Important Aspects of Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Australia – Know Here

Important Aspects of Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Australia – Know Here

Important Aspects of Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Australia – Know Here

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on October 20, 2018

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 is a permanent resident visa for sponsored candidates. Interested candidates can apply for this visa under three streams— The Temporary Transition Stream, Direct Entry Stream and the Agreement Stream.

Benefits of Subclass 186 visa

  • One can live in Australia permanently with this visa grant
  • Family members dependent on you can be included in your visa application
  • Get benefits of Australian health-related expenses and care by registering for Medicare
  • Sponsor eligible family members for Australian permanent residency
  • Apply for Australian citizenship (subject to eligibility)
  • Travel as many times as you wish, in and out of Australia till the valid visa period

Eligibility Criteria of Employer Nomination visa subclass 186

Each stream has different criteria.The applicants under different streams of Employer Sponsored Visa 186 has different criteria and requirements to fulfil:

  • The applicants of Temporary Residence Transition stream must hold either 457, 482 or a bridging visa.
  • Those who have only briefly or never worked in Australia can apply under Direct Entry Stream. They must be offshore to be eligible for this visa
  • 457 Visa holders who get sponsored via labor agreement by an employer can apply under Labor agreement steam

Other general criteria of employer visa 186:

  • Must be nominated by an employer in Australia
  • Must apply within six months of the approval of invitation
  • Be less than 45 years of age
  • Must possess required qualifications and skills for the nominated position
  • Possess relevant English language skills
  • Fulfill character and health requirements

What is the process for Subclass 186 Visa?

An employer must lodge a nomination on behalf of the applicant before an application of visa can be lodged. The employer nomination defines the terms and conditions of the nominated position and the financial ability of the nomination employer’s business. In order to get the nomination be approved the employer must justify the requirement of an overseas worker and must also prove with adequate evidence that same could not be fulfilled with local labour market.

Once the nomination part is done the applicant then should start with collecting documents to prove the claims mentioned in the visa application. Post gathering all the required documents you must then lodge your visa application. As the process of application involves multiple stages and complex steps, it is highly recommended to get assistance of best Immigration Consultant Adelaide. These people are qualified and experienced to guide you with the difficult visa process and can solve your issues quickly.

Total Cost of 186 visa application:

The 186-visa application cost is $ 3755, however if the primary applicant includes any other eligible member of family than it has 2 parts:

  • For a partner as, secondary applicant it costs $ 1875
  • For each child above 18 years of age it costs $ 1875 too and;
  • For each child under the age of 18 years it costs $ 940

What is Processing time of visa 186?

186 Visa Processing Time vary stream wise:

  • Minimum 15 to maximum 17 months is applicable to the TRT stream applicants
  • 15 to 19 months for Direct Entry stream and;
  • For labour Agreement Stream there is no specific time available due to less applicants applying under this stream

Other factors that affect processing time includes:

  • Submission of visa application with complete documents, that support your claims
  • Time you take to respond with any additional information requested by immigration authority of Australia
  • Time taken by Department of Home Affairs to cross-check the provided information
  • Time taken by external agencies to respond with additional information such as character, health and national security requirements
  • Number of available positions in case of permanent visa applications and;
  • In case of applications for Australian citizenship time taken to receive the certificate or ceremony of citizenship.

What kind of Australian business or employer is eligible to nominate a skilled worker from overseas for Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa?

  • Business who do not have any unfavourable or unpleasant information associated
  • Businesses who abide by the Australian migration and work-related laws
  • Workers who are eligible for mandatory license, registration or professional membership
  • Satisfy all further requirements of the visa stream you have invited the worker for

Do I need help with my visa application process?

Individuals applying for Employer Sponsored Visa 186 must know that applying for a skilled visa is not an easy task. The application procedure is quite long, requires a lot of experience and is mistake prone process. Immigration agent Adelaide is dealing with such cases from many years and have helped thousands of applicants to move to Australia smoothly. They evaluate your file thoroughly and explain you the available stream depending on your personal circumstances to get favourable outcome in the end.

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