Detailed Guide on Bridging Visa B Processing Time 2024

Detailed Guide on Bridging Visa B Processing Time 2024

Detailed Guide on Bridging Visa B Processing Time 2024

Posted by admin on June 26, 2024

There are many types of visas for Australia. Bridging Visa B is one of them. It gives rights to temporary travel to Australia. They are allowed to travel in and out till the specified date. They are allowed for single or multiple travel. If the visa is about to expire it can be renewed before the leaving time from Australia. It is important to make travel plans because if you do not return on time your visa may get cancelled. 

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Bridging Visa B Eligibility

For the eligibility of bridging visa B, you must show the evidence of following:

  • You should have a bridging visa A or B, or have an important visa.
  • You have applied for a substantial visa or judicial review or applied for bridging visa B in a prescribed time.
  • You should have a strong reason to travel.
  • You have a reason to travel outside Australia. Whether your visa application is accepted or waiting for the result of judicial review.
  • You should be in Australia while making the application and at the time of the grant.
  • No age limit.
  • The character criteria must be fulfilled.

Bridging Visa B Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs has mentioned the details about the processing time of Bridging visa B. Before you take a trip, you should know the time. Your application will take approximately two to three weeks to process.

How to Apply for a Bridging Visa B

To apply for bridging visa B the application should fill forms 1005 or 1005(internet), 1006 or 1006(internet). All of These forms are required to be submitted to Australian migration legislation. If available, the BVB applicant should complete the 1006 or 1006(internet) form. It can also shorten the processing time of visas. 

For the BVB application charges, there should be mention of the travel and payment details. The application of BVB should be combined when filling in for individual and family members. While combining the application, the family has to pay one application fee. 

In order to approve the BVB, the applicant should fulfill all the requirements in the application.

The BVB application of the family group is connected with the judicial review procedure. The BVB only be given if it is applied for judicial review of a substantial visa. 

Bridging Visa B Cost

The cost for application Bridging visa B or subclass 020 is A$165. This fee for the visa is to get it and to maintain flexibility for applicants while traveling to Australia.

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The bridging visa B is essential for those who want to travel for a shorter duration to Australia. It is a complex process, but for a successful application best migration agent Adelaide can help you out. Immigration Adelaide will assist you in making your process smooth and easy. 

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