Get Insights About The GTE Criteria For Student Visa

Get Insights About The GTE Criteria For Student Visa

Get Insights About The GTE Criteria For Student Visa

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on March 23, 2021

If you are planning to apply for an Australian student visa, especially that of the student visa subclass 500, then, you also know that meeting the GTE requirement is one of the most essential criteria of the application procedure of your student visa.

Complying with the Genuine Temporary Entrant criterion means, proving your actual objective to come to Australia and stay over there to the Australian immigration department. However, meeting the GTE requirement is not as easy as it may seem, and, there are again some criteria that you are required to meet successfully in relation to it. To know furthermore about these criteria, please read the below-given information quite well.

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Provide Supporting Documents If Required

• Substantial documents which must prove your educational and personal information as well as your desire to look for the switchover in your career.

• Written statements, either directly from the candidate or his or her employers, which substantiate the fact that the applicant is really passionate to attain a prospective career in Australia by studying the relevant course which he or she has opted for.

• Necessary credentials of all your previous educational achievements.

• A substantial evidence that proves a strong bond of the applicant with some of his or her family members in his or her home country. This will act as compelling proof that as soon as the applicant finishes his or her study, he or she has the complete access to go back to his or her home country after that.

• Documents that clarify all the personal belongings/assets of the applicant in order to get a clear picture of the applicant’s household.

• All the applicant’s financial and taxing credentials.

• Documents that prove that the applicant has already worked under an employer for not less than 12 months, and, will be able to resume his or her work after returning to his or her native country.

These are only a few of the emergent documents and have to be provided only if the DoHA asks you to provide them.

Never Miss To Include Additional Substantial Reasons

This is also one of the most essential criteria which you will have to meet in order to comply with the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement of your student visa Adelaide successfully. During the final evaluation of your GTE submission, you should try to give substantial additional reasons to its ultimate decider, to make yourself as transparent as possible. This is one of the finest strategies, and, you can certainly adhere to it so as to increase your chances to get through your GTE requirement successfully. So, if you also have to submit a substantial GTE to the Department of Home Affairs, never miss providing adequate additional reasons in order to get it approved in a hassle-free manner.

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Give Sufficient Details Of Your Previous Immigration Records

For the sake of making the submission of your GTE to the Australian immigration department even stronger, you should invariably provide sufficient details regarding all your erstwhile immigration records. All the pieces of information provided by you should be in support of the submission of your Genuine Temporary Entrant. So, the following are some of the situations, which you should not have faced as a part of your previous immigration records.

• You should not have a record of any of your previous visas canceled or refused, and, you should not have violated the visa rules of that particular country while living there.

• In case you have applied for a number of academic courses at a time, but, haven’t completed any of them properly whilst staying in Australia.

• If you are already staying in Australia for a really long time by applying for a lot of temporary resident visas.

• Your GTE requirement will also get disapproved in case you are staying in Australia for a prolonged period, but, haven’t finished a relevant course of study on time for which you had applied.

• Remember, that the approval of your GTE will also get canceled or rejected if you are continuously staying in Australia by applying for a number of short-term courses back to back.

So, if you have also committed any of these acts mentioned above, comprising your previous immigration records, the Department of Home Affairs won’t accept the submission of your GTE at all.

Opt For A Genuine Course Of Study

If you want to meet the GTE requirement of your student visa 500, then, try to choose a relevant course of study, which certainly assures a bright future for you ahead, in Australia only, after its successful completion. For this, you should choose either a high school or vocational program, which simulates your current academic. Rest assured, that it will authenticate the submission of your GTE to the Department of Home Affairs even more.

Assure A Prospective Career To The DoHA

Whilst assessing your GTE for the final time, your evaluator will always look into the fact that what kind of future career you are actually awaiting post the completion of your chosen course. Hence, try and incorporate all the possible objectives in your GTE, which you want to achieve post the completion of your chosen course of study. Besides, your GTE must also prove this to your assessor that you have opted for a relevant academic program through the right education provider, and, are capable enough to comply with the living standards of Australia as well.

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Substantiate Your Reason To Choose Australia

While meeting your GTE requirement, you must also prove this to the DoHA, that for which particular reason you have chosen Australia over your home country to complete the relevant course of study of your choice. However, you are likely to be denied a temporary stay in Australia, in case military or civil disturbance is going on in your native country.

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