Meet the Graduate Visa 485 Requirements to Study in Australia!

Meet the Graduate Visa 485 Requirements to Study in Australia!

Meet the Graduate Visa 485 Requirements to Study in Australia!

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on March 1, 2021

Have you recently completed your studies? Do you want to work and study in Australia temporarily after this? Then, applying for the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 must be your choice. This visa offers you a good deal of flexibility as it lets you travel, study and work in Australia temporarily. Depending on whether you have applied for the Post-Study stream or Graduate Work stream, you can stay in Australia for a certain period. If you have opted for the former stream, then you can stay in Australia for between two to four years.

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Stay Duration For The Graduate Work Stream!

Have you applied for the Graduate Work stream of the visa subclass 485 unlike the PSWS? Then, you can stay, work and study in Australia for not more than eighteen months. The temporary graduate visa 485 is the best visa option to extend your stay duration in Australia. As a result, you might also become eligible for a provisional skilled visa or that of a permanent residency visa in Australia.

Conformity To The Fundamental Eligibility Criteria!

To apply for the Subclass 485 Visa you need to meet certain necessary eligibility requirements without a failure. A complete checklist of these eligibility criteria has been outlined below for you to consider.

  • Make sure that get your skills and qualifications are fully accredited from your pertinent Industry body on time.
  • As the applicant of the visa subclass 485 you need to meet the character and health requirements properly. These health and character criteria are conventionally set by the Department of Border Protection and Immigration of Australia.
  • The date on which you have completed your course and the date of your visa application should be six months and not more. The former date includes the date on which you had become eligible to have received your pertinent degree. The degree should again be awarded to you by your educational institution of Australia through a substantial official announcement.
  • Make sure that the qualification which you have got is a degree, trade qualification or diploma.
  • Your age should be below 50 years
  • You should have applied for a CRICOS approved course which comprises a duration of at least two years and not less. This duration should again be equivalent to ninety-two weeks and not less.
  • The course which you have chosen should have been instructed solely in English.
  • The completion duration of your selected course should again not be below sixteen calendar months.

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Many students consider the completion date of their course to be the last day on which they studied it. Aside, many students confuse them with the date of a conferral pertaining to the degree awarded. Say for instance, a ceremony for fresh graduates to name just a few.

Other Important Eligibility Criteria For The Temporary Graduate Visa 485!

Apart from the aforesaid eligibility criteria, you need to meet some other eligibility requirements too. These include the following prerequisites.


The qualification which you are holding should be any of the following:

  • If you have applied post-study work stream, then you should hold a degree of a higher education program.
  • In the case of the graduate work stream, you should have obtained a set of special skills and qualifications. These skills and qualifications should again comprise an eligible occupation included in the Skilled Occupation List of Australia.

To delve deeper about the eligible qualifications of the Subclass 485 Visa you must seek top-notch immigration assistance! The top immigration agent in Adelaide can provide you the choicest assistance in this matter. Remember, the qualification you possess should either be a doctoral, post-graduate or graduate-level qualification.

Course Criterion!

You cannot apply for the 485 visa subclass after completing any course as you please. According to this criterion, your course should have been approved by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Besides, courses which are designed for English language proficiency do not apply for meeting the study criterion.

Health Insurance Requirement!

Australia as a nation enjoys the choicest health standards all across the globe. So, while applying for the 485 visa Australia you must be the holder of a substantial health cover. According to this criterion, you should be the holder of a substantial health cover to afford all your medical costs effectively.

Visa Requirement!

You should be the holder of an eligible visa while the application for your 485 visa is under processing. Say, for instance, any substantial visa which matches your current immigration circumstances perfectly. Alternatively, you can be the holder of a Bridging Visa B or Bridging A to stay in Australia lawfully.

Immigration Criterion!

This criterion requires you to be the holder of a substantial student visa before you apply for your 485 visa subclass. According to this requirement, make sure that you are the holder of the following visas:

  • Visa subclass 574
  • Visa subclass 573
  • Visa subclass 572
  • Visa Subclass 570
  • Visa subclass 500

Remember, that you should be the holder of any of the said student visas for the last six months and not less.

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Hire The Best Immigration Agent In Adelaide!

So, hire the best migration agent in Adelaide to apply for your temporary graduate visa 485 effectively. After you have met all the criteria mentioned above, your migration agent Adelaide will ask you to pay the right visa fees. Currently, the price of the 485 visa is AU$1,650 irrespective of the stream. An Immigration Agent Adelaide is adept enough at ensuring the best visa application for you depending on your individual circumstances.

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