Australian citizenship: What Are the Eligibility Requirements for the Australian Citizenship?

Australian citizenship: What Are the Eligibility Requirements for the Australian Citizenship?

Australian citizenship: What Are the Eligibility Requirements for the Australian Citizenship?

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on July 11, 2018

Australia is a delightful country. Most people here who want to work, study, or tour for a certain period Australia want to organize their new home. To become an Australian citizen and Australia, there is a process path for building your permanent home.

You are legally approved as an Australian and civil rights and responsibilities are given to anyone like was born in Australia, if you become an Australian citizen.

You will have to access your Australian citizenship aptness when enrolling for Australian citizenship. In other words, you have to make sure that you can get Australian citizenship or not. There are various methods on how to become an Australian citizen.

To become an Australian citizen, you will have to enter a full application form and pay the applicable fees to DOHA. Once you send your application, you will be contacted by the department.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to take part in the Australian Citizenship Festival, which includes the Australian citizenship oath.

Some Australian citizenship application requirements must be fulfilled, including:

  • You are an Australian permanent resident
  • You are above 16 years old
  • You live in Australia for a period of four years, which includes 12 months as a permanent resident
  • Are good characters
  • Ensure sufficient understanding of your responsibilities and civil rights as a citizen

As an Australian citizen, you have many human rights, including:

  • Poling in national and state or regional elections and in a vote
  • Enrolling for employment in Australian Public Service or Australian Defense Force
  • Looking for elections in parliament
  • Applying for an Australian passport and re-entering Australia
  • Getting help from an Australian overseas
  • Enlisting children born abroad as Australian citizens by descent

Eligibility Requirements for Australian citizenship

According to the DIBP site, these requirements are valuable from April 20, 2017. The formal law has not yet been passed by the Australian Parliament. Applications for Australian citizenship filed before April 20, 2017, are free from fulfilling new requirements.

  1. General residence need: The latest requirement change is one of the general residence criteria. Before applying for Australian citizenship, citizenship applicants should have a permanent residence visa for at least 4 years of Australia. Overseas students enrolling for general skilled migration, partner/spouse, who are applying for a temporary partner visa and are eligible for a permanent visa after 2 years, And for the PR, the applicants nominated by their employers are the largest class affected by changes in the general residence requirement.
  2. English Language Test: All applicants are needed to pass independent English exams including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Usually, the passport holders of Canada-speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and the US are relieved from receiving an English language test.
  3. Reinforce Australian values Statement and integration: You have to prove your integration through complying with Australian beliefs and working in the Australian community, contributing to community services, paying taxes on time, etc.
  4. Australian Citizenship Examination: All aspirants will need to make and pass citizenship tests rely on their understanding and ability of Australian society, beliefs and history. This test will check the applicant’s English language abilities, have adequate knowledge of responsibility and civil right of being an Australian citizen and will expect to live and work in Australia or build a close relationship with the country. The immigration department and border security site have listed some common questions in the citizenship test, tutorials and practice trials to help you in passing the examination. Before taking the exam, you need to offer your identity proof and a picture to the Immigration Department.

Australian citizenship application choice

When applying for Australian citizenship, you have to choose an application option to suit your situation. Some of them are outlined below, for more application choices; ask our Best immigration Agent Adelaide.

  • De-facto companion to husband or Australian citizen
  • Immigrant with permanent residence
  • Child over 16 years old
  • A child born to Australian citizens outside of Australia
  • A child adopted by an Australian citizen outside of Australia
  • New Zealand citizens residing in Australia
  • Recommence Australian citizenship

Australian citizenship application procedure

From 9 November 2009, the Australian citizenship application process has mad simpler by Australia’s immigration department. Previously, permanent residents required to travel twice to the Australian Immigration Department, to take part in an examination and to register their citizenship application for the second time.

However, it has changed now.

  • The applicants are needed to apply for Australian citizenship one automatically or electronically.
  • DIBP issues you with citizenship appointment. During the appointment, you either need to take citizenship test or interview, whatever relates to you.

Below are the latest requirements to get Australian citizenship:

  1. The Aspirants are needed to pass an independent English examination, which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking;
  2. Applicants are required to be a permanent resident for at least four years in Australia (instead of one year now);
  3. New and more meaningful questions will be boosted in citizenship test that evaluates the applicant’s understanding – and commitment to shared values and accountabilities;
  4. Applicants will need to show the steps being taken to assimilate and influence to the Australian community. Instances include employment proofs, membership of community organizations and school enlistment for all eligible children.
  5. An applicant citizenship test can fail only three(There is now no limit to the number of failures in the applicant’s examination);
  6. An automated failure will be announced for an applicant who scams meanwhile the Citizenship test.

Registered Immigration agent Adelaide has helped many PR holders transit through citizenship applications and testing. ImmigrationAgent Adelaide can check your Australian citizenship eligibility and help you know the procedure and requirements included.

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