Difference Between Subclass 189 Visa and Subclass 190 Visa

Difference Between Subclass 189 Visa and Subclass 190 Visa

Difference Between Subclass 189 Visa and Subclass 190 Visa

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on July 11, 2019

For the immigration process of Australia, there is a system known as the point-based system used. Here we will discuss how Subclass 189 Visa is different from Subclass 190 Visa. However, both the visas use the point-based system to analyze the immigration candidates and also both the visas are for providing permanent residency in Australia. After having one of this visa you can easily apply for the Australia Citizenship.

The point bases system includes the test of the applicant in which he has to score good points in order to get eligible for the application. The candidate must possess good skills and knowledge for the requirement of the higher point in the test. Both this visa will help the candidates to complete their study in Australia and you can easily travel across and with Australia.

Let’s go through the basic knowledge of both visas! You will get to know about the difference-

Subclass 189 Visa Australia

Skilled Independent Visa 189 is another name of Subclass 189 Visa. With the help of this visa, the candidate is able to make its residency in Australia for study and another purpose. The duration of stay cannot be predicted. The major candidates can apply for this visa includes the candidates who do not have support from family members. These family members are either have a permanent residency in Australia. Other candidates belong to eligibility who have approved employment from Australia.

This visa will help you to stay in Australia without any issues or limitations. If you are interested to stay in Australia with the help of this visa, you must have to do create an expression of interest or EOI and then submit it. According to the skills and qualification, the candidate must have to provide the occupation list for which he can nominate itself. This all process should be done to get the invitation to apply or ITA. This is the most important thing for you to get continue for the process of visa application. After having TOI, you can easily go for the application to forward to process the visa within 189 Visa Processing Time.

Subclass 190 Visa Australia

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 is another name provided for the skilled migration visa 190. This visa is for those applicants who are already nominated by the government of Australia. These candidates are eligible and can apply easily at the Visa department of their country or state. With the help of this visa, you can easily develop your settlement in Australia and stay there permanently without any limitations. This visa also makes you to do various things such as study and to dwell easily.

In order to get the eligibility of this visa, you need to submit the expression of interest or EOI for the specifying your purpose to stay in Australia with declaration document. The major department of visa for immigration is DIBP or Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This department analyzes your purpose to live and also whether you have the capability to stay in Australia or not by auditing the nature of the nominated occupation. This is the main difference with which it differs from visa 189. When your application is approved, you can further forward your process for a visa within 190 Visa Processing Time. Then you can easily apply for Australia or outside to it.

Difference Between 189 and 190 Visa

ElementVisa Subclass 189Visa Subclass 190
Does the Visa avail permanent residencyYes, in respect to the Independent Skilled Permanent ResidenceYes, in respect to the State Sponsored Permanent Residence
SOL (Skilled Occupations List)Occupation would be on SOL not on the CSOL aspectsIt have consideration with both SOL as well as CSOL
Process of Visa ApplicationStep 1: Undergoing the skills assessment

Step 2: EOI

Step 3: Having the visa application
Step 1: Undergoing the skills assessment

Step 2: EOI and the having the application for state sponsorship.

Step 3: Having the visa application.
Processing TimeStep 1 & 2: Merely, depends on the occupation.

Step 3: It is estimated to be around 3 to 6 months
Step 1 & 2: It depends on the state and the occupation based processing time.

Step 3: It is estimated to be around 3 to 6 months.
Where can you in live in Australia?You can reside anyware in Australia.You are required to have an undertaking for residing in the sponsoring state for the time period of 2 years.

Important points to remember For Australian Visas

There are some major requirements needed for the visa 190 as per guidelines of Immigration Agent Adelaide. It is important for you to live for almost two years in the state for which you are nominated. It is important to meet all the possible requirements of the nominated state so that you can easily apply for the visa process and approve your application. You must keep updating the state in case of any modification in the address that you mentioned in the application.

Apart from basic information, you need to know some important things about visa:

It is important that you must be less than 50 years in age. There is always the requirement of proficiency skills in English language and it is essential to meet them. As per the Australian point calculator, you must have to score at least 65 points in order to qualify in the point based system. The resulted point is the result of your age, experience in working, communication skills and your qualifications.

Later to this, it is important to go for skill assessment by some approved authority of the state. The authority also concerns about the health factor and you must have to achieve the criteria required for the health status. Go for support from Migration Consultant Adeaide for better advice and consultancy. You must clear all your bank debt and specify them to the documents. It has to be considered that you should have any debts in context to the government of Australia.

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