Get Detailed Insights About 186 Visa Australia And Its Processing Time

Get Detailed Insights About 186 Visa Australia And Its Processing Time

Get Detailed Insights About 186 Visa Australia And Its Processing Time

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on September 15, 2021

The Department of Immigration, Australia has several visas for allowing skilled workers to come and find an occupation in Australia. There are mainly three types; eligible sponsor-nominated, nomination by state or territory government office, or employer-nominated. The Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa is such a visa that requires nomination by an eligible business proprietor.

Here Are The Present Variants of Subclass 186 Visa

Subclass 186 or Employer Nomination Scheme 186 requires the applicant to attach a nomination with the application. Although the nomination would differ within the three streams, all of which have different criteria, as given below;

1. Direct Entry Stream

It allows the applicant to live, work, and study in Australia permanently. The holder can sponsor family members too. If eligible, the holder can even apply for permanent citizenship. However, there are some specific conditions attached to this visa;

  1. The occupation stated by the candidate has to be on the list of eligible skilled occupations.
  2. The candidate must have at least a work experience of three years unless he or she is exempt.
  3. The candidate must undergo a skills assessment and have to show a positive result on that front.
  4. For all of the visas, the candidate must have the required level of proficiency in the English language.
  5. He or she must be less than or of 45 years of age, a condition exemptible if the candidate fulfills the following conditions:-
    – They are nominated as an academic (usually university lecturer or faculty head at Academic Level B, C D, or E) by an Australian university.
    – The applicant is nominated as a scientist, investigator, or technical (scientific) specialist at skill level 1 or 2 of ANZSCO by an Australian scientific supervision agency
    – The candidate at present must hold (subclass 444) a Special Category, or (subclass 461) visa also known as a New Zealand citizen’s family member.
    – The applicant must have worked for the nominating employer, in the designated position, for at least 24 months in the last 3 years immediately before application. Periods of unpaid leave are excluded in the 2 years’ period.

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2. Labour Agreement Stream

This visa is for skilled workers who would like to live, work, and study in Australia on a permanent basis. However, this Employer Sponsored Visa 186 is appropriate for the people whose employers have a standing labor agreement with the Australian government. The candidate must hold a substantive 457 or TSS visa under the mentioned labor agreement. The benefits remain the same.

3. Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Although, this visa is for skilled individuals who get to work, live, and study in Australia, there are some additional conditions attached to this employer sponsored visa Adelaide. Listed as below, the candidates have to fulfill these conditions to apply for this visa:

  1. The applicant must hold a subclass 457, Temporary Shortage Scheme, or related Bridging Visa A, B or C previously.
  2. The applicant has to have worked for his or her employer for a minimum of 3 years in a full-time capacity while holding a subclass 457 or TSS 482 Visa.
  3. The applicant must be nominated by an Australian employer. However, the nominating capacity of the employer must have been activated 6-months ago, at least.

All other conditions associated with the other streams also hold true for this stream too. The candidates have to fulfill all the other conditions like signing in the Australian values statement, fulfilling the health and character requirement, paying back all outstanding dues, and the condition of not having a visa refused or rejected earlier. Additionally, the candidate cannot enter Australia if he or she has married or entered into a de facto relationship before the Visa Subclass 186 was approved.

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Application Process Of Employer Sponsored Visa 186

Due to the complexity of the processing of the application, the subclass 186 visa has to be applied properly. The different streams have some common factors with the unique requirements specific for this visa. The claims made in the application mostly need to be supported by proof, so it would be better if you seek professional help. Still, the procedures of the application are listed below;

  • Thoroughly check if you have fulfilled all the conditions of the visa and the stream you are applying for.
  • Complete the nomination procedure by your employer. Attach the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) with your application.
  • Arrange for all the necessary paperwork and do not leave even the smallest detail. Contact an Immigration Agent Adelaide to understand the finer points.
  • Complete the successfully perform all the criteria-testing examinations like the English proficiency test, assessment of the relevant skills, etc. and keep the proof of your successful accomplishment.
  • After you have received the nomination, apply through a registered account at the government immigration website. You do not have to be in Australia to complete this step.
  • Make the payment and keep the details of the transaction with you.
  • Requests for additional information including biometrics have to be immigration department must be responded to as soon as possible.
  • The visa should be approved within the due processing time. Rejection or refusal of the visa will be accompanied by the reason for such actions and also the information about a possible review.

186 Visa Processing Time

The 186 Visa Processing Time will depend on the specific stream of the visa the applicant is going for. Usually, a complete application requires less time to be processed and decided upon. Therefore, it would be best to check and recheck your application before you submit the documents. The processing times and visa charge of the 186 visas have been tabulated below;

Name of the VisaStreamsProcessing TimeCharges
75% 90%
Employer Nomination Visa Subclass 186Direct Entry Stream7 Months11 MonthsFrom AUD 4115
Labour Agreement stream7 Months11 MonthsFrom AUD 4115
Temporary Residence Transition stream11 Months16 MonthsFrom AUD 4115

Get Professional Help

As stated earlier, the three variants of the 186 visa provide the chance to live and work in the country but require a nomination from the employer. The nomination itself can be obtained in several ways. Naturally, for a successful application, the conditions of these visas are to be understood properly, and help from the best Immigration Agent Adelaide will be needed to do so.

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