Get Familiar With The Top 7 Rejection Reasons Of Student Visa 500 Application

Get Familiar With The Top 7 Rejection Reasons Of Student Visa 500 Application

Get Familiar With The Top 7 Rejection Reasons Of Student Visa 500 Application

Posted by Immigration Agent Adelaide on September 23, 2021

If you want to study in Australia and experience one of the world’s best education systems, you will need an Australian student visa. Most international students require the Subclass 500 Student Visa, which allows them to stay for a maximum of 5 years. However, the application procedure is pretty complicated and needs much attention.

Visa rejections are not uncommon because students fail to meet certain requirements. Knowing about those reasons for rejection from this blog will help you a lot while completing the application.

Explore The Top 7 Rejection Reasons of Student Visa 500

Here we discuss the top seven reasons why student visa subclass 500 gets rejected. After reviewing a large number of visa application rejections, experts had listed these reasons as the most common ones.

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1. Failure to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements

Entering Australia will not be possible unless you show that you are a genuine entrant. For that purpose, you have to pass the GTE test. With its help, the Australian Government eliminates the candidates who intend to use the student visa program to fulfill any other purpose.

GTE for a student visa simply means that you are in Australia intending to study, not for a job or permanent settlement. You will need to submit a personal statement, written in English, where the GTE requirements should be addressed. With this written document, you should also attach supporting documents in your Student Visa 500 application because, without documentary proof, your application cannot get much importance to the assessors.
Another factor you will need to consider is your personal circumstances based on the following requirements.

  • Home country situations, which should mention reasons for not choosing to study a similar course there, political and economic circumstances,
  • Potential circumstances in Australia, which should include previous qualifications, financial capacity, and planned arrangements for accommodation,
  • Value of the course in the future, and
  • Your immigration history.

2. Not able to meet the English language requirements

English is the official and working language of Australia, and therefore it is mandatory to have decent English ability. On this note, you must meet English language requirements for a successful visa application. Have these points in mind while making your Australian Visa Subclass 500 application.

  1. Applicants from non-English speaking countries need to attach documents of English language test results in their visa applications.
  2. The English language requirements will vary from one institute to the other. Not only that, but the requirements can also be different for different visa applications. So, you must have a thorough check of this requirement on both websites of the Department of Home Affairs and your chosen university.
  3. Most universities in Australia accept the IELTS test. However, results of other equivalent English tests are also accepted. Just see what band scores are required in your university and for the visa application.

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3. Don’t have sufficient funds to bear expenses in Australia

After you get your Student Visa Subclass 500, you will stay for a considerable period in Australia, and without adequate money, you will be unable to bear various costs. Failing to show evidence of having enough financial capacity is one of the key reasons many applications get rejected.

Currently, students need AUD20000 annually to cover all the expenses. However, this amount can always change based on circumstances. As a Student Visa 500 applicant, you will need to provide documentary evidence of having this level of money. Alternatively, you can also demonstrate that you have open access to required funds, some examples of which are discussed here.

  • Another person or business may provide you with funds. In that case, you have to provide valid proof of your relationship with that person and that the company is still running.
  • If you are dependent on a deposit, you will need to explain ongoing deposits.
  • If you have a tertiary loan to cover all the expenses, the total loan amount and loan terms must be provided as evidence.
  • For any other type of loan, you will need to show evidence of terms of the agreement, collateral used, and capacity to bear ongoing expenses.

4. Failure to meet health and character requirements

The Australian Government is very strict about public health safety, and thus, many applications get refused because of failure to meet the health requirements. Keep in mind these following conditions.

  1. You may need to go through several medical examinations. For information, you can visit the website of the Immigration Department.
  2. You should also have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) from the day you set your feet in Australia. Your university can arrange it.
  3. If your institute provides it, you will have to mention the insurance provider’s name, the start and end date, and the terms and conditions of the policy.
  4. For applicants under 18, adequate welfare arrangements must be made.

To meet character requirements, you must pass the character test and should provide relevant police clearance certificates.

5. Don’t have required academic qualification

If you want to qualify for an Australian student visa, you should have the required academic qualification.

  • Like English language requirements, academic level requirements also vary according to the level of education, the course, and the university you choose. Therefore, you should never forget to check the course information on the university website.
  • Sometimes you may not have the sufficient qualification you need to enroll in your desired institute. If something like it happens, you should consider taking a Bridging or Foundation course.

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These courses, which usually last for one year, are intensive courses that help applicants meet the specific entry requirements. Entry requirements for different study levels include the following.

  1. For the English language requirement, you must get the required English language test score.
  2. To enroll in an undergraduate course, you must have a school-leaving certificate equivalent to an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.
  3. To enroll in a postgraduate course, you should have completed an undergraduate degree. Sometimes, relevant work experience and research ability may also be required.

Once you satisfy all the university requirements, you will be given a Confirmation of Enrolment by your university. You should not forget to attach the document to your application.

6. Bad migration history

The authority will also assess your immigration history. Any visa refusal incident in the past will lead to the rejection of your student visa.

Another most common reason behind numerous visa applications is the failure to submit documents in order. Check the official website of the Department of Home Affairs for the latest information on the Student Visa 500 checklist. For convenience, we have listed the documents required to submit in the Subclass 500 Student Visa application.

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Certified copy of bio-data pages of your passport
  3. National ID card
  4. CV
  5. Household registration book copy
  6. Valid electronic CoE
  7. GTE statement
  8. Transcripts related to previous qualifications
  9. Proof of any awarded scholarship(s)
  10. English language test results not older than 2 years
  11. If under 18, signed parent consent letters and Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW).

How Can A Migration Agent Help You With Visa Rejection?

An experienced and professional migration agent Adelaide can provide the best professional guidance you need for the desired application outcome. Immigration Agent Adelaide has been providing top-quality migration services in Adelaide for many years. For any help, you must get in touch with experts.

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