Apply For Student Visa Subclass 500 – A Complete Guide

Apply For Student Visa Subclass 500 – A Complete Guide

Apply For Student Visa Subclass 500 – A Complete Guide

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on May 12, 2020

If you are looking forward to studying a full-time course, that also from a country like Australia, then, applying for the student visa 500 is going to be your next target. This particular visa allows the student to stay and study in Australia for the next 5 years. Besides, the course which you have applied for must be registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). To get comprehensive guidance related to the student visa 500, please refer to the below-given write-up.

Where Should You Apply From?

If you want to apply for the student visa 500, you can remain both inside and outside Australia according to your personal choice. However, you will have to stay in your application spot until the final decision of your student visa comes out.

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Take A Look The Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for the student visa 500 lawfully, you should meet some of the below-given criteria effectively.

• You must possess enough funds during your complete stay in Australia.

• Do meet all the health requirements properly.

• Also, meet all the character requirements apply.

• As an applicant, you should be at least 6 years and below that.

• In case, you are less than 18 years, then, you should carry enough welfare provisions along with you to stay in Australia in a hassle-free manner.

• Make sure that you are also holding substantial Australian health insurance which is the Overseas Student Health Cover.

• To become eligible for the student visa 500, you should also provide substantial documents to the Department of Home Affairs, which proves that you have qualified in your English language test successfully.

• You should have also opted for a full-time course which is registered under the CRICOS.

After you have met all the criteria mentioned above, the Australian immigration department will approve your student visa, and, send it to your personal email Id in a PDF format.

How Much Does The Student Visa Subclass 500 Cost?

The main applicant of the student visa 500, has to pay an amount of AUD620. Apart from this, a separate charge will apply to each of the family members who applies for the same. Remember, in case it’s required, you might have to pay a couple of charges more related to your details of biometrics, police certificates as well as health checks. Nevertheless, you can also use the visa pricing estimator in case you want to evaluate the right amount of your student visa subclass 500.

What Can You Do With The Student Visa 500?

So, after you have obtained the student visa 500 from the Department of Home Affairs successfully, you can expect to do some of the subsequent things:

• Work in Australia for 20 hours per week.

• Stay in Australia for the next 5 years.

• Travel to and from Australia till the time your visa remains valid.

• Apply for a full-time course from Australia which is registered under the CRICOS.

• Bring your family members along with you to Australia.

Remember, that you can bring either your spouse or his or her kids if any as your eligible family members, and, nobody else apart from that.

Compliance With The GTE Criterion

While applying for your student visa subclass 500, you should also meet the requirement of Genuine Temporary Entrant in the proper and expected way. It is basically like a written statement, wherein you should make certain commitments. Firstly, you will have to mention there that you have come to Australia only for the sake of studying and not for doing anything else apart from that. Besides, you should also mention that as soon as you finish your studies from Australia, you are not going to stay in the nation any longer. Also, the student should specify in his or her Genuine Temporary Entrant that he or she has no such intention to obtain a permanent residency whilst staying in Australia with the student visa 500.

How Long Is The Processing Time Of The Student Visa A 500?

When it comes to the processing time of the visa subclass 500, it can waver to a reasonable extent, depending on the fact that whether you have applied for its Vocational Education and Training Sector or Higher Education Sector. If you have applied for the former, then 75% of the applications will take 43 days to get processed whereas 90% of the applications will take 77 days to get processed. On the contrary, if you have applied for the latter, 75% of applications are processed in 29 days while 90% of applications get processed in 42 days.

Required Documents Of The Student Visa 500

At the time of applying for your student visa subclass 500, you will be required to submit some of the following documents to the Department of Home Affairs.

• Documents that prove that you are possessing adequate funds.

• A valid Confirmation of Enrolment.

• Also submit a valid police certificate.

• Evidence of your biometrics.

• A legally approved GTE, which of course, has to be written in English.

• All your identity documents.

• A valid passport.

• Documents, substantiating your compliance with all the health and character requirements.

• A valid Australian health insurance cover, i.e. the Overseas Student Health Cover

• A substantial evidence that proves your competency in the English language.

Post the submission of all these documents, you can expect to obtain the visa subclass 500 in a hassle-free manner.

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How Can You Extend Your Student Visa?

The only way to extend your student visa in Australia is by applying for a new student visa once again. In case you feel that your existing student visa is about to expire before the completion of your graduation, then, you can continue staying in Australia lawfully by applying for a visitor visa 600.

Contact The Best Immigration Agent In Adelaide!

Hence, if you also want to apply for the student visa subclass 500, then, get in touch with the best Immigration Agent Adelaide to get a comprehensive regarding it. Your migration agent will help you at every step during whole the application procedure of your student visa 500, and, will continue doing so until it gets over successfully.

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