The Process Of Getting An Australian Student Visa In 2024

The Process Of Getting An Australian Student Visa In 2024

The Process Of Getting An Australian Student Visa In 2024

Posted by admin on December 13, 2022

Australian cities have the best educational institutions and universities to help international students achieve their goals. They can also get better opportunities in Australia to grow after completing their academic course or graduating.

To pursue education in any Australian university, a student from a foreign country must fulfill the requirements of studies to obtain a Student visa. To apply for a student visa, one must have a Confirmation of enrolment/Acceptance letter from a globally recognized university.  

Australia is preferable for education because it has better opportunities and options for an international student for further studies or jobs by applying for a Temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

To know more about a student visa, its eligibility requirements, application procedures, and other legal proceedings, a person can take consultation with student visa consultants. This visa allows a student to study in Australia for five years and for his family members, dependent child/relative to join him to stay in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements 2024

The requirements to meet the eligibility criteria for a student visa 500 application are as follows as explained by DHA –

  • Age Criteria – the applicant must be a minimum of six years while applying for a school student visa. However, the age criteria are different for higher-class students, as explained below – 
  • At year nine, the applicant must be less than 17 years.
  • At year ten, he must be less than 18 years.
  • At year eleven, he must be less than 19 years.
  • Twelve years old, he must be below 20 years.
  • Certificate Of Good Health And Character – the applicant must have a certificate of good health. He must also sign an Australian value statement ensuring the government that he will follow the rules and laws of Australia.
  • Evidence Of Enrolment – A student can not apply for a student visa if he does not hold a certificate of enrolment (CoE). However, there are some circumstances where he does not have to provide CoE. The following are the circumstances –
  • If the applicant has registered in a full-time study course/training under a grant scheme by the  Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • If sponsored by the defense department of Australia
  • When an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) accompanies a student
  • If he is a student of master’s research halting in Australia for his thesis.
  • Welfare Arrangements – when the student is less than 18 years, then to stay in Australia with a student visa 500, he must have proof of welfare arrangements in Australia.
  • English Proficiency Certificate – He must have evidence/certificate of his English language competency.
  • Health insurance coverage – the applicant must have health insurance coverage by a health insurance agency approved by the government.

Application Procedure For A Student Visa

A student from overseas who fulfills the eligibility criteria can apply for a student visa in Australia. The application procedure for the student visa is as follows –

  1. Apply For a CoE –  An international student must first apply for an acceptance letter to an Australian university to obtain a student visa. A confirmation of enrolment is the preliminary requirement for a visa subclass 500.
  2. Arrange All The Documents – The applicant must collect all the documents required to apply for a student visa. All the documents must be duly updated and signed. If the applicant is using an ImmiAccount, he must have documents in electronic form.
  3. Login Into The ImmiAccount – To apply online, the candidate applying for visa 500 will open an ImmiAccount. Login into ImmiAccount and click “apply now” to generate the application form.
  4. Fill In The Details And Attach The E-documents – the applicant must fill in the details in the form and attach the documents to complete the formalities.
  5. Application – the applicant will apply and wait for the application to be processed. The processing time of the student visa 500 varies for different sectors. 

The applicant should be careful while filling in the information to avoid mistakes and delays in granting the visa. 

Wrapping Up 

An international student can study an academic course in Australia by obtaining a student visa 500. The visa 500 allows a student to stay in Australia for five years and accompany his family member or dependent relative. 

The student who pursues his education in Australia can grab opportunities for further studies, internships, or job offers by applying for a temporary graduate visa 485. The prerequisite of an application for a student visa is a confirmation of enrolment issued by a globally recognized university.

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