Processing Time for 485 Visa for Australia

Processing Time for 485 Visa for Australia

Processing Time for 485 Visa for Australia

Posted by admin on January 12, 2023

The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 is for international students who wish to stay, study or work in Australia after accomplishment of their graduation or academic course selected by them. There are two streams of a 485 visa: post-study work and graduate work stream. 

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Graduate Work Stream

This stream is for students from overseas who have just graduated from an Australian university. It allows a student to stay in Australia for up to 18 months. This limit of 18 months is for five years for a holder of a Hong Kong passport. It grants permission to work/study in Australia and bring a family member. 

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Post-Study Work Stream

It is a temporary visa for international students who have graduated and completed studies through an Australian university or a degree holder to stay in Australia for up to four years (five years for Hong Kong passport holders). It allows the holders to work/study and bring their family members or dependents to Australia. 

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485 Visa Processing Time In 2023 for Australia

A 485 visa processing time depends on the Department of Home Affairs’ priorities, whether you need to do a skills assessment as part of your visa application and whether you need to complete a health examination. The course you select will affect the time it takes to process a short-term 485 visa. The applicant must pay fees simultaneously with the application for it to be processed; otherwise, there can be an extension in the processing time of the 485 subclass visa.

Processing Time for Graduate Work Stream

The 485 graduate visa processing time for the graduate work stream is:

  • 25% of applications in 1 Day
  • 50% of applications in 59 Days
  • 75% of applications in 72 Days
  • 90% of applications in 3 Months

Processing Time for Post-Study Work Stream

The 485 graduate visa processing time for the post-study work stream is: 

  • 25% of applications in 52 Days
  • 50% of applications in 56 Days
  • 75% of applications in 3 Months
  • 90% of applications in 8 Months

Second Post Study Stream Visa 485 Processing Time

  • Processing times are currently unavailable.

Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Visa Processing Times for Replacement Stream

  • Processing times are currently unavailable.

Subclass 485 Visa Processing Time After Medical

  • For the 485 Visa, if your medical examinations are conducted after you have lodged your application in 2023, it’s essential to note that this doesn’t guarantee an immediate visa grant.

Application for a visa 485 should take 4-6 months to process, barring any unusual circumstances that may cause a delay. The best migration consultant in Adelaide is the one who will help the applicant get through these obstacles. 

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Reasons for Delay in The Processing of 485 Visa Application

There is zero chance that the 485 visa application will delay unless and until there are particular faults or inadequacies. Therefore, a few solid reasons why the 485 visas are taking too long are listed below:

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1. Incorrect Submission 

After an applicant submits the visa application form online, it may contain a few incorrect pieces of information. If the immigration department finds flaws in the application form, he must make the necessary corrections. Additionally, this can cause arbitrary delays in processing time for 485 visas.

2. Multiple Document Submissions

An applicant has to send the immigration department several documents for the 485 Visa application in Australia. It can also happen again and again that he may not have access to all these papers. That is why it results in an unanticipated delay in the entire visa application procedure.

3. Producing Character Certificates

Making the character certificates available to the appropriate immigration agency is one of the main challenges that may stand in the way of hassle-free visa application. The process can take a little while because each member of your family must obtain their character certificates from the relevant native country.

4. Multiple Applicants’ Applications

The visa application procedure will be fast if an applicant applies individually. However, the process can take a little longer if an additional family member requests Subclass 485 Visas. The visa application process may be rigid when the concerned immigration departments need to assess each family member’s documentation.

An immigration agent in Adelaide can assist the graduates in the best possible way to guarantee a comfortable and timely application process for you without experiencing any form of delay.

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What is the 485 spouse visa processing time after medical?

The processing time for the Subclass 485 Dependent Visa is currently estimated at 11 months, during which 90% of applications are processed. It’s important to note that if your application is submitted with incomplete or missing information, or if it is deemed complex, it may require additional processing time beyond this estimate.

What is the 485 spouse visa processing time?

Processing Time for Subclass 485 Subsequent Entrant Visas in 2022
90% of applications for Subclass 485 Dependent Visas are currently processed within the 11-month.

What is 485 visa processing time?

As per the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the processing times for this visa, as of April 2023, are as follows:

  • 25% of applications take approximately 5 months for processing.
  • 50% of applications are processed in around 12 months.
  • 75% of applications have an estimated processing time of about 17 months.

How long is 485 visa valid for Australia?

485 visas issued under the Graduate Work Stream have a validity period of 18 months from the date of approval.

Why 485 takes so long?

The processing time for temporary visa applications by the department is approximately four months for 75% of applicants. Within five months, 90% of applications are typically decided upon. Delays may occur due to reasons such as incomplete documentation, additional formalities, or the necessity for further investigations.

Can visa 485 be rejected?

Many instances, both recent and historical, highlight cases where 485 visa applicants solely relied on information provided on websites, including the official government site, without seeking professional advice. Unfortunately, in such cases, visa refusals occurred, leading to significant and devastating consequences.


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International students can apply for the Graduate Skilled Visa (Subclass 485 Visa Australia) after completing their degree in Australia, which grants them permission to stay and work there for a set period. This visa may be granted for up to four years, depending on the degree sought.

Your application can take longer to process if an applicant does not fill it in correctly, the immigration department needs more information, and it takes time to verify the information. The department will not process the application till the applicant pay the correct visa application charge.

The processing time it takes to complete a visa 485 depends on the circumstances of each application, such as whether or not the 485 visa application is complete, How quickly the applicant answers inquiries for more details, and how long it takes to run the necessary checks on the supplementary data given?

A visa consultant Adelaide can guide the students to apply for temporary graduate visa 485 by avoiding the reasons mentioned above so that there is no unnecessary delay in processing the visa application.

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