Complete Guide To The Working Holiday Visa Australia

Complete Guide To The Working Holiday Visa Australia

Complete Guide To The Working Holiday Visa Australia

Posted by admin on June 24, 2024

Have you ever heard of doing work while you are on holiday? If not, this article is for you. The traveler who is traveling to Australia and wants to work or gain experience with a special visa. There is a working holiday visa in Australia which is for the people. The people who want to spend the holiday time in Australia and simultaneously want to work with an Australian company. This visa comes with an age limit and the duration of the visa is one year. This visa also comes with some rules that need to be followed. The visa permission will be approved only if the applicant provides all the documents. The applicant cannot work with one employer at a stretch. For the duration of six months, applicants have to work with two different employers. 

Applicable For Work and Holiday Visa

There are certain criteria for work and holiday visas. 

  • For working holidays Australia Australia-eligible countries are as follows: 
  1. Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Netherlands, and Norway.
  2. Taiwan ( except foreign or government passports).
  3. UK Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Age criteria should be between 18 to 30 years.
  • Previously you did not have a visa 417 or a working visa 462.

Documents For Work and Holiday Visa 417

For Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417, there is a checklist of documents. 

  • Photocopy of your passport which shows the details like the issuing date and the expiry dates.
  • Your birth certificate which shows the details of your full name and about your parents. In cases you are unable to provide your birth certificate you can provide:
  1. Details that show the full name of the family. 
  2. Identity card issued by the Government.
  3. Official documents provided by the legal authority.
  • Records of name change, if done.
  • Your character certificate.
  • Your financial records prove you can finance your trip to Australia.
  • Value statements of Australia.
  • Also, submit the following if someone helps with these two forms:
  1. Form 956a
  2. Form956

Apply For Work and Holiday Visa

To apply for a visa here is the working holiday visa Australia document checklist you need to follow:

  • Immi account – you can apply online for work and holiday visas. Application only be accepted if done by Immi account. So open the account and start filling in your documents.
  • Attach documents – all your documents should be true and photocopies of original documents. Your documents should be scanned as they will be filled out online. 
  • Language – if the documents are in a language other than English, they should be translated as the original version of documents.
  • Fees for the visa – your visa application will be provided to the immigration officer after the fees are paid. Submit your fees as mentioned. 

Cost of work and Holiday visa

The fee structure for work and holiday visas is AUD 485. You might need to pay some extra charges after submitting your application. These extra charges are for police certification and biometrics.

Duration of stay with Work and Holiday visa

It is already mentioned about the duration of stay. The working holiday visa for Australia requires one year. As soon as your visa is granted and you enter Australia the time for Work starts then only. After completion of one year your work visa will collapse. The time limit of this visa is not extended. 

How long can an applicant stay? 

As the time duration of your work visa is completed it cannot be extended further. In such cases, your visitor visa is extended so that you can stay more in Australia. If you want to extend your stay you need to provide proof of your valid reason to stay in Australia.

Apply for a second visa 417

You can apply for a second-year visa but certain requirements should be filled in. That means the Department of Foreign Affairs working for three months is a particular work. 

Family members at work visa

Family members of the applicant cannot apply for the work visa, nor can they join afterwards. 

Study with a Work and Holiday visa

You can study for four months in Australia. You should apply for a student visa for study if your time duration of study program is extended.

Travel with work and holiday visa

You can travel with your work visa but make sure of the validity of your work visa. Your travelling time will be counted in your one-year duration.

Self Employed on work visa 417 Australia

Yes, it is possible to be self-employed while on a work visa 417 Australia. But there is a time duration of six months with the same company. If you are self-employed, you are eligible to apply for ABN.

After getting work and a holiday visa

Once you get the working holiday visa you should take care of a few things so the immigration officer does not cancel your visa.

  • If you get visa 417 or 462 and you start staying in Australia, pay taxes. And the tax rate is 15% for work and Holiday visas. 
  • Your employer has to pay you a superannuation amount as long as you are earning. Once you depart the nation you can access your amount.
  • Always take health insurance while travelling to Australia as it can cover all the health problems. As you submit the visa application make sure your nation has a mutual health agreement with Australia.
  • Before starting work make sure about your working duration. In VEVO you can check your working rights. With the same employer, you can work for six months.

Difference between the visa 417 and Work visa 462

There are two types of work visas i.e. work visa 417 and working holiday visa Australia 462.

  • Eligible conditions – in the case of visa 417 there is no need to provide evidence of education but in visa 462 there is a requirement for evidence of education.
  • Eligibility of countries – both the visas have their list of eligible countries.
  • Limitation  – work visa 417 has no restrictions while visa 462 has some limitations.


In conclusion, you have understood about the work visa. To make your visa process go smoothly Registered Migration agent Adelaide can help you. Taking guidance from the immigration Adelaide agent will be beneficial for your visa approval. So that your work visa will be successful.

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