Importance of  Labour Market Testing (LMT) for TSS 482 Visa and Other Sponsored Visas?

Importance of Labour Market Testing (LMT) for TSS 482 Visa and Other Sponsored Visas?

Importance of  Labour Market Testing (LMT) for TSS 482 Visa and Other Sponsored Visas?

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on December 6, 2018

Australia is one country which has been the preferred destination for people who belong to different trades. They can me landscape architects, mechanics, locksmiths, chefs, or from any other domain, working in different professions in different places in Australia. Every year thousands of skilled men and women from all over the world are added to the list which makes the Australian workforce stronger and enables financial growth and development.

There is an increasing demand for skilled job openings for people from Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, and others. Prior sponsoring an applicant for the job, it is the duty of the Australian employer to carry out LMT or Labour Market Testing norms. These norms are absolutely mandatory and have been enforced by the authorities.

What’s its use?

With the help of Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482, the employers can address the shortage of labours. It allows them to hire a skilled workforce when they cannot find skilled Australian workers. This visa comprises the followings

  • Short-Term Stream
  • Medium Term Stream, and
  • Labour Agreement Stream

One needs to be sponsored by an approved business to avail this visa

Who Benefits from it?

The TSS visa 482 is temporary in nature which allows Australian employers to sponsor skilled men and women from different parts of the world. It is a leeway that has been provided by the Australian administration to the employers of the country so that they can meet the demand of skilled workforce. According to the guidelines, every single employee, having been sponsored will be obliged to work on a full-time basis in Australia. He needs to work within the position that has been nominated by the employer in the job advertisement.

However, there is a procedure which is being strictly followed by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia or DHA. The skills and qualification of every single applicant are being checked against the nominated positions. Besides, the character and health of the individuals are also taken into consideration. It is mandatory to include a police clearance certificate and the applicant needs to be the resident of a particular country for 12 years ever since he has celebrated his 16th birthday.

What is the Eligibility Criterion?

There is the certain criterion that needs to be met in order to avail this Visa. Here is a list of them

  • Work Experience: The applicant for the job must possess a minimum of 2 years of experience under his belt in the field he is applying for
  • Age: As far as age restriction is concerned, there are none for this particular visa
  • LMT: Unless any international obligation is applied, Labour Market Testing would be absolutely mandatory
  • Salary Rate: The employers will be obliged to pay AMSR or Annual Market Salary Rate for the nominated occupation. The salary should be less than TSMIT or Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.
  • Character Certificate: It is absolutely necessary to provide a character certificate which has been issued by a proper authority
  • Workforce: In order to ensure that the employers are not discriminating against the workers from Australia, a non-discriminatory workforce test is conducted.

Work Experience

Here are a couple of relevant and important facts pertaining to work experience required for TSS Visa:

  • The applicant needs to have a minimum work experience of at least 2 years under his belt in the related field. Both full time and part time work experience are considered. However, in the case of part-time experience, it is up to the decision maker to decide if he is confident about the skills of the worker.
  • As mentioned in ANZSCO, the higher skill requirements do not replace the new ones.

What are the Checklists for the Employers?

As far as the Australian employers are concerned, they also need to go through a proper process for Visa Subclass 482. Here is a brief overview of it

  • They are required to submit ABN or Australian Business Number Registration Certificate
  • Extracts of Business Names or Trading Names
  • Financial reports of the of the current financial year, that includes profit and loss statement along with the balance sheet
  • A projected financial report needs to be submitted along with profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • BAS or Business Activity Statement for last 4 quarters needs to be presented
  • The promotional/Advertisement information

Apart from these, there are other details that need to be submitted as well to the concerned authority.

As far as the importance of TSS visa is concerned, it is immense.  Due to a lack of sufficient workforce in Australia, this Visa has been very helpful. It has helped the employers to get hold of a skilled workforce. In this regard, Immigration Agent Adelaide has also proven to be very useful

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