Get Details About The 485 Visa Processing Time and Its Requirements

Get Details About The 485 Visa Processing Time and Its Requirements

Get Details About The 485 Visa Processing Time and Its Requirements

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on October 5, 2020

Immigrant students who complete their graduation in a country abroad often have countless expectations to be fulfilled in their post-graduate life. If you are an international student in Australia, temporary graduate visa 485 is the answer to your questions regarding how do you continue further education or work in Australia after your graduation course. A registered migration agent can help you make the stressful process of obtaining a visa easier.

Graduate Visa 485 Has Two Streams

The first step to obtaining your 485 visa Australia is knowing which of the two streams you qualify for. The two streams for visa subclass 485 are listed below.

  • Graduate work stream: This option is available, for eligible international students who graduate with relevant skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List.
  • Post Study work stream: for an eligible international student who graduates with Bachelor, Masters, or Doctoral degree from an Australian institution, regardless of their field of study.

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What Criteria Is Needed To Match For Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485?

The criteria you need to meet so as to satisfy the 485 visa requirements have been mentioned in a detailed manner. Let’s check it out.

Qualifications Relating To Education:

  • You must be a student in Australia who has recently completed education from a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registered institute.
  • You must possess an eligible student visa Adelaide at the time of processing for your Visa.
  • Specifically meaning, you must hold or have held an eligible student visa in the past six months.

Qualifications Relating To Age:

  • One is who is going to apply for this 485 visa is needed to be less than 50 years of age.

Other Qualifications:

  • You must hold the evidence of competency in the English
  • You must also fulfill the character and health requirements set by the Australia Department of Immigration. Health requirements include having adequate Health Insurance in place. (This is required for the visa processing period and for the duration of your stay in Australia as well)
  • The 485 Visa, unlike the other visas, does not require you to have an employer sponsorship in order to obtain it.
  • The subclass 485 also does not place restrictions on the type of work you may do after obtaining the Visa or the number of hours you choose to work.

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Duration Or Validity Of The 485 Visa

  • When you apply for your temporary graudate visa 485 via the Graduate Work stream, the visa length grated is for a period of 19 months from the date of the grant.
  • Whereas, if you apply for the 485 Visa via the Post-Study Work Stream, the visa length granted is for a period of 2-3 Years depending on your degree.
  • The 485 Visa is considered to be a good way for extending your stay in Australia and to get an opportunity to work and practice the skills you have gained through your education.
  • This visa can also help you, improve your chances of qualifying for a permanent or provisional skills visa.

Additional Requirements Specific To Graduate Work Stream:

  • You must be qualified for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
  • You must have the applied for the relevant skills assessment in your nominated occupation
  • You must have met the Australian study requirement in the period of the last six months.
  • Additional Requirements specific to Post-Study workstream
  • You must have met the Australian study requirement on the basis of a bachelor, Masters’s, or Doctoral degree from an eligible institution.

Considering the fact that there are numerous requirements for obtaining your visa, the visa consultants at Immigrant Agent Adelaide can help you be better informed and take care of these requirements efficiently.

485 Visa Processing Time

The processing of your visa can be a lengthy procedure. But you can make sure the processing of your visa subclass 485 is done as quickly as possible by making sure you include all the information required in your application when you first apply.

Following are the latest processing according to the visa streams:

1. Graudate Work Stream: 

75% of applications: 5 months
90% of applications: 6 months

2. Post-Study Work stream: 

75% of applications: 5 months
90% of applications: 5 months

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The processing of your visa can also be speeded up if you have the results of your medical examinations, police checks along with the reports for your English language tests ready with you when you apply for the visa. If you are applying for the graduate work stream, apart from the basic documents, having your skills assessment documentation prepared also helps to speed up the 485 visa processing time.

Our immigration agent are skilled, they know about these details as well as the latest visa laws, offering your assistance with the various tasks involved in getting your Visa.

How Can Immigration Agent Adelaide Helps You?

And so, Immigration agent Adelaide has the world’s best and professional Immigration Agents who help you right from choosing the stream for your graduate visa 485 to preparing your documents, enabling you to best compile them and then present your case to the Department of Home Affairs. So, what are you waiting for? Do choose the best and get your visa within stipulated time.


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