in your passport with a visa grant.
  3. If your visa application is rejected, you will be notified and given the reasoning. It’s important to know that the department won’t refund your application fee if your request for a visa is rejected.

Numerous variables affect processing time. Depending on the course one applies for and a few other circumstances, Australia may complete a student visa application in a few days or over a year. The visa application validity and supporting papers will affect the individual’s student visa subclass 500 processing time. For instance, Australia can’t process it if they don’t pay the necessary fee. You must take assistance from the best migration agent in Adelaide to lodge a student visa application without error.

Conditions of The Visa

8201 – Maximum duration of study is 3 months.

This condition states that you are only allowed to study or train for a maximum of three months while in Australia.

8104 – Work Restrictions

This condition requires you to refrain from working until the primary student visa holder has begun a programme of study. You are also not allowed to work more than 40 hours a fortnight while in Australia. If the primary student visa holder is pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree, you are permitted to work more than 40 hours per fortnight, but only in certain conditions.

8501 – Maintain Health Insurance

This criterion requires you to have suitable health insurance plans (usually Overseas Student Health Cover) while in Australia. You may not enter Australia before your Overseas Student Health Coverage has started. After your Overseas Student Health Coverage expires, you are not permitted to stay in Australia. You may not need to maintain Overseas Student Health Coverage if you are a student from Norway, Belgium, or Sweden.

For More Information: 500/overseas-student-health-cover

8516 – Maintain Eligibility

This condition requires you to consistently maintain your eligibility as an individual who meets the criteria for the grant of your visa.

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How long does it take to obtain a visa for a subsequent entrant?

Depending on the circumstances of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (Subclass 482) application, the processing period ranges from 39 to 70 days on average.

What is the distinction between a student visa and a subsequent entrant visa?

A subsequent entrant is a family member of a student visa holder who wishes to join Australia at a later period. Subsequent arrivals must apply for their visa separately and present supporting documentation from their family members in Australia.


Australia is an ideal setting to pursue any form of education and then stay to work. It is known for its welcoming attitude towards foreign academics, and the application process for student visas is believed to be easier than in other nations. 

A student subsequent entrant visa 500 is about the application process, what it entails, and many steps. It coincides with the day you enrolled, lasts the course of your study programme, and entitles you to a maximum of five years of residency in Australia.

You can speak to an immigration agent in Adelaide if you’re having problems with immigration and need help. He is a professional in immigration laws and visa application procedures.

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