Immigration agent Adelaide: Professional in Partner Visa

Immigration agent Adelaide: Professional in Partner Visa

Immigration agent Adelaide: Professional in Partner Visa

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on September 15, 2017

If you are married to an Australian or are getting married then you may be eligible for a partner visa or you are in a de-facto relationship. It also includes gay couples. Partnership visas are closely examined by Australian immigration. A successful application depends on the evidence of your actual and ongoing relationships and quality.

If you are living in Australia in some states of Australia, you can register your relationship to support your application. Applying for Australian partner visa is a big step. It’s complicated, it takes time and it needs to be done in perfect order. This is an exciting and promising time, but it is often stressful that Immigration agent Adelaide understands this, and we make this process smooth for you.

Future marriage (offshore)

If you are ready to marry an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or qualified New Zealand citizen, you may be eligible to apply for a potential marriage visa to arrive in Australia. When you apply for a future marriage visa and you get a visa, you should be outside Australia. Future wedding visas are temporary visas which are valid for 9 months.

Immigration agents Adelaide are an expert in Partner visa applications and appeals. The years of our experience with partner visa application and 100% success rate will give you peace of mind. You should get honest advice and efficient representation at this critical time.

If you marry during 9 months, you can apply for a foreign partner visa to stay in Australia. If successful, you will first be given a temporary partner visa. If you are still a partner after 2 years, you will be eligible for a permanent partner visa. Children under the age of 18 may be included in the visa application to migrate to Australia with them.

Immigration agent Adelaide, SA is a multi-service migration firm. We will develop the right strategy for the first time. We pride ourselves on our technical skills and leadership in the migration industry. Therefore, our customers believe they are in safe hands.

Rules and procedures of Spouse Visa:-

While applying for a Spouse visa for Australia, you can be in Australia or abroad, though there are advantages to applying within Australia. For advice on receiving a spouse visa, please contact us.

Once your initial application is given, you will be issued with an extended eligibility temporary visa. This will allow you to stay in Australia for two years and during this period you will have full control. After a period of two years, you will be entitled to apply for permanent residence in Australia, provided your relationship is still in progress.

Once you have received your partner visa, you have full power and you can live anywhere in Australia. If your partner visa is registered during your Australian stay in Australia (this option is available for married and defined couples), you can go to a bridging visa that will allow you to work during the processing time. We can tell you how it works.

Migration agents Adelaide understand how difficult and stressful it can be to navigate through complex Australian immigration and visa application systems. We are here to provide you services which you need to effectively migrate to Australia, including visa applications and appeals. After getting all the information about your situation, our Immigration agents will give you the best possible detailed advice to answer your options and all your questions.

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