Know Why Your Graduate Visa 485 Processing Gets Delayed

Know Why Your Graduate Visa 485 Processing Gets Delayed

Know Why Your Graduate Visa 485 Processing Gets Delayed

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on October 14, 2021

Australia has been offering its overseas residents a lucrative platform to study and work in Australia. Wondering how? Well, with this visa, a person can now study and work in Australia for a minimum 18 of months. With a temporary graduate visa 485, you need to find an apt job all by yourself without expecting help from your concerned Immigration Department.

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There Are Three Streams Under This 485 Visa Australia

  • Graduate Workstream
    This visa is for overseas students who have pursued their graduation with required skills and qualifications that are relevant to the specific occupation list of Australia. You can stay, study and work in Australia for a minimum of 18 months
  • Post-Study Work stream
    Post-Study Work stream visa is for overseas students who have recently finished study with a degree from an Australian institution. You are allowed to live, work and study in Australia for 2 to 4 years.
  • Second Post-Study Work stream
    This visa is an extension of the post-study work stream and is available for international students who graduated with a degree from a regional institute in the country. It lets you live, work, and study in Australia for 1 to 2 years.

What Leads To The Unreasonable Delaying Of Your Graduate Visa 485?

Although Graduate visa 485 has many advantages, it has various disadvantages as well. One of the major disadvantages that it offers is the unexpected delay of your 485 visa. The following reasons can contribute to the unreasonable delaying of your visa which you might not have expected to happen. The following reasons can be considered as follows:

  1. If the information that you have put in your application form is inadequate.
  2. You haven’t filled in your application form in the proper and expected way.
  3. If the verification process of your application gets delayed.
  4. If you have not paid you’re concerning visa application fees on time etc.

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Where Can You Apply From?

When you apply for the 485 Graduate visa, you need to be in Australia in person and nowhere else. Most of all if you want your visa to be approved in the proper and expected way, then you must not be in a state of immigration clearance. If any of your friends or family members are applying for this visa, then he/she can stay outside Australia without any hesitation.

More Reasons That Can Lead The Delay Of Your Graduate Visa 485?

In most cases, the visa gets processed within the expected period of time. Unless and until there are no specific errors or inadequacy in the submission of your student visa Adelaide application, there is no probability for it to get delayed. To the best of suggestions, you must always get in touch with the best Immigration Services Adelaide to avoid all these hassles.

Nonetheless, given below are a few of the compelling reasons due to which your visa subclass 485 can get delayed unreasonably. Some of these reasons can be considered as follows:

  1. Producing your character certificates: One of the major obstacles that can come in the way of your hassle-free visa application is the production of your character certificates to your concerned immigration department. The process gets even more intricate if you have a couple of other family members as well. Each of your family members has to procure their individual character certificates from their concerned native countries, hence, the entire process can get a little time consuming as well.
  2. Application by multiple applicants: If you are applying solo, then the visa application process won’t take much time. However, if there are other family members as well who are applying for Subclass 485 Visa, then the process may take a little longer. The concerned immigration department has to evaluate the documents of each of the family members, hence, the entire process can get delayed a bit.
  3. Incorrect submission: After you have submitted your visa application form online, it may get detected with a few erroneous pieces of information included in it. If your concerned immigration department identifies your application form with errors like these, then, you will have to rectify each of these mistakes duly. This can also lead to unreasonable delays in the processing of your visa.
  4. Submission of multiple documents: While you are applying for the 485 Visa Australia, you will be required to submit a number of documents to your immigration department at a go. At times it may also happen that all these documents are not available to you at the moment. This can also lead to an unexpected delay in the entire process of your visa application.

What Are The 485 Visa Processing Time?

When it comes to the processing time of the 485 Graduate visa, you will have to know about the available streams in this visa. Under the ‘graduate workstream, 75% of the visa applications are processed within a time frame of 8 months. On the contrary, 90% of the applications are processed within a time frame of 11 months. Under the post-study work-stream, for 75% of applications, the time taken will be 6 months, whereas 90% of applications will get approved by 7 months. There is no time frame available for a second post-study work stream. However, there can be several reasons for which the 485 visa processing time can get delayed without any valid reason. Some of these factors can be considered as follows:

  • Incomplete or erroneous completion of certain formalities in relation to your visa.
  • Submission of erroneous documents to your concerned immigration department.
  • If your concerned immigration department asks for further investigation time in relation to the processing of your 485 visa.

What Is The Cost Of The Subclass 485 Visa?

When it comes to the cost of the 485 visa, it does not take more than AUD1680 for both streams and AUD660 for the second post-study work stream. If any of your other family members are also applying for the same, each of them has to pay the same application charge as that of the aforesaid one. In case, you do not pay the application for your 485 visa Australia, your visa processing may get delayed a bit or you might have to face an abrupt rejection as well.

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How We Help You

Well, applying for the 485 Graduate visa is quite easy and simple. But, when you face issues like an unreasonable delay in the application or processing of your visa, it simply gets on your nerves. The top Immigration Agent Adelaide can help you in the best possible manner to ensure a smooth and cushy application procedure for you devoid of any sort of delay. So, hurry! Get in touch with a reliable visa consultant from the migration agent today and apply for this visa in a hassle manner.

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