Things You Need To Be Aware Of While Applying For Australian Student Visa

Things You Need To Be Aware Of While Applying For Australian Student Visa

Things You Need To Be Aware Of While Applying For Australian Student Visa

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on April 7, 2021

Are you a non-Australian dreaming to study in Australia? Obtaining a student visa is the primary requirement for that. The visa you will need will depend on your age, the type of study, and the duration of your stay. For studying in Australia, the most common visa you will require is student visa subclass 500, regardless of your chosen area of study.

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What Is A Student Visa Subclass 500?

This visa had come into effect from July 1, 2006. This Australian visa subclass 500 will let you stay in Australia for the entire duration of your study program, which is generally 5 years and is aligned with your date of enrolment. While staying, you should make sure that your visa remains valid all throughout the stay so that you need not face any difficulty.

What Is The General Length And Duration of Student Visa 500?

There are different length and duration periods under student visa 500, depending on the length and duration periods of the course you will take.

  1. For courses longer than 10 months (finishing November-December): If you enroll in a course that is longer than 10 months and finishes in November-December, the visa end date usually falls on the 15th of March in the following year.
  2. For courses longer than 10 months (finishing January-October): For this course, the visa end date usually is 2 months longer than the course end date.
  3. For courses shorter than 10 months: If you enroll in a course with a duration period shorter than 10 months, the visa will end 1 month later than the date the course ends.
  4. Postgraduate research students: Postgraduate research generally takes a long time because it involves a long process filled with analysis, writing of the thesis, etc. The visa for postgraduate students is generally 6 months longer than the usual visa end date. This time allows the students to finish their theses.
  5. Primary school students: For primary school students enrolled in years 1-4, the maximum visa period is 2 years. If you want to continue your studies, you have to apply again.

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What Are The Benefits of A 500 Visa?

You’ve got the student visa? Brilliant! You know, you will get a number of benefits from this visa.

  1. You can participate in a study program that you have been dreaming of.
  2. You can bring your family members to Australia while studying. Having the physical presence of family members is indeed a morale booster, isn’t it?
  3. You can apply in or outside Australia through an online portal.

Basic Eligibility Requirements For Subclass 500 Visa

To apply for a student visa Adelaide, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements which are as follows:

  1. Age: The minimum age requirement for the application is 6. For secondary school study, the age requirements are 17, 18, 19, and 20 for years 9, 10, 11, and 12 respectively.
  2. Course Enrolment: Prior to your application, you must get enrolled in a full-time study program or a training program of your desire. While applying, you should produce supporting documents.
  3. Welfare Arrangements: Is your age under 18? Then, you must make welfare arrangements prior to your study in Australia. Your guardian here can be your parents, or legal custodian, or a relative who is above 21 years of age. Your local guardian should also have a valid visa to stay in Australia for the entire visa duration or until you will turn 18.
  4. English Language Requirements: English is the official and working language of Australia. If you’re coming from an English-speaking country like the UK, USA, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, or Canada, you need not show your English proficiency. But, it is mandatory if your home country is a non-English speaking one.

What To Do Next To Make Sure Your Visa Remains Valid?

You’ve got your student visa, right? It is your ticket to a comprehensive study in Australia, your dream destination. So, you must make sure that your visa remains valid all throughout your academic career, won’t you?

  1. You must remain enrolled in your desired study program and maintain decent course results.
  2. You should provide your college or university with your Australian residence address so that they can contact you whenever necessary. You should also inform them if you move to another address.
  3. You should make sure that you can financially support yourself throughout your study duration.
  4. You should never violate the working conditions that are given in your visa.

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Ending Note

In Australia, Adelaide can be your preferred city for study. You should get a student visa for that. For basic queries, you can contact a number of organizations that have a good number of Migration Agent Adelaide and you can reach out to them. They will inform you about all the migration services Adelaide that you will need for applying for a student visa successfully.

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