How to Migrate to Australia from the USA?

How to Migrate to Australia from the USA?

How to Migrate to Australia from the USA?

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on January 23, 2018

Moving to another country is a huge step in anyone’s life. It becomes even more crucial and a little questionable too when you are living in the USA. This is the country where many dream of coming and you are choosing to leave it. You have limited options in such a situation. Just to continue living the great life, you can migrate to Australia. Australia is very much welcoming and homely for the Americans. You’ll find much similar food and other things. Baseball is also popular in Australia so you can’t miss the excitement of watching your favourite game. Whatever work you have been doing in your home country, you may continue to do so in Australia for most of the cases. Get a migration agent Adelaide free consultation to know the process of getting an Australian visa.

Why Australia?

You already know how many wonderful things Australia has but were not thinking about them while living out peacefully in your country. A multicultural society, beautiful natural environment, fantastic beaches, unique wildlife and apart from that, fabulous cities that are not suffering under the weight of pollution giving you an amazing, healthy climate is what you get in Australia.

The results of the USA’s 2016 General Election has compelled many to think of leaving the country. Soon after the results, the website of Canadian Government’s Immigration Department. People are trying to move to a country that has a developed economy and is not experiencing any extreme political breakdowns. Australia has never been the focal point of world politics. It has a healthy and neutral political culture with a fine society comprising of people from many different cultures living together without much friction. The government also provides extensive health care facilities to permanent residents and along with that annual leave of 4 weeks.

You have many options to choose your path of going to Australia. Continue reading to learn about them.

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Skilled visa

Australia has a current skills shortage which means there’s an abundance of well-paid jobs for businessperson and professionals. If you’ve got a proper qualification and work expertise in an occupation in demand you’ll be able to migrate to Australia through Australia’s General Skilled Migration Programme.

With a skilled visa, you may have immediate access to the free public health system as well as prime quality public hospitals and subsidised medicine, smart public schools for your kids, and also the Social Security system. To apply for it, you must have to be aged less than 45 years, have necessary qualifications and work expertise associated with an occupation in demand in Australia and also pass the visa points test.

An important thing to remember here is that whatever occupation you are applying for on the visa application should be on the official Skilled Occupation List. It is better to find migration law experts to better understand it. A decent immigration consultant will be able to:

  1. Answer your queries related to the visa requirements and application form
  2. Check your skills, qualifications and work experience to best suggest an occupation and visa option for you
  3. Confirm your eligibility for the visa
  4. Try to get the best nomination opportunities from Australian employers or some state government
  5. Review your proficiency in English language and suggest you an English proficiency test if needed
  6. Analyse any critical visa time periods for a particular visa
  7. Identify any issues you may face related to health and character requirements
  8. Explain you the time and money the visa will cost to you

After a complete assessment, you will be able to get an idea of where you stand in the process of obtaining a skilled visa.

Partner visa

This is a unique possibility that your spouse or love is already living in Australia as an Australian citizen or permanent resident; you can apply for the Australian Partner Visa under the Family Stream of visas. But this visa takes a lot of time to get processed so don’t get dependent on it or apply for it as soon as you make up your mind.

How difficult can it be?

You might wonder how much difficult it would be to get an Australian visa. Well, it is not that easy but could be made easier with the help of Immigration Agents Adelaide. Just consult with us once and you will get all the possible assistance from us.

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