6 Easy Steps to Convert Your Visitor Visa to a Partner Visa in Australia

6 Easy Steps to Convert Your Visitor Visa to a Partner Visa in Australia

6 Easy Steps to Convert Your Visitor Visa to a Partner Visa in Australia

Posted by admin on June 3, 2024

The Visitor visa (subclass 600) allows anyone to visit Australia for business or tourism purposes.

Visa Subclass 601 allows anyone to visit Australia for a shorter period for business or tourism purposes.

Partner visa applications are complex and require scrutiny, unlike visitor visa applications.

Applying for a visitor visa will only allow you to stay for a shorter period but a partner visa will help you for long-term residency.

Applying for your partner’s tourist visa illustrates your commitment to your relationships, allowing you to support financially, emotionally, or in any other way. It helps you to begin your journey towards establishing a long-term legal status in Australia. You are not alone in this process. 

To easily apply and get a visa grant 

Here are 6 easy steps to convert your Visitor visa to a partner visa in Australia:

1. Ensure Eligibility and understand the partner’s visa type:

A visitor visa is not a permanent visa type. It may expire within 3 or 12 Months depending on the Situation.

The benefit of a partner visa is that it will allow you the opportunity to remain in Australia with your partner throughout the waiting period for visa approval. Also, ensure that you and your partner meet all the requirements:

Relationship- Proof of genuine and continuing relationship with or legally married to your Australian partner (An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen).

Age- The minimum age required is 18 for both partners at the time of application.

It is important to be sponsored by your partner.

Comply with all required health and character.

Your partner should live with you (Not separately).

2. Check Visitor’s visa conditions:

If your visitor visa mentioned ‘no further stay’ you would not be able to apply for an onshore partner visa. But after leaving Australia you can apply for an offshore partner visa (It is always not guaranteed to get approved).

3. Collect the required documents for application:

All the required documents need to be gathered and submitted to support your partner’s application. Some of the documents such as joint financial records, communication history proof, Photographs, and declarations from friends and family.

Some other personal documents include a passport, birth certificate, if the married marriage certificate is required, and a certificate from the police clearly stating every country you have lived in for more than 12 Months after 16 years old.

4. Complete the Application online:

A Migration Lawyer will help you collect all the evidence and submit it on your behalf. Some of the necessary applications include Form 47SP (Migration to Australia by a partner), Form 40SP (Sponsorship for partner), and Form 888 (Other declaration applications).

An ImmiAccount is required to be created on the Department of Home Affairs website.

5. Medical checks and Biometrics:

In certain situations, you may be required to make a biometrics appointment and undergo a health examination by approved doctors.

Migration Services Adelaide will guide you on what to expect and what is the process.

6. Wait for your Partner Visa (Australia) approval:

Only visitor visa 600 holders will not be able to stay in Australia even after applying for a Partner visa. After submitting all the required documents you will be granted a Bridging Visa A It will allow you to stay while the application is processed.

It is essential to check Bridging visa conditions and make sure you follow them. If there is any violation to your Bridging visa terms and conditions it could refuse the result of the partner visa application.

Remember, processing times depend upon various factors such as the complexity of the case or the number of other applications in the queue.

One can monitor the current status of an application on ImmiAccount for any updates or requests for any further information.

Follow the conditions of your current visitor visa till the bridging visa becomes valid for your partner.


Acquiring a partner visa (Australia) may be a prolonged process but keep your contact information current and maintain patience. You can finish your application precisely with the assistance of Registered Migration agent Adelaide.

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