Know The Ways About How You Can Earn Skilled Migrant Visas

Know The Ways About How You Can Earn Skilled Migrant Visas

Know The Ways About How You Can Earn Skilled Migrant Visas

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on May 16, 2020

Do you hold a couple of special skills and competencies and want to reap the best out of them? If the reply is yes, then the only option you are left with is to apply for any of the Australian skilled migrant visas. If you wish, you can also obtain a permanent residency with some of these visa options. To make the entire process easy and simple for you, given below are some of the ways, conforming to which, you can apply for any of the skilled migrant visas of Australia successfully.

How Many Skilled Migrant Visas Are There?

Well, there are predominantly three types of skilled migrant visa which the Australian immigration department is offering to all its applicants. These include the visa subclass 491, 190, and 189. So, let’s delve a little deeper, and, get a brief introduction, pertaining to all these three visas.

Skilled Work Regional Visa 491: People, who want to stay and work anywhere in regional Australia by making the best use of their knowledge and skills, can apply for the skilled Work Regional visa 491, and get nominated by the state or territory government. This is not a permanent residency visa, hence, allow you to stay in Australia temporarily for a maximum of 5 years.

Skilled Migrant Visa 190: When it comes to the skilled migration visa 190, applicants who have applied for it can expect to stay and work in Australia by effectively using their knowledge and skills. Besides, this is a permanent residency visa, and, lets you stay in Australia permanently.

Skilled Visa 189: Just like the 190 visa, the skilled migrant visa subclass 189 is also a permanent residency visa, and, allows you to stay and work in Australia permanently by optimizing your knowledge and skills in the best possible way.

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However, before applying for any of these visas mentioned above, you must ensure that which particularly skilled migrant visa matches your current profile the most, and, then, should opt for that accordingly.

Some Ways To Apply For Your Skilled Migrant Visas Successfully

So, if you are also looking forward to applying for any of the skilled migrant visas mentioned above, then, do adhere to some of the ways are given below in order to obtain your visa in a successful manner.

1. Be Ready With The Right Documents

There are some documents that are worth submitting to the Department of Home Affairs, no matter whether you are applying for the skilled migration visa 190 or any other skilled visa. Some of these documents can be considered as follows.

• Substantial employment contracts approved by your employers.

• Comprehensive documents that prove your previous work records.

• All your educational certificates.

• A valid passport.

• You should also be the holder of a valid driving license.

• All your valid banking credentials and

• Documents which prove your birth details

Remember, that the colored photocopies of all of these documents have to be submitted to the Australian immigration department if you also want to lodge the application of your skilled migrant visa successfully.

2. Seek Professional Suggestions

Apart from submitting the proper documents to the Department of Home Affairs, you must also keep one thing in mind. It’s that the entire procedure of a skilled migrant visa can at times be a little tricky and, may have to undergo a lot of complex processes. Moreover, the entire process can get even more complicated if you try to carry out each of the activities related to your visa application all by yourself. Hence, to avoid hassles of this sort smartly and efficiently, you should always seek professional advice. A skilled migration professional has the knowledge and acumen to give you optimal suggestions and advice, following which you will be able to apply for your skilled migrant visa quickly and effortlessly.

3. Choose An Appropriate Occupation

While you are applying for the visa subclass 189 or 190, one of the criteria which you will have to meet without failure is to choose the right occupation, which is of course included in the relevant skilled occupation list. Say for instance, if you are applying for the 189 visa, then, you must choose an occupation that is included in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). On the contrary, if you are applying for the visa subclass 190, then, the occupation which you have opted for should be included in the Consolidated Sponsor Occupation List (CSOL). However, you should keep a constant eye on the official site of the Department of Home Affairs, since, the occupations included in both the aforesaid lists are changed after a certain period of time.

4. Qualify In Your Skills Assessment Successfully

Well, before applying for any of the skilled migrant visas, you should invariably get through a substantial skilled assessment test successfully, which should be invariably conducted by a substantial skills select authority. The chief objective for which qualifying in the skills assessment test has been specified as a must is simply to ensure the compatibility between the occupation for which you have been chosen and the kinds skills and knowledge that you hold. Once you get through your skills assessment test successfully, it will be proved that you hold all those necessary skills and knowledge, with which you can work for your nominated occupation successfully.

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5. Comply With All Your Eligibility Criteria

There are some eligibility criteria, which are common to all types of skilled migrant visas. If you want to obtain any of the skilled migrant visas discussed above, then, you will have to meet a few of these eligibility requirements given below.

• Be less than 45 years

• Meet all the health requirements properly

• Ensure proficiency in the English language

• Get through your character test successfully

• You must have adequate skills and knowledge according to the occupation for which you have been chosen

After you have met all these eligibility criteria effectively, it’s time for you to submit the right application to the Department of Home Affairs and, subsequently obtain your skilled migrant visa from there.

Who Can help?

So, execute all the five methods specified above in the assistance of the best Migration Consultant Adelaide and apply for any of the three skilled migrant visas while being at your ease.

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