Know The Eligibility Criteria For Australian Permanent Residency

Know The Eligibility Criteria For Australian Permanent Residency

Know The Eligibility Criteria For Australian Permanent Residency

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on April 13, 2021

Are you planning to live in Australia permanently? If so, it’s a brilliant decision because you have chosen one of the most peaceful countries to live for. But, to fulfill your dream, you must acquire a permanent residency visa through a proper application process. A chance of living in a foreign country for an indefinite time cannot be very easy to win. The process is quite lengthy and will involve a number of steps. But you need not worry. Here given are detailed information which you may find helpful.

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Different Kinds of Australian Permanent Residency Visa

In Australia, there are about 40 migrant visas that will allow you to live permanently. The different types are:

  1. Family-based Permanent Residency: If one of your family members is an Australian citizen or had acquired Australian permanent residency, you will also be eligible for immigration to Australia. If your partner or fiancée has got Australian citizenship, you will be eligible to go there. If you have your son(s) or daughter(s) acquired the same, then also you can happily settle there. Even citizenship of a dependent relative is also applicable.
  2. Work-based Permanent Residency: Under this category, there are numerous options to get permanent residency through employment. These are:
    a. Employer Sponsored Workers: Under this category, an Australian employer sponsors his/her foreign employee to work and live in Australia.
    b. General Skilled Migration: Employees who are not sponsored by their employees but have a specific skill that has great value in Australia can get this permanent residency.
    c. Skill Select: This is a little different from the previous one. Here you must have certain skills that this country needs.
    d. Doctors and Nurses: Under this category, you can get permanent residency but on a need-only basis.

There is another category of visa which is not actually a permanent residency visa but using that, you can live and work permanently in Australia. Yes, you heard right. But, that will be only applicable if you come from New Zealand.

This visa is known as subclass 444 special category visa or SCV, which is granted to New Zealanders as a temporary visa. However, SCV will not allow you to enjoy the same rights as Australian permanent citizens do. You will not be able to vote or access student loans or get enrolled in the Australian Defence Force or obtaining a job under the Australian government.

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General Eligibility Requirements To Apply For A PR Visa

There category-specific eligibility requirements to apply for a PR visa but in general, the eligibility factors are as follows:

  1. Point Eligibility: You should have scored 65 or more overall on the point grid. The points are different for different eligibility requirements like age, English language score, work experience in and outside Australia, study in regional area, state sponsorship and many more. You can find the different point scores for all these requirements on the official website. Obviously, the more you will score on the eligibility calculation, the your chances of getting a PR visa will get brighter. The two Australian visas that require 65 points for eligibility are:
    a. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189: This visa is only for those foreign nationals who get invited to Australia because of the fact that they have skills required by the Australian government. With a skilled independent visa subclass 189, you will be able to live and work anywhere in this country. You don’t need any sponsor or nominator for this. But remember, you can only apply when you will be invited to do so.
    b. Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190: The only difference between this visa and the previous 189 visa Australia is that this visa subclass 190 allows only nominated skilled foreign individuals to apply. Otherwise, in both cases, you must have been invited to apply and will be allowed to live and work at any place in Australia with no need for a sponsor or nominator.
  2. Age: You must be less than 45 years of age at the time of application. The more you will be young, the more will be your points.
  3. English Language Proficiency: The general English language proficiency requirement for applying for a PR visa is 8 bands of IELTS score. This 8 band score will fetch you a maximum of 20 points. However, apart from IELTS, you can take other tests like TOEFL iBT, PTE tests. All the tests have different numbering systems. So, you must look for the score equivalent to 8 bands of IELTS.
  4. Skilled Occupation Lists: There are three categories of skilled occupation lists from which you have to choose the suitable one which is currently acceptable for migration in Australia. The three categories are Short-Term Skilled Occupation List, Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, and Regional Occupation List. You have to choose an occupation from these lists only. If you have skilled employment experience outside Australia for a substantial period of time, you will get enough points. 8-10 years of experience will give the maximum points of 15. Fewer experiences subsequently will get you fewer points.
  5. Educational Qualification: If you hold a doctoral degree, you have the chance to get maximum points which are 20. Points will lower with lesser educational qualifications.

Benefits You Will Get From A Permanent Residency Visa

Getting tired of reading all the requirements? Well, it’s time to know the different benefits you will get from this PR visa.

  1. Love traveling? Don’t worry. You can travel anywhere within Australia to taste the diversity of the country.
  2. You can happily go for higher studies and applying to various educational loans.
  3. After two years of completion of your PR visa, you will get social security benefits. So pleading, right?
  4. If the members of your family also want a PR visa, you can easily help them as they will be eligible now.
  5. You can apply for government jobs quite easily.
  6. Last but not the least, you can fly to New Zealand and apply for a visa there, too.

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Ending Note

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