Student Visa Subclass 500 – Know the Step by Step Process to Apply

Student Visa Subclass 500 – Know the Step by Step Process to Apply

Student Visa Subclass 500 – Know the Step by Step Process to Apply

Posted by admin on June 22, 2022

After you have secured your Australian university enrolment and received your health insurance, the next step is to apply for a student visa. If you want to study in Australia as an international student, you need to have a legal student visa subclass 500.

Under this specific visa, you can stay in Australia for five years and complete your course of study. With this visa, you can also freely travel in and out of the company. At first, you might not like the idea of filling out forms and the various steps that are involved in it. But if you do it well, you will have a successful student visa application.

Steps to Apply for Student Visa 500

If you want to study in Australia for a long period, you must apply for a student visa. There are multiple steps inside this application process, and you need to do each of them correctly to acquire the visa. 

If you want to take a short program, like, for instance, a language course of close to 12 weeks, you need to have a tourist visa. If you possess a working holiday visa, you will be allowed to study for sixteen weeks. 

For people who study in universities and other longer programs, you need to apply for a student visa by following the steps that are given below. The steps are as follows: 

  • Apply to a school in Australia and receive a CoE
  • You can also create an account with the Australian immigration authorities 
  • You must ensure that you have all the required documents in digital format
  • You must complete the student visa application online 
  • You also need to pay the visa fee and receive a TRN-number 
  • You can also opt for a possible health check-up and interview 
  • After this, you can receive your visa decision 
  • You can travel to Australia

If you have problems filling out the visa application form, you can contact migration agents to help you with the visa form. You can choose the best visa agents so that your application is filled up properly, but you receive the visa as well.

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Know The Important Things Before Applying

1. Apply to an Australian School and Obtain a Coe.

Before you start to apply for a student visa to Australia, you need to be enrolled in an Australian school. After you receive the offer letter from the school, accept their offer in writing and pay their tuition fees, they will send you a CoE.

You will require the confirmation of enrolment, and with this document, you can start the visa application process. You will need the confirmation of enrolment, and with this document, you can begin your visa application. 

If you need to take this for several programs, for instance, you need to take a preparatory language course and then begin studying in college; you will require a CoE for every program.

2. Make A Profile With The Australian Immigration Authorities.

People these days typically apply for Australian visas. But before you begin your visa application, you need to create an ImmiAccount. There you will be asked to submit your name, phone number and email address; after that, you can create a strong password and accept their conditions. 

3. Gather All the Documents in Digital Format

If you want to apply for a student visa, you will need to provide the following student visa 500 document checklist in digital format:

  • Your CoE
  • You will also need OSHC health insurance. 
  • A passport is needed that needs to be valid throughout your entire stay in Australia, as it can be tough to change your passport there when you are on a student visa. 
  • On your student visa application, you need to state that you only plan to stay in Australia for a short period. You need to attach proof of employment or a letter from your school in your home country or other similar documents to support your claim.

Depending on the area from which you apply and where you will study, you will need some additional documents. Some of the common documents that you might need are as follows:

  • Additional documents like a birth certificate 
  • You also need to prove that you can finance your study, and you will need a bank statement.
  • Proof that you have sufficient and enough knowledge to pass the studies you intend to pursue. As proof, you can show certified grade reports and English proficiency test results. 
  • You also need to provide proof of previous employment, such as contracts or paychecks. 
  • Documentation of criminal offences is also required if you have ever been convicted in a criminal case.

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4. Complete Your 500 Visa Application Online or With Migration Agents

You can apply for this specific 500 visa, but you need to make the application at the earliest, 124 days before the courses begin. You can apply for the visa online, and to know more about this, you can visit the Australian government visa websites. 

You can fill in your nationality and your CoE codes on your first page. After this, you need to choose your education sector, for instance, specific sectors for language and higher education courses that can lead you to receive a university degree. 

After this, you will be asked to submit your personal details and family details and answer questions about your previous education and work experience. You also need to submit details regarding your health and criminal record. You can also save your application and take a break if you want.

5. Pay the Visa Subclass 500 Fee and Receive Your TRN Number

After you have completed your application, you need to pay the application fee and the visa 500 cost around 630 AUD. The best way to pay is with the help of a credit card online; you can read more about the payment on the official website. 

After your application and payment are completed, you will receive a receipt with a TRN number, also known as Transaction Reference Number. You need to ensure that you save the number so that you can check the status of your application.  

6. Possible Health Check-up and Interview

Depending on the place where you live and study, you might also need to undergo a health check-up or a visa interview. You can receive information regarding this after you complete the application, and you need to do what is told. 

You cannot do the health check-up before you have completed the application as you will require your TRN number. You will also receive instructions on what you need to check. On that particular page, you can find doctors in your country that are approved by Australian immigration to perform the check-up. 

How Does a Migration Agent Help You in This?

If you have doubts regarding the visa application and do not know how to fill out the application form, you can contact a migration agent in Adelaide. With their help, you can learn several things regarding the student visa.

You can contact Immigration Agent Adelaide; one of the top immigration agencies that can provide you with help regarding the visa application process, and they can also fill your form up appropriately to ensure that your application is not rejected. 


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