Australian Visa that Leads to Permanent Residency in Australia

Australian Visa that Leads to Permanent Residency in Australia

Australian Visa that Leads to Permanent Residency in Australia

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on November 19, 2020

If you want to get permanent residency in Australia, then the country has a quite wide range of visa categories for you. Australia is one of the best countries when it comes to PR (permanent visa). Generally, an applicant has to follow an immigration system that is based on points. This immigration system has a crucial role in the visa application process as it assesses the eligibility for permanent residency in Australia. It considers all key selection factors including education, work experience age and language proficiency, etc.

Before moving forward and actually applying for permanent residency in Australia, you must be well versed with all the crucial aspects which are listed below:

1. Essential Documents:

The two major documents which you must have are:

1. A report of skill assessment by an assessing authority

2. Result of IELTS (English language proficiency test)

Before applying for a PR visa make sure you have arranged all the needed documents. Apart from the above-listed ones you may have to provide your age-proof documents, travel, and educational documents as well.

2. Choosing the right Visa:

The next requirement is to choose the PR visa category which is most suitable for you. Some of them are:

3. Character And Health Related Needs:
You must have a good character certificate in order to get a permanent residency in Australia. Other than this you must medically fit. So, keep the related documents ready before you move to a migration agent.

4. Choosing An Appropriate Occupation From SOL:
This requirement for permanent residency in Australia is about selecting an occupation from SOL which skilled occupation list.

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5. Apply in Point Based System:
This is the last requirement you must apply in the point-based system. For this, you will have to submit EOI and mention all the key profile specifications including age, language proficiency, and education, etc.

Advantages Of Permanent Residency In Australia:

One who has permanent residency in Australia is entitled to all the privileges the Australian government provides. Have an insight into them:

1. The person having a PR can live and work in the country indefinitely. -Once you get a PR, you can ever apply for citizenship after a span of a few years.

2. If you have a PR then in that case if your children are born in Australia, they will get Australian citizenship by birth.

3. You can even get the right to live in New Zealand travel and work there as well, once the government approves the same.

4. The PR holder leaves and comes back frequently within a span of five years. Once this period is over, renewal is always an option.

5. You will have a right to send an application for consular assistance overseas.

6. After assuring the support requirements and fulfilling the residential criteria, you can even sponsor your blood relations to the country.

7. Having the status of a permanent resident brings you multiple rights which are the same for the citizens; this involves free access to medical and legal subsidies.

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How To Apply For A Permanent Residency In Australia Easily?

To apply for a PR visa in Australia, everyone has to follow a procedure that is similar and mandatory to all the applicants.

It all starts with gathering all the required documents and ensuring that nothing is left because proper documentation is base on the whole process.

As stated above, you will have to select a suitable category for PR. Once these two steps are done, you will have to submit the expressions of interest to an online system, called SkillSelect. This system processes all the requests for Australian visas. It provides scores to every profile, and the minimum score which is mandatory to move an application further is 60. So, your focus should be on attaining that. Hire a registered Migration Agent Adelaide in order to file your visa application in a very hassle-free process.

After this, you will have to wait for revert from the authority. If they select your provide then from that point, you will have to do some work again. No, there is not a huge permanent residency Australia cost involved in the process. You just have to submit all the documents collected earlier along with the application form. Lastly, submit the application with attached documents to the immigration office within the span of sixty days of invitation.

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