Why Should You Appraise Studying in Regional Territory of Australia

Why Should You Appraise Studying in Regional Territory of Australia

Why Should You Appraise Studying in Regional Territory of Australia

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on August 20, 2021

What Is A Regional Area?

While looking for study opportunities in Australia, you must have come across the term ‘regional area’. Immediately, you may think of a small and quiet town situated in the corner of an Australian state, which offers no fun or entertainment options like nightlife or amusement parks.
But in reality, a regional area is not something that you imagine. That is why we have provided a detailed guide on what a regional area means and what privileges it offers to an international student who comes to Australia on the Subclass 500 Student Visa.
There are three categories of Australian cities that you must know before applying for a student visa.

Category 1 includes the major capital cities of

  • Melbourne (capital of Victoria)
  • Brisbane (capital of Queensland)
  • Sydney (capital of New South Wales)

Category 2 refers to other major capital cities and regional centers, including

  • Perth (capital of Western Australia)
  • Adelaide (capital of South Australia),
  • Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Canberra (capital of Australia),
  • Wollongong/Illawarra
  • Newcastle/Lake Macquarie
  • Hobart (capital of Tasmania)
  • Geelong.

Category 3 includes other regional centers and areas.

Although the regional definition is categorized into these three divisions, the regional incentives are offered to students who want to migrate to areas under Category 2 or 3. Thus, a regional area of Australia can be defined as a city, town, or small area that is outside the metropolitan circle of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Benefits Of Studying In A Regional Area

Student visa holders studying in a regional centre can enjoy the following benefits.

  1. One Additional Year For Students Who Apply For Post-Study Work Stream
    After graduation from an Australian institute, international students can apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. Post-Study Work Visa is a stream under this visa that allows an international student to stay and work in Australia for 2 to 4 years, depending on their level of qualification.
    However, if someone has graduated from a university located in a regional area, they can enjoy full-time working and staying rights for another year on this visa.
  2. Courses Leading To Ample Employment Opportunities
    Australia offers one of the best global study facilities to international students. So, studying here can be highly beneficial. It will be brilliant of you to choose the perfect course that can help you get employed in local professions. Relevant courses are taught in many regional universities and institutes.
    For example, you can go to New South Wales for a Marine Biology course or Adelaide for a winemaking course. Several dental and medical schools provide adequate training to the international students who seek employment in regional Australia.
  3. Small Classes
    Class sizes are pretty small in the regional Australian universities. Thus, every student gets equal attention from the tutor and can make the most use of it.
  4. Affordable Costs Of Living
    The bigger the city, the more will be the living and other costs. But, living in the countryside or a smaller town will not cost much and help you save a lot of money.
  5. Availability of scholarships
    Who doesn’t want a scholarship for studying in a foreign country? A scholarship provides much relief, not only financially but also mentally. Many private organizations give scholarships to international students enrolling in regional institutes.
    The scholarships are sometimes worth AUD 15000. You can get support if you want to pursue your study from Certificate IV to Doctoral courses. In addition to private organizations, international students can also get scholarships from universities.
  6. Improve Migration Options
    Do you have plans about permanently living in Australia? If yes, then choosing a regional area can be of great help. According to the Department of Home Affairs of Australia rules, living and studying in a regional area can help you get 5 points in the points’ test to apply for a PR visa.
  7. More Relaxed Lifestyle
    In contrast to crowded big Australian cities, regional Australia is quieter, and people lead a more relaxed lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that they do not provide basic amenities. The thing is that you can get the perfect blend of an easy lifestyle with all the health and entertainment facilities. The pace of life is slower, and the smaller size of the population will make you feel like living in a more closely-knit environment.
  8. Opportunity To Explore The Interiors Of The Country
    Vast stretches of deserts, sandy beaches, reefs, and mountains are some of the beautiful spots in Australia that you should not miss. One such wonder may be very close to your university campus. Accessing these locations for a student is much easier.

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You may find it challenging to choose the regional area that best suits you. That is why it will be better to take the following factors into account.

  • Availability of the desired courses
  • University reputation
  • Cost of living, tuition fees, and others
  • Basic facilities
  • Employment opportunities

Cost Of Living In A Regional Area

The cost of living will naturally depend on the area you have chosen in Australia to study. It is one of the largest countries in the world and has 8 territories and states (2 territories and 6 states). Each region has its unique lifestyle, and the average cost of living is also different.
The Student Visa Subclass 500 applicants and family members included in the application have to meet the following funding requirements for living in Australia.

  1. Annually AUD 18000 for the main applicant
  2. Annually AUD 6300 for the partner of the applicant
  3. Annually AUD 3600 for the first child of the applicant
  4. Annually AUD 2700 for every other child

After graduation, you can apply for the Visa Subclass 485. But while being a student, two of the major costs that you have to bear in Australia are transport and housing. Both these expenses vary according to the cities. For example, the median weekly rental price for a three-bedroom unit in Canberra will be $460, while the same will be $440 in Sydney, $480 in Darwin, and $340 in Hobart. In Canberra, all international students can apply for bus fare concessions. The situation is not the same in Sydney. An international student with a government scholarship can avail of the concession, while a full-fee paying overseas student cannot. The best privilege is offered in Darwin, where every student can take free bus rides. Other cities have different rules on housing rents and transport fares.

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Detailed List Of Regional Areas Of Australia

There are two more categories of regional areas in Australia.

  • Specified Regional Area
    Under this category, specific areas in the states and territories are considered to be eligible. Any place can qualify for the six states and territories (Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia). But for New South Wales and Queensland, places except for Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Brisbane, respectively, can be eligible.
  • Designated Regional Area
    Category 2 and 3 cities and regional areas, which we have discussed earlier, fall in the ‘Designated Regional Area’ type.

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