Chances of Getting an Australian Student Visa After Refusal

Chances of Getting an Australian Student Visa After Refusal

Chances of Getting an Australian Student Visa After Refusal

Posted by admin on July 3, 2024

Once an applicant receives the acceptance letter from Australia their next step is to apply for a Australian student visa. A student visa 500 will take a few weeks to get it. If the student visa gets rejected you can send it for appeal but it will take some time to process. It might affect your college dates. 

Student Visa for Australia Success Rate and Rejection Rate

There are both success rates and Rejection rates. We will go with the success rate first. For student visa applicants, the government of Australia records separately for domestic and international. 

If we take an overview, we can say that the Australian student visa rate was constant from 2017-18 and 2020-21. And in the pandemic, the rate of Australian visas increased. The success rate of increased visa applications was because of a decrease in foreign visa applications compared to domestic visa applications.

The visa granted by the government of Australia is 2,63,800 for international students. In the year 2024, there are many changes made by Australia for student visas.

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Student Visa Refusal

Student visa refusal Australia 2024 is expected to be around 50% of applicants. After the pandemic, the whole world goes up and down. All the sectors of industry got affected, especially the education sector. The increase and decrease in the rate of visa application depends on the conditions around and the time. 

Reasons for Australian Student Visa Refusal 

It is necessary to learn about the reason for visa rejection so that you can prevent your visa application. You can surely get your visa application approved if you know the subclass 500 visa refusal reason :

  • Education Qualification:

To qualify for the student visa you must complete the criteria of education. Your entry depends on the course requirements, your institution and your education. Check the levels of course and requirements you are applying for. You should check all the details twice to make sure nothing is left. 

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  • Genuine Temporary Entrant:

It is also an important reason for the refusal of your student visa application. This is a crucial factor which should not be ignored. This allows the Australian government to know the reason behind the student visa. For the application you have to make a written statement and you will be examined on that basis. You also need to give details about your visit to Australia. That you are going for exposure, knowledge and wisdom.

  • English Qualifications:

English speaking is a must to learn as you are planning to study further in an English-speaking country. So it is the basic requirement. You should clear your IELTS or TOEFL exam on time. Because you will be asked to submit the exam results. If you are from a non-English speaking country it becomes a must to submit the exam results. You must practise speaking, writing and understanding the English language.

  • Funding:

It is clear that studying in Australia will be expensive and the country will make sure that you have sufficient balance to fund your living expenses and studies in Australia. The Department of Immigration wants applicants to provide evidence of funds for your studies in Australia. For this you have to mention the bank statement details and valid proof of funding.

  • Health Requirements: 

In Australia health is on a priority basis and a certificate of Health is required while applying for a visa. You must be ready with all the health checkups and records. Apply for OSHC(overseas student health cover) which will give medical insurance in Australia. For students who are under 18 years of age, there are certain precautions which need to be taken care of. 

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  • Passport:

There are some passport requirements which need to be considered for the eligibility of a student visa. 

  1. Your passport should be issued within ten years from the student visa application.
  2. When you take admission in Australia, your passport should be valid for six months after your course duration is completed.
  • False Documents:

Original documents should be submitted for the verification of the details. If they are not satisfied with the details immigration officer will send you notice for further documents. If you are not able to send the documents on time or your information does not match with the details on the application form, the application will be rejected. This is the most common reason among all but it is ignored by most of the applicants.

Appeal For Visa Refusal

Many times visa applications got rejected. Then for student visa refusal appeals can be made by the applicants. You can do the following steps when refusal is done:

  1. You can apply to the Administration Appeal Tribunal.
  2. Pay for the fees.

Administration Appeal Tribunal 

In the Tribunal you can apply for the appeal when your visa application gets rejected. You can also apply online for the appeal and it will become easy to review for the applicant. Sometimes you have a sponsor who can also apply on your behalf. After the decision has come you have to appeal within 28 days. If the last date is missed AAT or the immigration officer can extend the time limit. You have seven days if you are in immigration detention.

Sometimes appeal time may differ because of the reason on what ground your visa is rejected and what type of visa is rejected. And the immigration officer will send the written notice regarding your appeal. 

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Pay the Fees

There are many applications which require additional fees of about AUD1,826. If you have any problem regarding paying the full fee, it can be reduced up to 50% of fee.

Fees should be paid before the deadline ends. If an applicant applies individually, then it should be done before the deadline and make sure to pay the cost on the same day. The payment can be paid through any mode of transaction. 

If the reply comes negative then AAT will refund the fees of the applicant. And if it is positive the full fees or 50% of it will be refunded. The administration officer will ask you for bank details so that they can process the refund.


In conclusion, for the successful application for Australia Student Visa 2024, it requires awareness among the applicants. The Migration agent will help to make the application successful. The immigration department in Adelaide has experts who can assist you in your application. You can take guidance from the consultant who can prepare you with all the documentation.

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