Checkout The Detailed Guide About The Student Visa Extension!

Checkout The Detailed Guide About The Student Visa Extension!

Checkout The Detailed Guide About The Student Visa Extension!

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on February 4, 2021

If your student visa 500 is on the verge of expiring, then extending it is the only option. This requirement applies to those who haven’t completed their pertinent courses yet! The application procedure is quite stress-free, but you must adhere to the right steps while doing it. So, do you need to extend your student visa subclass 500 as well? Then, continue reading today’s post to learn about the different student visa extension steps along with their effective implementation.

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Steps To Apply For A Student Visa extension!

Practically, you cannot extend the subclass 500 student visa in any way. So, will have to apply for a new student visa prior to your current student visa expires. Make sure that you apply at least three to four months before the expiration of your current student visa. Gather the necessary documents on time to ensure that your student visa extension application is prim and proper.

Offshore Vs. Onshore Application!

When applying offshore, you need to await the outcome of your visa prior to entering Australia. In case you are applying inside Australia, the procedures will again vary somewhat. After you submit the correct visa application to the Australian Immigration Department, you need to stay in Australia lawfully. In this matter, the Department of Home Affairs will grant you a Bridging Visa A. This visa will let you stay in Australia legitimately until your new student visa gets approved.

Extend Your Student Visa 500 Effectively!

So, the following are the key steps implementing which you will be able to extend your student visa 500 with flying colors.

Step 1: Arrange An OSHC After Applying For Your Preferred Course!

To extend your student visa Adelaide, you should possess a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This healthcare scheme should remain valid until your new student visa gets approved. So, you need to get in touch with the agency of your health insurance as soon as possible. Subsequently, ask them to extend the last date of your OSHC to continue staying in Australia lawfully.

Step 2: Confirmation of Enrolment!

Aside, you also need to procure a Confirmation of Enrolment from your pertinent educational institution. So, make sure that you’ve selected the right education provider to study your chosen course in an effective manner. The Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is provided to the learner only after he or she has paid the course fees on time, been allotted a position and after the enrolment is confirmed.

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Step 3: Evidence of Financial Capacity!

You must prove that you have access to adequate funds to the Department of Home Affairs through the following options:

• A supporting letter from Department of Defense or Foreign Affairs and Trade
• An advice of acceptance pertaining to the Secondary Exchange Student form (applicable only to secondary exchange learners).
• Evidence of parental or spousal support showing an annual income of at least AU$60,000. Students who are accompanied by eligible family members must show an amount AU$7,000 at least.
• Evidence of financial capacity for the next one year. It should cover school expenses for school going dependants, your tuition fees and living costs etc.

Aside, you should qualify in the medical exam and submit the biometrics to make your application even more substantial.

Step 4: Gather The Right Documents!

After you have obtained your OSHC and CoE you need to gather the right set of documents properly. Submission of these credentials might vary somewhat depending on the reason you wish to extend your student visa 500. It might also vary somewhat depending on your pertinent education provider. A checklist of these documents which you should submit to the Department of Home Affairs imperatively has been outlined below.

Department of Home Affairs imperatively has been outlined below.

• A valid personal statement. This statement should be inclusive of your circumstances after you return home, reasons to extend your course and so on. It should also include why you consider your chosen course to be advantageous for your future and your circumstances in Australia.
• The authentic policy number of your Overseas Student Health Cover. The Australian Immigration Department generally needs it to ascertain that the visa is matching your policy perfectly.
• If you are under eighteen years then documents which show your parents’ permission
• If needed then form number 956 which is the migration agent form
• If applicable, then you need to submit the marriage certificate as well
• Your valid CoE. This criterion does not apply to learners who are waiting for the results of their post-graduation’s thesis submission. In case of the latter situation, you will need a letter from your pertinent institute or university.
• A valid resume or that of Curriculum Vitae
• Your valid national identity card
• The valid identity page of your passport. Remember, each of the pages should have a stamp from the Immigration Department of Australia and
• Your original birth certificate’s certified copy

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To know furthermore about these documents, you can always verify the document checklist tool. You can access this tool on the official site of the Department of Home Affairs. Alternatively, you can also hire an Immigration Agent Adelaide to get a clear understanding of these documents.

Last Step: Submit Your Student Visa Application!

Now, you should submit the application for your student visa extension with the assistance of the best Migration Agent Adelaide. Make sure you attach all the required documents and pay the right application fees to avoid any last-minute surprises. Through premium immigration services Adelaide your migration agent will ensure a smooth and hassle-free application of your extended student visa Adelaide in Australia.

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