Read About the Frequently Asked Questions of Graduate Visa 485

Read About the Frequently Asked Questions of Graduate Visa 485

Read About the Frequently Asked Questions of Graduate Visa 485

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on May 7, 2020

If you have recently finished your studies and, want to live in Australia to stay, work, and continue with your education, then, the 485 visa Australia is the right choice for you. Again, this visa has two individual sub-categories i.e. the post-study stream and graduate workstream. If you have graduated from Australia, then choose the post-study stream without any doubt. However, if you have graduated from your home country, then apply for the graduate workstream. As soon as you will read about the introduction of the graduate visa 485, a lot of questions will surely arise in your mind related to it. So, given below are some of the most common frequently asked questions, which applicants feel like asking quite naturally whilst applying for the visa subclass 485.

1. Is There Any Difference Between The Two Streams Of The 485 Visa?

Yes, both the streams of the 485 visa are completely different from each other. To get a clearer picture of the post-study workstream, and, the graduate work stream, it’s better to draw a quick comparison between the two.

Post-Study Work Stream: Overseas learners who have recently graduated from a recognized Australian college or university can apply for the post-study work stream of the graduate visa 485. It allows the applicant to work, study, and live in Australia for the next 2 to 4 years, depending on the duration of their course.

Graduate Work Stream: The graduate workstream has been specifically designed for international applicants who have of late completed their graduation with a set of special skills and knowledge, and, which are compatible with certain Australian occupations. If you have applied for this particular visa stream, rest assured that you cannot stay in Australia for more than 18 months.

Also, both these streams of the graduate visa 485 allow you to bring your family members along with you.

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2. What Are The Separate Requirements Of Both The Visa Streams?

There is a certain set of requirements, which you are required to meet at the time of applying for either of the streams of the 485 visa, i.e. the post-study stream and the graduate-work stream. So, the following are some of the criteria, pertaining to both the visa streams, and, which you should meet in the proper and expected way while applying for your 485 visas.

1. Post-Study Work Stream: Some of the requirements which you should meet to apply for the post-study workstream of the 485 are:

• You should be less than 50 years

• As an applicant, you should also appear and qualify successfully, in a certain English language test (TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, IELTS or OET)

• Make sure that you are holding a substantial visa which is valid at least for the past 6 months. Otherwise, you should be the holder of a valid bridging visa A or bridging visa B to remain lawful while applying for your post-study workstream.

• Accomplishment of graduation, post-graduation, or Ph.D. level program is also one of the criteria which you are required to comply with.

• Also, the duration of your academic program should at least be 2 years and not less than that.

Remember, that in case you are holding the passport of any of the following countries i.e. UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, or Ireland, you won’t be required to appear and qualify in any type of English language test as a part of the visa application procedure.

2. Graduate-Work Visa: Given below are some of the most prominent requirements which you will have to meet to apply for the graduate-work steam of the visa subclass 485.

• The graduation degree which you have acquired should match the profile of your nominated occupation.

• Compliance with all the academic criteria whilst staying in Australia for the past 6 months.

• To apply for the said visa stream, you should also appear for a skills assessment exam organized by a valid SkillSelect body.

• You will also have to submit an error-free application, wherein, it should be mentioned that you have successfully qualified in the skills assessment test, particularly for the occupation for which you have been selected.

• Finally, the occupation which you have chosen should be included in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List also termed as MLTSSL.

Remember, that if you have applied for the graduate workstream of the 485 visas already after choosing a particular occupation, then, you won’t be given the permission to change it in any way.

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3. What Is The Cost Of The Graduate Visa 485?

The cost for the visa subclass 485 is in fact quite reasonable. No matter that whether you are applying for the post-study work stream or graduate workstream, you will have to pay the same amount for both i.e. AUD 1,650.

4. Is It Possible To Apply For The Post-Study Work Stream If Applicant Is Already Holding A Student Visa?

In that case, the student visa which you have applied for must be after 5th November 2011. If you are able to meet this criterion, then only you will be able to apply for the post-study workstream of the graduate visa 485 and not before that.

5. Can I Bring My Members With The 485 Visa?

Yes you can, because, both the post-study workstream and the graduate workstream of the visa subclass 485 allows the applicants to bring their family members and let them stay along with them during their entire stay in Australia.

6. Am I Permitted To Apply Without Undergoing The Skills Assessment Test?

No, if you are applying for the graduate workstream of the visa subclass 485, you won’t be able to do so, if you don’t qualify in the skills assessment test, and, provide substantial documents in your application related to it.

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