Unlocking Opportunities with the 485 Visa: A Guide for International Graduates

Unlocking Opportunities with the 485 Visa: A Guide for International Graduates

Unlocking Opportunities with the 485 Visa: A Guide for International Graduates

Posted by admin on March 28, 2023

Many international students studying in Australia have heard of the 485 visas for Adelaide migration but unknown of how they can apply. International students can travel, work, study and prepare for chances following graduation with the 485 visa Australia.

The standards for applications from international students for the subclass 485 visa have recently undergone some significant adjustments, according to the Australian government.

Students who have graduated from an Australian university and are currently residing there on a 485 visa extension on their stay once these changes take effect to gain work experience and work toward having their visa 485 changed to permanent residency.

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Visa subclass 485

With the temporary graduate visa 485, the applicant can stay in Australia after completing his studies and continue to work or study to pursue his future objectives. The visa can be the post-study work stream or the graduate work stream. How long one can stay there depends on the type of visa required. Our best migration agent Adelaide will assist you in planning your 485 visa application.

Types of Work Streams in Subclass 485

There are primarily two sorts of visa 485 streams. 

Graduate Work visa

Students who have completed two years or more of study in Australia are eligible for this visa. The academic path a student chooses should relate to the position they have been nominated for. This visa is legitimate for 18 months.

Post-Study Work Visa

The visa stream is for international students who have graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher from an Australian university or another reputable institution of higher learning.

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Subclass 485 Post-Graduate Visa Benefits

Any Australian citizen who has completed their studies may apply for a graduate visa in Australia, which offers the following benefits to its holders:

  • A holder of visa category 485 may bring his family to Australia on the same document.
  • Australia allows residents to live there even without a sponsoring employer.
  • A person may use the time of their stay to hunt for employment, engage in work while he is in Australia, and, if they choose, apply for a more permanent visa and immigrate to Australia.
  • Under visa subclass 485, a person can stay in Australia for two years while looking for work.

Criteria For Subclass 485 Visa Eligibility

The following qualifying 485 visa requirements a candidate interested in applying for a subclass 485 visa must meet:

  • A visa category 485 candidate must be younger than 50 years old.
  • The applicant’s total study length must be two years or 92 weeks to qualify for the visa subclass 485.
  • The candidate must possess an acceptable visa.
  • The candidate has to have fulfilled the prerequisites for Australian study during the last six months.
  • The candidate for visa subclass 485 must satisfy the requirements for good moral character ( by 485 visa police check) and physical fitness.
  • The candidate must have health insurance from a recognised health insurance agency in Australia.
  • The applicant must have fulfilled the particular conditions of the stream under subclass 485 for which he is requesting.

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Permanent Residency by Obtaining a 485 Graduate Visa

If a person wants to convert their graduate visa 485 to permanent residency, they have a few alternatives. Here are some of the ways to remould your 485 visas to PR:

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482

Before submitting a visa application for a TSS 482 visa, the candidate must have at least two years of experience in their chosen field or a closely comparable industry. Working full-time while on a visa 485 will result in this two-year work experience.

Nominated Visa 190 and Skilled Independent Visa 189

The applicant can get the work experience required to amass the score for points-based visas like the Skilled Independent Visa 189 and the State-Sponsored 190 visa while holding a 485 visa in Australia. The candidate can also score well enough on the needed competency exam if he is an accountant, engineer, or IT specialist to be eligible for benefits.

Visa Sponsored by An Employer 186

Since the 186 visa is a permanent visa, the applicant must have an employer who would sponsor him for the visa. He will once more be able to obtain the requisite three years of relevant work experience required for the particular occupation due to his time on the 485 visa.

Applying for a Graduate Temporary Visa in Australia

Applying for a visa 485 for immigration to Adelaide is easy if you follow these steps:

Access Your ImmiAccount

A 485 visa requires an online application. You must have an ImmiAccount to submit a successful application; if you don’t, you must create one. You may find a complete list of the necessary documents you must submit for your visa application and step-by-step directions on how to apply on the online platform.

You cannot alter visa streams once you have applied, so please be careful while selecting one.

Must Attach Documents

You can move on to the next step of the application—attaching your documents—after choosing which visa 485 streams you’re applying for. You must upload scanned copies of your original documents or scanned photocopies for online applications. Your documents must be ready to file the completed application.

Payment of The Application Fee

You must submit the application fee for your application to be processed; otherwise, it will be rejected. You must pay the fee online; the ImmiAccount will display the payment option.

Application to be Filled Out

The application is submitted as soon as your payment is complete. Please be mindful that applications must be submitted under Australian Eastern Standard Time and submit them on time. (AEST).

Visa 485 processing time depends on your visa streams:

  • For subclass 485 of the post-study work stream- 

25% of applications in 79 days, 50% of applications in 4 months, 75% of applications in 10 months, and 90% in 15 months 

  • For subclass 485 of the graduate visa Stream-

25% of applications in 72 days, 50% of applications in 5 months, 75% of applications in 10 months, and 90% in 13 months

The 485 visa fee in Australia is AUD1,680. You must spend AUD 660 to apply for a second post-study work stream. There are additional visa fees for each candidate you bring with you.

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Graduate Visa Australia is available to international students who have finished their education in Australia. They can apply for a visa 485, which allows them to live and work in Australia after completing their education.

International students can work in Australia with a Temporary Graduate Visa. The Australian government offers skilled people tremendous opportunities. Many international students decide to stay in Australia permanently to start a career by taking the assistance of a migration agent.

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