Australian Student Visa 500 – Fees and Living Cost

Australian Student Visa 500 – Fees and Living Cost

Australian Student Visa 500 – Fees and Living Cost

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on August 16, 2021

Do you wish to study in a beautiful country like Australia? Then, you must apply for the student visa subclass 500 right now! This visa allows international learners to study at some of the most eminent colleges and universities in Australia. However, before applying for the student visa 500 you should become aware of its pertinent fees. Besides, you should also become familiar with the living costs which you can expect while residing in Australia.

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Fees of Student Visa 500!

The following charges apply to the visa subclass 500 for the main as well as the subsequent applicants.

  • Application for the main applicant: The application charge for the main applicant is AU$630.
  • Application charge for subsequent temporary applicants: The application charge for all the subsequent temporary applicants is AU$700.
  • Application charge for additional applicants below eighteen: The application charge for additional applicants who are below eighteen years is AU$155.
  • Application charge for additional applicants who are eighteen and above: The application charge for additional applicants who are eighteen years old and more is AU$470.

The average living expenses of Australia are relatively much higher as compared to other nations. Do you know why? This is due to the choicest quality of life which it offers to its native and offshore residents. As a result, Australia has been able to attract a massive number of overseas students to the country. This has amounted to a number of sixty-five thousand students in the year 2020.

Average Tuition Fees At The Australian Universities!

This cannot be specifically said as the tuition fees will generally vary according to the sector you have chosen. Other factors like your chosen university as well as your degree level will also affect your tuition fees reasonably. Nonetheless, the tuition fees at the various Australian universities include the following:

  • Doctoral and postgraduate courses: The course fees for such degrees will vary between AU$18,000 and AU$50,000 per year.
  • Degrees at the Bachelor’s level: The course fees for the different types of Bachelor’s Degree programs differ between AU$20,000 and AU$45,000 per year.

These amounts are subject to constant changes and will vary depending on various factors. These include your selected university, chosen course and place of living, and many more. Hence, it always advisable to seek top-notch immigration assistance from the top immigration agent Adelaide in this matter.

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Basic Living Costs for Overseas Students in Australia!

The average living cost for every offshore student in Australia is fourteen hundred to twenty-five hundred Australian dollars per month. This amount includes all the costs related to the social activities, food, accommodation, and other living expenses of the student. So, it is imperative that you prove your access to adequate funds to the Department of Home Affairs. Remember, that you need to do so while applying for your student visa Adelaide without failure.

Costs of Food In Australia!

You will need AU$500 to AU$1000 on an average every month to purchase the grocery items from the local supermarkets of Australia. There are some supermarkets which provide these items against subsidized costs. You can save money optimally in that way also. If you dine at a local eatery then expect to pay AU$18. It’s that cheap!!!

Costs of Accommodation In Australia!

Most of the international students choose to reside with a local family member or rent private accommodation. The conventional accommodation options include the following:

  • Apartment rent: AU$750 to AU$1700 per month
  • Residence of student halls: AU$440 to AU$1100 required to be paid each month and
  • Homestay: AU$900 to AU$1200 per month

To seek furthermore information about the same contact a Migration Agent in Adelaide right now.

Conveyance Costs In Australia!

On average, an offshore student in Australia can optimize a public transport pass. This includes an amount between thirty to seventy Australian dollars per month. Alternatively, you can avail the discounts offered by the various state programs. Besides, you can also avail the supplier of private transport only if your university provides the same. You can rent a bicycle and commute as well which costs forty AUD every day.


These include the following:

  • Health insurance: starting from AU$30 every month
  • Study components and books: AU$500 to AU$1000 every year

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Popular Cities For Offshore Students In Australia!

There are certain places in Australia that have become the hubs for international students from all walks of life. The names of each of these places have been outlined below along with their average budget plans.

  • Adelaide: The budget plan for this particular city of Australia is undoubtedly the most affordable. If you are living in Adelaide then you can expect an overall living expenditure of AU$510 per week.
  • Canberra: Commencing from AU$600 per week.
  • Melbourne: Commencing from AU$500 allotted for per week overall expenses.
  • Brisbane: The average budget plan for this particular city of Australia is AU$540 on a per week basis.
  • Sydney: Expect a comprehensive expenditure of AU$620 every month if you are studying from the city of Sydney.

There are different tools you can optimize to measure your average living costs while you are studying in Australia. In this matter, you can optimize the cost of the living calculator in an effective manner. It will help you conclude the sum of money you need on average while you are studying in Australia.

How Migration Agents Helps You?

So, apply for the student visa Adelaide in assistance of the best Migration Agent Adelaide. Through our migration services, we will ensure the most gratifying subclass 500 student visa application for you.

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