What Steps Should You Take To Apply For A 186 Visa Australia?

What Steps Should You Take To Apply For A 186 Visa Australia?

What Steps Should You Take To Apply For A 186 Visa Australia?

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on December 14, 2020

Are you skilled in a particular sector and wish to join the Australian workforce? Then, to apply for the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa must be your choice. This visa allows Australian businesses to recruit overseas skilled workers when there is a shortage of skilled workers among native Australians. You can undertake a permanent position under this visa option. The below write-up will acquaint you with the steps leading to the successful application of your 186 visa.

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1. Evaluate Your Eligibility For Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186

Before you apply for the visa subclass 186, you must know whether you’re eligible for it or not. Check out that whether you can comply with the following requirements at all or not.

• Meet the pertinent health requirements.
• Comply with the pertinent character requirements.
• Be the holder of a valid membership, qualification, or license about your nominated occupation. You must show this while applying for your Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186 effectively.
• You must prove that you possess the essential skills and qualifications relevant to your nominated position at the time of applying for a 186 visa. 
• Should be nominated by an approved Australian employer at least six months before the date of your application.

Before you apply for your ENS 186 visa, meeting these requirements is mandatory. If you are applying for the direct entry stream, then you should not be more than 45 years. Besides, if you are applying for the temporary residence transition stream, then you should be less than 50 years of age.

2. Choose The Right 186 Visa Stream.

The 186 visa Australia has three individual streams. These include the agreement stream, direct entry stream, and the temporary residence transition stream. A short definition of each of these visa streams can be considered below.

• Direct Entry Stream: If you haven’t worked in Australia before but have been nominated by your employer, then apply for this visa stream. You can also apply for this visa stream if you couldn’t apply for the Temporary Transition Stream.

• Temporary Residence Transition Stream: Apply for this visa stream if you wish to convert your already existing 457 visa into permanent residency. The Temporary Residence Transition Stream also allows your employer to offer you a permanent position in Australia.

• Agreement Stream: If you have already been sponsored by your Australian employer through a formal labor agreement, then apply for this stream. It’s like a direct gateway ensuring your permanent residency in Australia.

So, assess your relevant immigration situations carefully and apply for an employer sponsored visa Adelaide stream that suits your profile the most.

3. Learn About Your Benefits

No matter which stream you’ve applied for, the visa subclass 186 ensures certain benefits for you. So, you must ascertain whether these benefits are in line with your unique requirements. After you’ve obtained your visa successfully, you can expect the following benefits in return.

• You can travel to and from Australia as you wish up to five years.
• You will be eligible to sponsor eligible and approved relatives for a permanent residency (PR)
• Also, you can apply for citizenship only if you’re considered eligible.
• It is also possible to obtain Medicare in Australia.
• You can work and study in Australia until your visa remains valid and 
• You can also stay in Australia indefinitely with this visa.

So, you must ensure that whether these advantages suit your specific criteria or not. If the former is the case, then apply for your Subclass 186 Visa unhesitatingly.

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Contact The Best Migration Agent Adelaide!

Last but not the least, contact the best migration agent Adelaide Australia. After evaluating your pertinent visa circumstances, your migration agent will suggest you the best visa option accordingly. Apart from that, your Immigration Agent Adelaide will assist you with the following steps:

• Your migration agent will gather all the essential documents which are required imperatively for your visa subclass 186.
• After this, your migration agent will perform any additional checks only if necessary,
• Finally, your migration agent will prepare and lodge your 186 visa application successfully. 

In the end, your Migration consultant Adelaide will notify you about your actual visa outcomes. You can also avail of the premium immigration services, Adelaide, to apply for a bridging visa quickly. It is required particularly for applicants who are residing in Australia while their visa subclass 186 is under processing.

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